Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.6

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Episode 6:-

Sumi and dida shifted with rajsak.. while swasan left for kolkatta after taking blessings from elders…for fulfilling the mission of their revenge..

Swara: soo mr.. hcb…u r readyyy??

Sanky being confused: hcb??

Swara: arrey dumbo.. hubby come bestie.. wohh it’s a long word naa soo I made its short form (winks)

Sanky: ooo.. is that soo.. umm soo I will also calls u.. smd…and before u will ask what is smd I tell u that its.. shona my darling ;)..

Swara blush on hearing darling word and nodes with a shy smile.. sanky grin on seeing her blushing..

Finally both reached infront of the meheswari mansion.. on which sanky becomes emotional because that was the place where he spent his childhood and teenage… and also get betrayed there…swara was standing beside him and was rubbing his arm to sooth his pain…

Ap did aarti of both of them while swara was giving ap a mischievous smile without anyone notice and ap was glaring her …whole time raglak were gazing swasan.. lucky with lust while ragini dreamingly.. and both swasan were fuming in anger.. swara after seeing ragini… sanky while seeing lucky… he just wanted to punch him hard on his both eyes… from which he was staring swara like a vulture…and swara was tightening her grip of sanky’s arm as if she was pressing ragini’s neck on ogling upon her hubby..

Sanky felt pain on his arm due to swara’s tight grip and being confused saw towards her but she was glaring ragini that’s why didn’t noticed.. sanky looked at her direction and saw ragini staring him like he is some ice cream… that time sanky felt as if his dignity is in danger.. but he smirked on seeing swara’s expression..

Sanky in a whisper: smd.. don’t worry im your hcb only… ragini churail will not doo anything to me.. and peck her ear lightly..

On which swara came into her senses and grin sheepishly.. this was noticed by raglak and both felt irritated on seeing their bonding and closeness…

Later both eat dinner with the family on which sanky was feeling irritated on seeing their fake love and concern while swara was bzy in eating her favorite paneer tikka…

Ragini came with a dish of paneer tikka to sanky and very sweetly: sanskarr jii.. would u like to take this tikkaa?? I made from my hand only… on listening this ap choked on her food.. (because she was the one who made the tikka for swara as it was her favorite)….while ragini was going to put in sanky’s plate..

When swara while gritting her teeth: devaraanii jiiii.. your jetthhhh jiiiiii.. donttttt likeeee paneer tikkaa.. u go and serve your husband I will take care of my hubby..and snatched the tikka dish from her hand and put tikka on her own plate.. and to sanky she served his favorite dish but all the while glaring ragini…dp, ap surpass their laughter on seeing swara’s antic…

Ragini felt embarrassed and goes and sat down with laksh…other side sanky was also controlling his laughter on seeing possessiveness of his wife…

Swara sat down on her seat on which sanky in low voice: possessive or jealous??

Swara gave him an angry glare: first I said 10 feet now im saying 15 feet distance should be there between u and that witch.. or elsee I will through u out from the room.. said while pinching him on his hand..

Sanky: oucchhh..

Ap: what happened beta??

Sanky: aaa nothing badi mom.. just an ant…and winked towards swara which was noticed by laksh and he again fumed in anger…

Later everyone dispersed.. sujata and ap showed their room.. and before going gave a disgusting look to swara on which sanky covered swara on his back…but ap again turned and winked towards them on mwhich swasan grins..

Later at night..

Both were sleeping when sanky felt thirsty he got up and found the jug was empty… he looked towards swara who was sleeping cuddling pillow tightly..he caresses her hair and go down to fetch some water…he was filling water in the jug.. when he felt hands on his waist..

Sanky with smile turned while saying: shonaa.. but become shocked on seeing ragini standing with disgusting type clothes and was looking drunk.. she came back from pub and while going she saw sanky going in the kitchen soo she came behind him..

Ragini in drunk voice: sanskarrr jii.. u r sooo hottt…..

Sanky gulped in fear and keep praying that swara will not see this…

Ragini came closer to him and trace her finger on his face on which sanky jerked her finger in anger and pushed her a little…he was going out of the kitchen when ragini pulled him by grabbing his hand and hugged him tightly..

Ragini: sanskarr jii.. plzzzz leave that b*t*h swara.. (on listening this sanky clench his fist) and tried to break the hug…and I will also leave my useless husband then we both will get marry.. I will give u what u want..

Sanky was trying to break the hug when one hand came and grabbed ragini from her hair… that hand was of swara.. who got up and on not finding sanky in room came down in search of him… she saw ragini trying to flirt with sanky and filling his ear with rubbish talks..

Before sanky can say anything swara gave 2 tight slaps to ragini.. as she was in highly drunk state soo that’s why she was not in a proper senses..(kitchen door was close)
Swara while pulling her hair again: kameennii churaill… kalmohii.. if ever again I saw u near my hubby I will cut your hair.. and will donate them to some hair donation organization.. zaleel.. flirting and touching my husband.. by saying that swara twisted her hand.. on which ragini was going to scream but swara closed her mouth with her other hand..

Sanky was standing and seeing his Jhansi ki rani wife with open mouth..while swara took ragini towards the sink and fill the sink with water and put her head in the water…she was pressing her more and more in water…while ragini was trying to free herself..(funny tune were playing all the time)

Sanky came into senses and run towards her.. and make ragini free from swara’s clutches.. on which ragini took a deep breath.. but before she can open her eyes..as due to dipping her head in the water she came back in her sense.. soo sanky flew away while grabbing swara in his lap.. and there in kitchen ragini was scratching her head being confuse that how come she was in the kitchen..and why she is feeling pain in her head and neck.. (heheheheh)

Sanky came in room with swara in his lap who was having an angry pout and hands crossed over her chest..

Sanky while putting her on bed wiped his sweat: shona what was dat?? U was going to kill her..

Swara while gritting her teeth: I will surely kill her if u didn’t stopped mee how dare she to hug u to touch u and uuu.. said by standing infront of him while putting hands on the waist..

Sanky gulped on seeing her glare..

Swara: and u… why didn’t u pushed her.. idiot jumbo hulk.. huhhh.. now u get out from the room..

Sanky startled: arreyyy but it was not my mistake she came suddenly and I was going to push her when u came.. plzz shonaa don’t push me out of the room..

Swara: huhhh.. okay then sleep in balcony… and by saying that she lay down on bed…while sanky stands there with a cute pout..

Next day both swasan were coming down but before coming down sanky told everything of last nyt to their parents on video call on which everyone laughing like hell and swara was standing with an angry pout…sanky laughed and peck her cheek on which all whistles.. and both swasan become embrassed ;)..

When they were coming down sanky received one call soo swara was going from the corridor.. when laksh stopped her way…first swara became scared the way he was staring her from top to bottom but then she gained her courage and with attitude..

Swara: devarr jii… do u want anything??

Laksh while smirking: I must say in these 3 yrs u become more hot and s*xy… on which swara felt like to puke…while laksh continue..

Laksh: haaff but poor me.. instead of mee my brother is relishing from your body… and goes near her…

But tell mee is he hot in bed or not?? And by saying that he grabbed swara from her waist and tried to touch her cheek..

Swara first gave a kick on his main point ;).. and then a tight slap..

Swara with anger: next timeee if u talk with me and tried to touch me like this wayyy I will surellyy cut u from limb to limb.. and turned to goo but again turned and gave him another slap..

Swara: 2nd slap is talking rubbish about my husband.. u know he is not cheap like u… u blo*dy womanizer… on which laksh become shocked with pain expressions..

Swara while smirking: what happened?? Shocked?? That how come I came to know about your reality… mr laksh meheswari there r many other things which u will come to know with the passing days.. for now remember my slaps and kick..and storms out from there…butt when she reached behind one pillar.. she took a sign of relief and rub her hands which were cold due to fear.. and wiped her sweat from her forehead..

This whole scene was witnessed by sanskar who came after cutting the call.. he just wanted to kill laksh but on the same time felt proud of swara…at breakfast table ap and sujata were behaving coldly with swara while ragini was sitting while grabbing her head due to the torture which swara gave to her ;)..and laksh was for now sitting quietly..

Dp: sanskar today we will take to u to our company….on which sanskar nodes…and say him to come with laksh

Dp, rp goes in one car while sanlak goes in one car… on the way laksh car stopped…
Sanky: what happened??

Laksh: don’t know let me chck both came out…

Laksh: I think we need a mechanic…

Sanky: u wait let me bring mechanic I have seen one work shop behind by saying that sanky goes while laksh stands with the car support… suddenly someone from behind covered his face with black cloth…

And beat him black and blue.. punches, kicks, everything… laksh all the while shouting… the road was empty…soo nobody came to help him..

The person beaten him for more than 10 mins and left after throwing him on the road…laksh take out the cloth from his face.. and winced in pain.. he looked around but nobody was there..

After 2 mins sanky came..

Sanky: arrey laksh what happened to u??

Laksh: don’t know bhaii someone came and beaten me by covering my face that’s why I cant be able to see his face..

Sanky: oo God… let me take to u hospital.. but how can i?? car is not starting and there in working shop mechanic was also not there.. let me try again…

Sanky tried and the car starts.. he took laksh to hospital.. on the way laksh was wincing in pain while sanky was hiding his smile.. becauseeeeeee.. he was the one who have beaten laksh ;)..


When dp said for office.. sanky made some problem in laksh’s car on which his car will stop after sometime… and when car stopped.. sanky said for mechanic and escaped from there.. and after few minutes came back and beat laksh after putting cloth on his face.. because he tried to touch his wife…

Flashback end..

Doc done the first aid of laksh.. and sanky took him to home… on which everyone become shocked on seeing laksh’s state..

Swara ask sanky but he ignored her…on which swara become confused… and all day swara tried to talk to him but he didn’t talked to her…

Later at nyt when swara came into the room and was going towards bed….sanky came and blocked her way..

Swara: sanskarr????

Sanskar: u will not sleep on bed..

Swara: butt why??

Sanky: what happened today??

Swara confused: what??

Sanky: laksh tried to misbehave with u and u didn’t told mee

Swara bite her tongue on this and looked towards sanskar with puppy eyes…

Sanky with narrow eyes: not this time mrs swara sanskar goenkaa.. yesterday u made me sleep on balcony naa today u will sleep…and lay down on bed by covering his face… but again peeped from the blanket and to swara..

Sanky: btw I was the one who have beaten laksh.. now good nytt…sweet dreams sweetyyy..muaaahhhh

Swara who was standing with sad pout become shocked on listening this..and said sannkyyyyy…..

On which sanky hide his face more in blanket and giggles silently.. because he knows that swara will be looking like a cartoon with wide eyes and open mouth..

Precap: first step to the punishment…targettt ramta…;)

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    1. Rabia

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