Swasan: I love u only u (epi-27)

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Hello guys I’m back with another chappy I know u all want swasan scene here is the episode with full of swasan

I know I’m a late plz don’t bash me and one more things this is full mature content so plz only above 18+

Let’s start

@ swasan room
Screen start with swara opening her eyes slowly she smiles seeing her husband holding her tightly has if he loose the grip she will Leave him she slowly pecks his forehead and lips sensing her touch Sanskar opened his eyes

Sanskar: how are u princesses ??

Swara: good Sanskar but Sanskar wt I wanna know wt happen when they injected me that drugs Im Not remembering everything clearly all are blur I wanna ask before only but seeing Mom maa papa so I stopped tell me na wt happened when I lossed my senses (tension)

Sanskar got to know y she was asking him she was thinking is there bad thing happen to her

Sanskar: (smiles) shona I know y u r asking this don’t worry ntg happened like that wt u r thinking they just kidnapped u and leaved u on road bcoz u lossed ur senses u r unable find out wt is coming but thankfully Arjun came and saved u (suddenly he remembers Arjun Now he didn’t even thanked him)

Swara smiled and hugged him tightly

Swara: I love you Sanskar (saying this she pecked his cheeks)

Sanskar: (smiles) I love you too my princess

Swara: Okie now let me get freshen up I have to change my dress

Sanskar: okie let me take u

Swara: I’m fine Sanskar I can manage

Sanskar: wt u think itself has sherini doctor said me that u r so weak now let me help or else I myself will make u ready

Swara: (shocked) no no take me Sanskar smiles and took her near washroom in his arms soon he gets a call from office he was talking with them to take care of the important project which Will improve their company reputation So Sanskar was so busy in that But before that he even told uttara to keep dinner in their room

After 20 min swara came out of the washroom with bathing robe bcoz she forgets to take dress she sees out she didn’t find Sanskar so she came out with bathing robe

She opens her wardrobe and started searching night dress soon her fells on dinner without wasting time she took chapati and made with curry she was eating the role with selecting her night dress she took and wored it she even completed her dinner Thinking that he went Out for dinner

Now she was waiting for him To come she was sitting on bed but soon she heard few sounds from balcony she went Out and to her shock sandals was in balcony and talking on phone till now and it’s already almost an 40 min he was talking on phone she shooked her head seeing an workaholic husband but our cute mind is now dirty ??? she wants her husband to romance with her

She smiles naughtly and went near him and stood up in front of him he asked through gesture wt u want but she nodded her in ntg

She slowly hugged him and placed her head on his chest and Sanskar was hugging her by one hand and another he was talking on phone swara waiting for him for 1 minute she thought he will cut the call and hold but He was doing both work at a time now she lost her patience

She looked at Sanskar she was kissing him on jaw line he was shocked for her sudden act

**********MATURE CONTENT*********


Sanskar: (with PA) I…. I…. Will…. Call…..u…. Later
Swara smirks secretly seeing his sweet and tense voice

Swara was kissing all over the face with her lips she was seducing him even by her looks

Sanskar: kya…….kya Kari….. Ho…….. Shona

Swara: meri pati attention (huskily)

Sanskar: don’t do this more I will end up with something (sweating badly)

Swara: even I want the same pati dev saying this she opened his shirt buttons and started kissing him and his bare chest Sanskar is now out control he picked her in arms and runned near the bed and he placed her on the bed and removed his and thrower a side

Swara was unable to think before she can figure out she was on bed and seen Sanskar is half naked he was having only his pants

Sanskar: Now it’s time for punishment baby for seducing me now u have to another shade of Sanskar

Swara: (whispers in shock) Sanskar….. Before she completes the dialogue Sanskar placed his lips on her and started kissing her passionately soon swara also started responding to his kiss Sanskar hands where on her shamelessly He hold her waist and caressing it slowly her hands reached near his back hair and pushing him on to her more and more Sanskar pinched her waist to which she gasped in pain talking and opportunity he entered into her mouth and exploring all over the mouth with his tongue both of their tongue were playing with each others slowly swara was out of oxygen she wants to break the kiss but Sanskar didn’t allow her do and started kissing her more and more after few minutes even Sanskar was lack of breath he soon removed his lips from her

Both are breathing heavily more than Sanskar swara was breathing heavily

Swara: wt….. Was…. That….. Do…. U…. have…. any……idea…… to…… me….. kilL….. me……..

Sanskar smiles at her and whispers on her ears – yes baby I have an idea but not kill u I wanna eat fully today
Swara blushed listening this and hides her face in his chest

Sanskar: (huskily) till now u r seducing me but now u r blushing baby y this sudden change
Swara was unable to answer him bcoz he kept his hand on her b***** and pressing it to which she was unable to answer him

Sanskar: come on baby tell me (huskily)

Swara: (breathing heavily) I…… just…… want….. to…. seek…. ur…… attention……. Ahhh Sanskarrrrrr (she shouted bcoz he bites on her neck)
Sanskar in no time he removed her night dress fully in a go or we can say he tored the dress

Swara ? got widen seeing his sudden action but again she got anger seeing he tired her dress

Swara: (anger)Sanskarrrrr this my favorite dress u tored even this this my 5th favorite dress u have tored (pout)

Sanskar: if u want I will buy this type of dress again no plz don’t disturb me

Swara: (thinks) wait and see Mr Sanskar wt I will do with u And u tired my favorite dress ?? saying she smirks she soon came to senses for his talks

Sanskar: (whispers near ears) how come today my shona became bold raised his eye brow seeing her she was looking at confused manner soon she understood wt he meant she smiles and pulled him towards her by hair

Swara: wt can I do if my husband is so hot ? ? then I have to make something special to him na saying this her eyes fall on something she smirks and rolled over him

Swara: Now it’s my turn baby (huskily)
Sanskar smiled seeing his lady bold avthar
Swara was started Kissing him all over the chest Sanskar enjoying this s*xy torture by his love soon his smile turned into question before he question his one is tied

(guys swara tied his one hand with night pants thread which is laid on ground when Sanskar was in his own world with his knowledge she took thread and tied him she took another thread from his own pant which he was wearing and even tied another hands soon she even tired his legs even)

Sanskar: shona wt r u doing

Swara: Now it’s time for punishment baby (huskily)
Sanskar was sweating seeing his love bold act

Swara smiled and dugged Into his neck and started biting him to which he was just moaning he want hug her and touch her but he can’t do bcoz she tied him

Sanskar: ahhhhh shona baby slow plz leave me na plz (puppy eyes)

Swara: (moved near lips) today ur looks can’t melt me Sanskar (huskily) don’t worry I’m telling u na u will enjoy more than me saying this she took nutella ( Guys down ask me from where u got nutella it will come that’s it ?)

She dipped her hand on nutella and rubbed on his cheeks and lips. Soon she started eat chocolate which is his cheeks she was licking his left cheeks slowly

Sanskar: (moaning) Sssshhhonaaaa

She did same with Right cheeks now its turns on his lips she put her lips and started kissing him now Sanskar kissed her passionately or we can say he was biting her lips tightly has revenge of her act but swara was smiling seeing him her lips was bleeding soon she broke the kiss and looked at him utter disbelief seeing her lips bleeding badly Sanskar lifted his head and placed His lips on her again soothen the pain of her. She smiled seeing his care

Sanskar: (huskily) don’t worry baby I will punish u more than this Smiles evilly

Swara: (move towards his ear) u know wt I love when u love me like that
Sanskar smiled Listening her comment

Swara again dipped her hands into nutella and rubbed all over his chest She kept her lips on his chest and started licking chocolate romantically Now Sanskar system was beating blue black he want to enter into her right now

Sanskar: (moaning) sshoonnnaaa plz I want to enter into u right now
Swara smiled and hugged him by digging her head on his neck (whispers) not soon baby and I love this chocolate more than normal one smile seductively

Sanskar: plzzzzz baby
Swara: acha okie let me check how much ur tool is longing for me saying this she was about to remove his pants but his legs are tied so even she tired his pants and inners

Sanskar: shona this my favorite pant u tired that (sadly)
Swara: (whispers) so what baby h have tired many of my dresses I just tired only one pant to which Sanskar pouted she smiled and kissed his pout

Swara: (moved towards his ear) wow Sanskar I’m loving this ur tool got stiffen for me Sanskar smiled

Swara went down and holds his tool and rubbed The chocolate

Sanskar: (breathing heavily) shona now need of this But swara was swara she took it into her mouth and started sucking it

Sanskar: ahhhhh babyyyyy more…… Sanskar want to hold her but he was helpless
Few later both are breathing heavily soon swara slowly untied his hands with no time Sanskar turned swara and started kissing her hungrily he was kissing all over the body

Swara: (breathing heavily) relax Sanskar

Sanskar: (huskily) no way today u teased me so much now I can’t stop it saying this he more aggressive

Soon Sanskar enters into her both are having pleasure and peace one their both faces soon both drifted into sleep

Screen freezes on swasan peaceful face……

********* episode ends********

Precap: more of swasan……….

Keep smiling……
Bye bye…..

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