swasan a path hate to love ( Season 2) episode 2

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Love…? This word is uttered by people like honey but the one who knows the dark side of this word. The one who becomes the victims of this hunter. The one who knows how the bitterness of this enchantment; the one spits this word like a poison on their tongue.
Sanskar Maheshwari was also one of the person. He was mature and experienced man, who witnessed many black and white of this world. The one who knows the dark part of this world more well than light part. From his childhood, he only receives lobe and appreciation and a person who is habitual of this type of behavior, what will happened if everything was snatched by him at once? He was one of them. But after many years in darkness, he found his light. But it was complete irony of life that he was so much sank in darkness that his light didn’t effect on him or helped him to come out from darkness.

Om the contrary, he was started to polluted that light and he decided to die with his darkness. But the destiny had another plan for him.
After two months, when he thought that he was died long ago because he wasn’t feeling anything. But ironically, he wasn’t in hell either. It was strange situation for him that he couldn’t understand where was he? And who was he?
For long time, he didn’t recognise himself. After two months of his death (in his point of view), he heard some voices and felt the touch of someone.
Someone held his hand, it was soft hands which held his right hand. He wondered how he differentiate between the right and left hand, but his instinct told him, it was right and Sanskar Maheshwari always believed on his instinct or intuition.
That hands were soft but familiar but he didn’t pinpoint where he was touched by those hands, but that touch was so much familiar with his hand that he thought that it was his own.
Someone whispered in his ear, the voice was husky, dry but at the same time, wet with tears.
“Look Sanskar…!” He wondered who is that Sanskar guy? But there was so much emotion in that voice that he envied for that guy.
“You want to go from me and look, I’ve gift”
A gift? Which type of gift? Did he was his guardian angel? He believed in guardian angel, his mother told him about guardian angel and he always thought that she was always around him. He often tried to talk to him but she always hid from him.
Suddenly, a light of blaze came in his mind. Yes! His name was Sanskar. But who was that girl or woman? Was she his mother? No! Sanskar knew the touch of his mother very well and it was not that.
He stopped the train of his thought, she told something else too. ” gift which God gives me just for the sake because I love you and you’ve to love me Sanskar”
Love? What’s this thing? His mother never told him about the love-thing? What was his guardian angel talking about?

“yes! You’ve to love me because now I’m also mother of your would be child, you’ve to come back Sanskar…”
Mother of his child? What was this girl blabbering about? He read in his science book that human needs to reach age of puberty to produce child? And he was only five. Wait? Where he knows about the puberty thing? No, any school teach this type of thing to five years old child?
“You’ve to come back”
Come back from where? Might be his guardian angel was talking about that dark world, he was in but he didn’t know where was he? How could he come back when he didn’t know where was he lost?
She puts her head on his chest and tries to listen his heartbeat.
He was confused and felt his forehead wet with sweat. What was happening to him? He was no love-stuck teenager? But was he feeling like that?
“I’m listening your heartbeat Sanskar, that’s a reason I’m also Alive. Just come soon I’m not able to weigh this responsibility more”

What type of responsibility, was she talking about? And who was she by the way?
He tried to remember but didn’t recall her. He recalled every women in his life. His mother, his aunts, his sister, his friends in school but he didn’t understand who was she? She was not one of them.
Who was she? Her hand pressed his and that time he was nothing but response at that touch. He tried his best to touch her back but he couldn’t. He just simply couldn’t. After some effort, he gave up and try to recall again who was she until she left the room in which he was or he thought he was.

When she left the room, he didn’t know when his mind went blank and when he went the world of dream. A world which familiar with him long ago but after very long time, he visited that world. And ironically, he was oblivious with this fact. But soon, very soon he would know everything. And very soon, he would be granted with the second chance. A second chance which was given to very few person and he was always life’s favourite. So, he really deserve second chance. Don’t you think, he do?

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