Swasan- Unexpected love ( one shot) by samaira

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Heyy guys samaira here !! I know u won’t believe if I say one shot but trust me its gonna be a one shot.. This story I am going to write is inspired by my cousin .. With a little bit of my own changes..
Note: its somewhat related to my cousin sis love story with somewhat my changes…
Let’s start:-
Dad can I go to ragini s house we have to do a project so may I please!! Said swara…
Hmm OK replied shekhar her father…
Sumi- go safe shona!!
Swara- yeah man don’t worry !! OK so let me pack up my things!!
Sumi- any help??
Swara- no no I will do it..
Sumi- hmn OK…
Swara s POV
Huhh finally I will be able to go to laksh s party if I would have ask permission for this at night maa and baba won’t surely allow .. Thanks to my bestie ragini whom maa baba trust a lot I can easily escape from home…

She keeps her party wear clothes and pack her small bag…. After that she goes down to hall…
Swara- OK maa baba Iam going now..
Shekhar- go safe shona and keep the phone safe with u OK…
Sumi- hmm OK bye..
Swara-( kisses sumi cheek) k bye. ..
Shekhar and swara leaves for ragini s home in their car…
After reaching ragini s building:-
Swara-( getting out of the car) bye baba take care and of maa too…
Shekhar- byeee..
Shekhar after checking tht swara went inside safely drives back home…..

Swara reaches ragini s apartment :-
Swara knocks and ragini s mom janki opens it…
Swara- namaste aunty
Janki- namaste beta…
Adarsh(father of ragini)hello swara beta!!
Swara- hello uncle!!
Ragini comes and tightly hugs swara..
After talking and spending a little time with everyone swaragini hurriedly goes to ragini s room…
Swara- jaldi ready hona hair ragu we r aldready late!!
Ragini- yeah yeah !!
They start getting ready …
Swara wears her black one piece below her thighs.. With open hairs and slight curls..and black heels looking a diva….
Ragini also wears a blue one piece above her thighs with black heels and open hairs looking extremely gorgeous….
Swara- ( while doing makeup) waise ragu how did laksh parents allow for the party I mean u said that they r very strict na…
Ragini- r u mad?? How will his parents allow th
is night.. They r out of town for a week that’s y he thrower a party…
Swara- oh…
# guys its 10 in night untilk they reach it would
be 11 and raglak r in relationship and they r in their first year of collage … Swaragini r besties since school and swa-lak met 2 years back when they were in 9th..they share and bro sis bond ….

After putting light make up on their face they r looking extremely pretty …
They arrange pillows showing as if they r
sleeping and closes the door from inside…
Swara- ragu jaldi se cab book kar..
Ragini- haan haan
They then enter into the washroom and throws a dupatta down and goes down from it!!
#ragini s house is at1 st floor!!
# this is the first time they r partying like this…
After the cab comes they get in putting the ear plugs in..

Laksh home:
Just as they swaragini get down from the cab they can hear loud music from the seventh floor of the building!! Which is laksh s apartment …
Ragini- shona iam damn excited .
Swara- mee too ragu let’s go in…
Just as they push the doors they see a full party environment.. There were people dancing .. Drinks being spilled, few were playing at corners…
Just then laksh comes and hugs ragini …
Laksh- hi baby
Ragini- hello ..
He sidehugs swara
Laksh-so how’s the party little sissy.
Swara- more awsm than I expected she says genuinely …..
# many people were present some known to them and some unknown…..
Swara just then notices sanskar exactly looking like a Greek god he was also a frnd of laksh….
But he was complete opposite of her…
They never had a conversation in between…
Just then all gathered for playing …

Games like ‘never have I ever’, ‘thruth or dare’ ‘jenga’ and spin the bottle kept everyone on their toes…
Just then they started playing “seven minutes in heaven”‘
Swara POV
Woah!! Iam really excited playing this game this is gonna be my first time …but this game is actually awkward but the game is very simple a player picks two people from the grouo and sent them into a small dark room for 7 minutes!! In the room the pair could do anything from making our to just keeping quiet or having a normal conversation….
POV ends …
They were enjoying a lot many pairs went it then it was laksh s turn to choose and then he chooses our heavnely couple SWASAN!!
Swara s POV
Huhh y did lucky have to chose me with him he is such a shy and reserved guy ian just so opposite to him..talkative and chirpy its impossible to survive with him for 7 minutes .

Then swara tried to resist them…
Swara- no yaar lucky pls…
Lucky- huhh swara u have to do it
Ragini- haan yaar swara don’t be a spoilsport!!
After having everyone s teasings and hoots I
has to give up!! While all the time sanskar was
simply standing ..
Swara holds sanskar s hand as per the game and they both enter to the room..

Just as they enter to the room swara goes and stands little far and sanskar closes the door
from inside…
Suddenly swara s heart started to beat faster …
Swara-(thinks ) oh Mr heart y r u pounding so fast keep ur rate slow or anytime u would come out….
Sanskar comes and stands near her !! They both r standing opposite to each other leaning on the walls….
Swara tried to start the conversation..
Swara- hey umn iam swara(she says forwarding her hand)
But sanskar just murmured a hello!!
Swara tried a lot to talk but our hero didn’t
reciprocate at all!!
Swara s POV
Huhh such a khadoos!! I am trying so many
times but see him huhh let it be I won’t try anymore…
End of POV
After a point swara gives up !!
Now only 3 mins were left . .
But now swara was damn irritated as she can’t bear the silence..
Swara s POV
Enough is enough I can’t telorate it more … Noprobs if I loose but I won’t tolerate it more..

Just as swara moved towards the door and
placed her hand in the knob to open the door then!!!!!

Sanskar wrapped his arms around swara s waist making her startled … Not able to control he started to rub his beard on her naoe and gave a trial of wet kisses …
Swara was just numb
The thing she heard from sanskar shocked her…
Sanskar-(whispered in her ears)I really like u swara I have been admiring u since the the time collage began!! Nd I didn’t strikes a conversation with u cause u were out of my league

Just as swara turned to say something. .. Sanskar shushed her by putting his lips on her …

Swara s POV
This is so gud iam bringing him more close to me by fisting his hairs.. Iam just loving his touch…
Sanskar s POV
Huhh finally!! I was able to confess don’t know from how much time I was able to control !! I started loving her .. And I will make sure that she loves me too!!

Just then they hear some knocks on the door!!
Leading then to break the kiss ….
Swara and Sanskar s POV:-
Huhh we didn’t even realize that how these 3 mints passes away!! Our first kiss and they both were blushing….

After composing just as they open the door they find their frnds which includes RAGLAK
Started to give us a flirty smirk (like everyone knew wht they did there) …

Well, they thought was right *(p
After the teasing session ended they akk went back home.. During tht time they exchanged each other s numbers …

This party not only didn’t turn out to be super duper fun but it was also made swasan meet their soulmates in the most UNEXPECTED way!!

Their first moment was being reminscied by swara who was is her wedding attire waiting for her husband!!
Swara s POV
I just can’t believe this we have lead 9 yes with each other first as a frnd then boyfriend girlfriend and now finally bound in a pious relationship!! Iam really excited for today s night as me and sanskar never did anything except a kiss!! Since all this yrs as we wanted it to be done after our wedding …. Such a sweet heart he is how much space he gave me in this relationship!! First we became frnds then bffs and then lovers now soulmates!! I really love him …
And u know wht he is not tht bouring ad I thought he is actually very naughty!! And I love his naughtiness!!

Swara s trance was broken and sanskar entered in locking the door
Swara s heart started to beat faster…
Sanskar wrapped his arms around swara s waist and kept his chin on her shoulder and swara leaned on his chest!!.
Sanskar- so finally ur mine MRS Swara Sanskar Maheshwari!!
Swara blushes hearing it !!
He turns her around and kisses her forehead and helps her removing the jewellery…
Sanskar- (looking in swara s eyes) swara will u let me make u mine today will u…
Swara nods blushing profousely .
He carries her towards bed and lights off!!
# uff done ian really sorry if u didn’t like it

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  5. Wonderful os… This one was just super good and beautifully written.. ????.. Loveddd the concept of ur story and Swasan as well.. Swara thinking him to be a khadoos.. Hahahaha.. but Sanskaar loves her soooo much and thinks her to be out of his league.. Awwww.. ❤️❤️❤️.. but the one game made them meet their soulmates and be there for each other.. ??.. Just fabulous and loveddd it..

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thanu so much yaar iam glad u like it!!

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