SwaSan! Lust Obessesion Love! {Episode-41}

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Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians. I know I am late but guys what to do I have my other stories to take care of as well. So without any bak bak lets move to the part. 

Happy Reading 

Part 41

In morning 


Sunrays fell on swara’s face while she was trying to cuddle into him. Finding the loss of that warmth she reluctantly opened her eyes only to be found alone. She jerked and got up from bed being scared. Where is he? Fear gripped her heart while she searched for him limping wrapped in only a duvet. Living room, bathroom, finally she found him in balcony where he was bare chest only in trousers setting the breakfast table whistling. 

She felt relieved but then anger flourished all over her. She ran towards him clutching her duvet tightly and started beating him on his chest with her one hand. Sanskar was horrified due to the sudden attack. 

“Arre…Aree shona… Kya hua? Tumne to pehle din se hi pati soshan shuru kr diya. “(shona! What happened? You started torturing me from the first day itself) Sanskar said trying to stop her. 

He held her hand and pulled her towards himself wrapping ahand around her gently. 

” What happened? ” he asked

” You left me alone in bed. You know I got so much scared. Koi apni newly wedded wife ke sath aisa krta hai kya? ” she said pouting. 

He chuckled seeing her and peckes her pout. 

” Where will I go leaving you baby. I was here only setting the breakfast. ” he said

” But I am angry. ” she said cutely like a kid. 

” Acha? Come let me cool you down. ” he said and before she could realize she was in his arms as he carried her to bathroom to have a warm shower together and eaae her pain away which was caused by him last night. 

After sometime he carried her out and made her sit on chair in balcony. She was in a bath robe while he had a towel wrapped around his waist. They had their breakfast enjoying the scenic beauty and after that they again dressed in their wedding attires with a difference that swara wore less jewellery and dupatta pinned comfortably. They left for home with driver who came with repaired car. 

At Maheshwari Mansion 

SwaSan stood at the entrance while their neighbor Mrs. Bose who was Like a sister to Ram did their arti. Kicking the rice vessel, swara entered hand in hand with sanskar. The mansion was welcoming them with open arms for their new start. After some post marriage rituals, They were sitting on sofa chatting. 

“Hmmm. Waise bhabhi! How was your night stay? ” uttara asked smirking

” ummm.. It was good. The resort was nice. ” Swara said not making an eye contact with her fully knowing her intentions. 

” Acha.. So kya kya kiya raat ko?(what all you did at night?) ” she asked winking. They both were sitting in a corner talking. 

Swara turned red listening her. 

” We ju.. Just slept.. ” swara stammered. 

” Oh is it? But your neck is telling me a different story. ” uttara said pointing towards a hickey on her neck and smiling naughtily. 

Swara immediately draped a dupatta to hide it. 

” Wo.. Umm.. I am tired. I am going to change. ” swara said and ran towards her room while Uttara laughed seeing her condition but then

” Ouch.. Bhai kya kar rahe aap ” uttara shouted as sanskar pulled her ears. 

” Kyu pareshan kar rahi thi meri biwi ko?” (Why were you teasing my wife?) sanskar asked

“Pareshan to aapne kiya tha kal raat ko unko main to bas puch rahi thi ” (it was you who teased her last night. I was just asking) uttara replied making him embarrassed but he immediately composed himself. 

“Ruk tu beta. Apna time aane de. Phir dekhta hu. (let your time come. Then I will see) ” he said making her shy and she ran from there while he smiled and left towards his room. 

In room

Swara was humming a song while applying vermillion smilingly. Truly the colour of love adds more to your glow. Soon she felt two hands around her waist while she leaned on his chest. 

“This feels so good. ” Sanskar whispered tightening his hold on her. 

She turned and hugged him lovingly 
” I love you. ” she said hiding more in his chest. 

” I love you more. ” he said pecking her scalp. Both smiled and remained like that until sanskar’s phone ring disturbed them. They parted and Sanskar attended the call. 

” Hmm.. I will be there in 15.” he told after listening to his PA. 

“Jaan I need to go. This American client files need to be checked urgently. ” Sanskar told while taking his things from the cupboard. Swara pouted. 

” I know its our first day after wedding but this is important. Sorry Jaan. I will be back soon.” he said pecking her lips and running out. 

On the other side

In hospital Parth started gaining consciousness. He moved his hands and when doctor saw him, immediately informed uttara about him. Uttara happily told them to take his care and that she will come tomorrow to take him. 

Something unwelcoming was approaching. 

At night 

Sanskar came back home late. He had thought of returning soon but since he went office after a week, one after the other work came trapping him there. He knew Swara would be super angry. He quitely entered the room and saw her lying on bed sleeping. He sighed and after changing lied besides her taking her in his embrace but she immediately jerked him. 

“What? ” he asked

” No touching for next three months. ” swara said with her eyes closed. 

” What! But why? ” Sanskar asked terrified. This was the last thing on his list he wanted to hear on his first day of wedding. 

“You left your beautiful wife on first day. This is your punishment l. ” Swara said still not opening her eyes. 

” Shona.. Jaan I am sorry na. ” he tried holding her but she pushed him away. 

” Dur se. ” she ordered. 

Sanskar facepalmed himself and got up from bed. Surely this was something unexpected 

” Ruthi biwi ko manana padega ab to. “(I will have to pacify her now) he thought and left towards kitchen. Swara slowly opened her eyes and smiled. Teasing him was way more fun than she thought. She stayed in bed waiting for him to return. 

Here Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari in kitchen was busy doing some invention for his wife. He had to impress her anyhow today so that she takes the punishment back. Staying away from her for three months was next to impossible. 

Its been half an hour and he did nothing but staring at boiling water he turned off the stove but accidentally touched the hot vessel

“Ouchh” he shouted holding his burnt finger. 

“Kisne kaha hai ye sab karne ko. Insan ko wohi krna chahiye jo usko aata ho. Tum sirf business mei hero ho, kitchen mei zero ” (who told you to do all this? One should only do things they no. Hero in business but zero in kitchen) swara scolded him putting ice on his hand. 

“Acha! Aisa kya? Aao tumko dikhata hu mujhe kya aata hai. ” (is it? Come let me show you what I know) saying this Sanskar picked her in his arms and before swara could protest he involved her in a mind numbing making her lost in him. 

Moving towards their room still kissing, locked the room, switched off the light and explored each other’s deep secrets yet again. (kya tareeka hai gussa shant krne ka ) 

One Week Later

It was a week since the wedding and everything was going smoothly. SwaSan were happy in their own bubble. It was another working day and Swara was serving breakfast to Sanskar and Ram. 

“Swara beta where is uttara? ” Ram asked

” She left early morning dad. She said she will come soon. ” Swara said sitting besides sanskar having her own breakfast. Ram nodded while Sanskar was in his own foodland  (foodie like me) 

” Bhai ” Uttara called from back. All turn and SwaSan’s eyes widened in shock seeing Parth with her. 

” How did she find him? He was in my office, then how did he escaped” thought sanskar

“What does he wants now? I hope he wont do anything to Sanskar this time. ” that was all what swara could think of at the moment. 

The scene freezes on SwaSan’s shocked faces while Parth’s expressionless face. 

***to be continued***

So guys parth is here. What do you think is going to happen next? 

Hope you liked this chapter and I know its short but it was important. Let me know your views on this till then this is Ridz signing off

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