Swasan trust me epi 18

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Hey guys thankyou so much for lovly coments and for liking…
Guys I am soo happy that you all like the prologue of my devil thankyou soo lets start With trust me…

When They reached Trio were happy but swara was shocked beacuse they came to sunshine orphanage she looked towards sanskar n arvi they were smiling and run inside the orphanage seeing sanskar excitment and smiling face she became shocked that how can he smile she never saw him smiling except when he is with arvi…

She stood there like Statue when purvi came back

Pur: swara Come

Saying this she Took her inside the orphanage they met everyone…seeing sanskar like this for the first time loughing without any tansion or something swara was lost…

Sw: (himself) omg He can also lough oh god I never saw him sooo happy not even when he is with arvi but he is looking soo cute ahhh swara what are you thinking oh god I think I am gona be MAD stop thinking about him but what to do he is looking so hot ahhh no no..

Soon her thought were intrupedt by arjun..

Arj: he is looking Hot na

Sw: (without relizing) yeah very hot… (relized) ahmm yeah its hot na

Saying this she left to purvi arjun smiled at her he was happy that soon his friend will get his happyness..

At campfire everyone were sitting and celebrating 25 year of sunshine orphanage..Arvi introduce swara to everyone even swara came to know that they are orphan…

Sw: so you all met here I mean..

Ar: yes actually me n purvi leving her for long but sanskar lived with his family but we came friends in collage

Sw: oh I thought even he is but where is his family

Ar: his family intrupedt by sanskar

San: its none of your buisseness saying this he left from there..

Sw: why is He always so rude to me

Pur: nothing like its just intrupedt by swara

Sw: its ok saying this she also left…

Only arvi were sitting there both were lost in eachother that they didnt notice the everyone has left but still arvi were lost….

When sanskar came to them to Talk he saw that Arvi are lost in eachother even swara came she was about to go to them but sanskar held her wrist…
Left with swara leaving arvi alone..

Next day he Talk with purvi about her feeling towards arjun she told him that she loves him even he asked arjun he also accepted that He loves her both didnt still confess to eachother…
Swasan made aragement for their confession while doing this swasan came close to eachother….
(Guys I dont wana drag flashback scene more soo writing in fast soo that I can write about teaser)

Arvi confess to eachother they told swasan that they wana marry in this orphanage beacuse they have lots of memory here from childhood its like their birthplace…Swasan felt happy seeing arvi toghter somewhere swara was feeling bad thinking about laksh she compered their love n arvi love now she relized how stupid she was for loving a Person like laksh which destroyed her complete her Dreams everything….she is not weak girl bit when it Comes about love she felt her herself getting weak but not now anymore….nowdays seeing sanskar somewhere in her hearth she was feeling happy his care towards Arvi his love for arvi his trust on arvi which she never got from her family or from laksh they loved her but not like sanskar they didnt trust her which is important in every relationship it doesnt matter between whom if is it..between lovers parents siblings TRUST is important without trusting you cant live with someone….

On the other hand sanskar was confuse about his feeling towards swara He very well knew that He is falling for but he is sceard getting hurt from his love ones that why He always make some  Distanz between themself..he always try to behave rudly with her seeing her hurt beacuse of his behaviour he felt bad but beaing sceard he couldnt let her come near him or make place in hus hearth❤❤if this time his hearth break he cant able to live again….nowdays beacuse arvi wedding they were coming close to eachother how much he is trying he cant keep himself away from swara somewhere she is became reason of his smile n leaving his life he dont wana Fall for her but his hearth doesnt listen to him…he very well know about her relationship with laksh he is sceard what if she Comes to know about his past will she also leave him like others did….he looked towards Arvi n get teary they are his family reason of his being Alive if they were not with him He dont know if he could survive..for arvi he can do anything even he can gave his life happily he is very happy that Arvi both love eachother beacuse now they will be toghter no matter what..he know arvi will be with him no matter what they never leave him alone n will trust him like hell…

Its been 2 weeks since they came back from orphanage After arvi marrige…
Everything came normal n swasan bonding became slowly slowly strong seeing swasan arvi felt happy they both know that swasan are falling for eachother but They are sceard for sanskar what if swara Come to know about his past what she will do will she also leave him like his family did..
They are soo many question but the answer is still open like questionmark…

Days are Passing swasan n arvi are leaving happily but soon they their happiness will be fade away…someone is coming to destroye their happiness…

Epi ends….

Guys I am sooooooooooo sorry for not posting I was toooooo lazy so couldnt Post but dont worry from now on I will Post early..

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  1. It was awsm??? i also wanted to know flashback but in short form type so tks for it ????btw now also u will post only on sat and sun or regularly…?

  2. Simin

    Lovely rabia
    Continue soon

  3. Kaynatk01

    good one rabia

  4. Awesome

  5. Mica

    waaaa.. waa.. next part ??>???

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  7. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm yr …after a long time but pls now be regular …

  8. Nice………..

  9. awesome waiting for twist

  10. Simi

    Nice one..

  11. Awesome

  12. Vyshu10

    Superb…..missed this ff a lot. Very excited to read swasan entire love story

  13. Mariyajap

    Awesome update next part soon

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    After a long time I was waiting for it.. Anyway, it’s amazing dear.. Loved it..hope sanky realize his feelings soon.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  15. Swasanangle

    Finally u r back awesome chappy dear
    if possible I want one more chappy today

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