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Hello everyone..
Thank u to all my readers for ur amazing response on my stry..I am really feeling happy reading ur comments..Thanks to all my silent readers too…Love you all???

Now enough of my bak bak..let’s strt the next part…


Next Morning..


Next Morning in Gadodia house Every one is seen just with one or the other works..We can see a man doing all the arrangements and his face is showing his happiness…At that time a last came towards him and spoke

Shomi:Sekhar take some rest..how much work will u do..u will get tired

Sekhar:Shomi u don’t wry I won’t be tired..I am so happy today..my daughter my shona agreed for marriage and today Dp’s family is coming to discuss abt marriage..

Shomi:Ha sekhar..u r right…even I am happy that our shona is gng to get married…I hope this marriage gives us our old Shona back…

When they r talking to each other Ragini who heard their talks came towards them and spoke:Don’t wry maa..she will be very happy after marriage.I know abt sanskar he will keep our shona happy..

SheMish smiled hearing her and trio shared a grp hug..Swara who is standing little far from them listened to their talks and have tears in her eyes..

Swara(monologue):bcoz of me ev1 suffered a lot…that’s why i agreed for this marriage..but before marriage I shld talk to him once and I shld tell him my truth…then also if he agree to marry me by his heart then only I will marry him….

Saying this she wiped her tears and went to her room with a determined face..


At the same at MM sanskar is seen getting ready to meet swara and get family lost in his own thoughts..

Sanskar (Monologue):I agreed for this marriage for my family’s happiness but for that I can’t stake girls happiness…so I will talk to her today abt my past…then she will decide whether she will marry me or not…

When he is lost in his world he heard laksh’s voice breaking his trance..

Laksh:Sanskar come we shld leave now

Sanskar (coming to senses):Ha bhai chalo..

Both went towards their parents who r waiting for them downstairs…Then four of them drove towards Gadodia Mansion…


Maheswari family reached GM and they r welcomed by GF..All r sitting in living room and chatting happily as they r already relatives..At that time Ragini came down with swara…Swara took blessings from elders..Then Ap made her sit with her and cupped her face lovingly and spoke..

Ap:My daughter is looking beautiful

Saying this Ap kissed her forehead..Swara got teary eyed remembering something but she quickly wiped her tears without anyone’s notice but our sanskar noticed it and felt a pinch of pain in his heart unknowingly…But he brushed his thoughts…

When swara is sitting with Ap Ansh came and sat in her lap and spoke

Ansh:Maasi will u also come to our house for everyday

Laksh:Ha champ ur maasi will stay with us when she got married with ur Sanskar chachu..

Ansh:Sacchi papa


With that Ansh squealed in joy and hugged swara tightly…All family members laughed at his antics..After sometime Dp spoke..

Dp:Sekhar ji I think swara and sanskar should talk alone for sometime..

Sekhar:Ji Dp i don’t have any problem with this…Ragini take them to Garden..

Ragini:Ok papa

Swasan felt happy as they also want to speak to other but at the same time they are nervous…They followed Ragini towards Garden..Ragini left them alone and came back..Swasan sat there in garden opposite to each other..silence prevailed between them..Both r equally nervous..Finally after 5 mins sanskar broke the silence..

Sanskar:Umm…swara I will directly come to the point..I want to tell u abt my past before taking any decision so that we will not face any problems in future..

Swara jst nodded listening him as she wanted to listen him first then tell her past to him..Sanskar continued..

Sanskar:Swara I loved a girl named KAVITHA when I was in college..we both were in relation for 3 yrs…After studies I told mom dad abt my love and they agreed for me..they asked kavitha to meet them..One day kavitha came to meet my parents..At that time I was out for some work..I don’t know what happen that day but after that mom and dad did not agree to make kavitha their bahu..but I was adamant that I will only marry kavitha or else I will not marry…Then my parents asked me to choose between them and kavitha..I was so blinded by her love that I choosed kavitha and left that house..

Sanskar is having tears in his eyes saying all these…Swara went towards him hesitantly and placed her hands in his shoulder..He wiped his tears and turned towards her and continued..

Sanskar:After leaving my house I went to kavitha…That day

Flashback Starts:

Sanskar went to kavitha after leaving his house..Kavitha is shocked seeing him and asked what is the matter..

Kavitha:Sanskar what r u doing here at this time..what happen to u

Sanskar:Kavitha mom dad didnt agree for our marriage so I left that house..

Kavitha(shocked):Sanskar what r you talking..this is wrong..u can’t do this…go home now..we will talk to tomorrow..

Sanskar:No kavitha I am not gonna go back to that house..we r gonna get married tomorrow and thats final..

Kav–San got married the next day…Sanskar also got one simple job..they took one small house for rent and started living there..Sanskar is happy with his life but kavitha is not..Her behaviour is changed after marriage…She is not talking to Sanskar properly and not spending time with him..Sanskar found her behaviour weird but brushed his thoughts..Like this 6 months passed…

After 6 months

Night 9 p.m

Sanskar’s house

Sanskar is seen roaming hear and there..tension is clearly visible in his face..He is talking to himself

Sanskar:Where did this kavitha go..it is becoming late and still she did not reach home..

At that time his phn rang..He answered the call and after sometime phn fell from his hands listening what other person spoke..Sanskar hurriedly ran out

He reached in front of hsptl and went inside..

Sanskar:Excuse me I got a call that my wife met with an accident..may I know in which room she is

Receptionist:Sir ur wife is no more..She died on the spot…her body is in mortury..u can go and meet her

Sanskar is numb hearing this…He felt his world is being snatched from him..H hurriedly went towards mortury and saw kavitha lying lifelessly..Her face is unrecognisable…He is hugging her and is crying miserably… (*Hey Bhagwan..Kya kya likhna padh raha hai mujhe…*)

He did her last rites and is living in her memories…After some days MF also came to know abt this and came for sanskar…They consoled him and took him with them to their home…

Flashback ends…

Sanskar is crying telling all these to swara while swara is consoling him…Soon sanskar composed himself and spoke..

Sanskar:Swara this is about me..now u decide whether u want to marry me or not..

Swara:Sanskar ji I don’t have any problem to marry you but even I want to tell u something before u decide…

Sanskar:Ha say na swara..

Swara is abt to say smthing but interrupted by Ragini who came there to call them…They both went inside with Ragini and stood infront of elders..

Dp:So swara and sanskar what did u decide..

Sanskar:Papa I am on with this marriage…

Everyone smiled and Dp asked swara

Dp:Swara what abt u beta..

Swara thought for sometime and then nodded her head…

Elders are happy with their decision and congratulated them…They feed sweets to our swasan..Swara is thinking how to tell her past to Sanskar..Ragini noticed her and asked what is the matter through eyes..Swara nodded nothing and gave a smile….

They called pandit immediately to decide their wedding date…their engagement is fixed after 3 days and marriage after 1 week…Both the families congratulated each other…

Precap:Swara’s past..


So finally Sanskar’s past is revealed..So sry if u didn’t like it..I tried to show it as much as I can…if u didn’t like his past u can surely tell me…

Coming to the questions I asked in last part I answered 1st question and remaining questions I will be answering them slowly..Till then keep waiting..

Let me know ur views abt this part through ur valuable votes and comments….

Keep smiling:-)
Take care

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