swasan os “MISSING THEM” By JULIET part 2

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So continuing the first part ……………………..

After 6 months
MM has become gloomy people are trying to move on and stay happy with a hope that they will find swasan one day. But no doubt there is a void in their lifes which can only be filled by swasan. There is only one person who is happy watching this condition of the families members and that is Uttara. She loved her bhai Bhabhi like anything and now watching their culprits suffer gave her great satisfaction. Sujata was the one whos repentance was very visible, the bubbly outspoken sujata was lost. She stayed quite spoke only when required and only to some people. She was still upset with dp and adarsh etc. ram has tried to get back to normal terms BUT it is hard, VERY HARD. For them to forget their son, their first child and their daughter-in-law who was more than a daughter to them. But they were somewhere happy, happy for them that finally now maybe they are happy, truly. Away from all problems, in a world of their own, but they were parents and couldn’t convince themselves not to wish that they were here.
On the other hand in badi, dadi has finally gained some sense and sumi has started to maintain a distance from her duties as a wife, she is now only a mother-to TWO children – ragini and ayush. Time made her realise that the daughter who did everything thing for her had been left behind in her efforts to become a perfect mother and wife. She knew that this time it was her fault. But there was nothing that she could do.

Another day in MM-
As usual they did the arti without the nightingale of the house, without her smiling face the day seemed incomplete. Dp missed her cheerful and happy face which always brought a smile on his face. The way she cared for him just like daughter, and he failed to trust and support her when she needed her father the most. The last image he has of her is that of holding a gun on her forehead pleading to trust her, and he did not. it haunts him, makes him feel guilty and disturbs him every day.
Even though the commissioner is himself on the case he couldn’t stop himself from doing something personally. He hired a private detective who kept him reported but alas no progress. He knew that if sanskar didn’t want to be found, no one could find him. He was a gem who idealised him and was better than him, a true mastermind, and dp knew very well that he must have achieved hights he was proud of him but missed him.
It was a late Saturday evening and the MM family were in the hall busy in themselves trying to spend family time and fill the voids in their lives. Then only laksh came in with a huge smile plastered on his face, all eyes turned towards him in question.
Ignoring all of them he went towards sujata, and held her hand and kneeled down in front of her and in a soft voice said-

Laksh- chachi apki dua ne asar kar diya hai.
As soon as these words escaped his mouth sujata and everyone else looked at laksh with eyes that held so many emotions.
Dp was the first one to react to the news and asked him-
Dp- kya khabar hai laksh?
Laksh- papa abi abi accountant ka phone aya tha, kisi ne apke account mein 60lakhs transfer kiye hain, and I can bet that this is sanskar. Kyunki maine phone kar ke pata kiya toh voh account close ho gaya hai, aur isliye koyi bhi ab iske bare mein official information nahi de raha hai.
Adarsh- kon se bank mein hai
Laksh- XYZ bank
Adarsh- mera ek friend hai is bank mein main abhi usko bulata hoon.
Soon adarsh’s friend comes over with his laptop and greets the family-
Friend- long time bro bata kis account holder ki info chahiye…
Adarsh- yeh account number hai, iske account holder ka address aur transaction lists chahiye yaar…
Friend- don’t worry let me check my database.
after some time
friend- yaar this is a platinum account so i cant get the transactions but the name is…….SHIT MAN this is SM’s account if his sources find out they will killme.
damn what does he have to do with your brother anyway this is the address but he must not know that i gave you the info.
adarsh- don’t worry man, thanks so much
after the friend leaves

laksh- SM howcome after so many days he has become active, and how is sanskar bhai related to him.
DP- SM toh went underground how come he is back in the market again???
adarsh- that we will find out in mumbai
laksh- i will book tickets for four of us
suju- i also want to come
laksh- nahi chachi you wait here we will bring him back………

precap- MF in mumbai

bye….. i know that u guys already know whats happening…
-SM had just dissapered no one knew who he was except his close men and he reveiled to swara
-karma was asecret to maheshwaries and it is the great SM’s company for them.
-and sanskar business is more diverse that maheshwaries so their deals are not directly affected.
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