Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 24

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Recap: The Breakdown

That night was the longest night that Swara and Sanskar had faced

(Sanskar’s POV)

Sanskar felt restless and was not able to sleep, so he decided to open his laptop and write his Diary that he had missed for so many days.

He opened a new document and gave it today’s date – 09.05.2018

“Hi My Love, How are you? (he talks like this to his diary) I know I have been ignoring and I am sorry for that. You know right you are the only one who knows how I feel and what I have gone through. You know something; I am so thankful that I have got Swara in my life. She is like my breath of fresh air. I don’t think I can survive without hearing her voice or even seeing her. You know something I am in Love with Her. I know you are my first love but I cannot ignore her too. She has become my need and I cannot stay away from her. I don’t know if Swara loves me or not but I will not confess till our university gets over. I just have to wait for another 9 months and then I will confess. Even if she rejects my love won’t be disheartened and don’t worry I will not move from my goals that is to become something in the Government Department of Canada. I have my civil exams coming up end of third semester and by the end of fourth semester I am hoping that I will start taking my training. I know even Swara has the same dreams. I want her to fulfill all her dreams. I will never stand in between her dreams. You know what happened I met the witch again and she ruined all my happy mood. She has again come in my life like a nightmare and I am unable to sleep. As soon as I think of sleeping she comes in my brain. I am again becoming the same Sanskar that I was before. I don’t know how do I confront myself. I think I need to talk to Laksh and try to tell him my problem. Before also he was my life jacket and I guess this time also its going to be him and my love Swara. After talking to Swara today and telling her about her step-mother (Sakshi), I felt relax. But I still need a little more help and I guess that can be given only by Laksh. You know today I sobbed like a kid and Swara didn’t bother she just was with me and giving me her support. She asked me to move on from my past. But can I? I don’t know. I will just try to shoo away all the thoughts about that witch and I just hope something good happens. Ok bye my love and take care and see you soon.”

While Sanskar was again trying to sleep, he heard a knock at the door. He went towards the door and saw that his dad had been knocking.

(Sanskar) “Dad, do you need something?”

(RP) “Can’t I come and see my son?”

(Sanskar) “It’s not like that Dad, it is just too late for you to stay awake, and that is why I asked that question”

(RP) “Isn’t it too late for you to stay awake? If you cannot sleep then how you can expect me to sleep peacefully especially what happened at the Wedding Venue today”

Sanskar stood there speechless. Knowing Sanskar, RP walked down in his room and sat on his bed and he asked Sanskar to come to him. Sanskar like a kid walked towards him and just kept his head on his dad’s lap, just so that he could find some peace and so he did.”

(Sanskar) “Dad, how did you know that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep?”

(RP) “If you have forgotten then let me remind you that during the past also only I knew how you felt and now also I could just feel your restlessness after all I am your father”

(Sanskar) “Dad, but isn’t the line supposed to be for mom? (He tried joking with his dad)

(RP) “It had to be but in our house it is different”

(Sanskar) “You know Dad, I told Swara about the witch and she was there by my side till I felt alright”

RP was happy that Sanskar himself came and told him about Swara.

(RP) “Can I ask you something you seemed to be very attached to Swara and her family and even the Mittals (Khushi’s family), how come?”

(Sanskar) “I don’t know Dad, it just clicked with them and with Swara it is a whole different topic. You know Dad without I telling her anything, she always understands me. She is such a nice girl. Its just so nice to see how we have become from classmates to enemies to friends to best friends”

(RP) “Hmm. You know Sanskar don’t lose a friend like her. She is a gem of a person and not only her but her family members are also Gem. With so much difficulty Sharmishthaji has taken care of her kids and is making them successful, it is truly commendable. She worked for them at the same time gave enough time. I wish your mom could learn something from them rather than criticizing them.”

(Sanskar) “Dad, can I ask you something?”

(RP) “Is it something related to Swara?”

Sanskar was shocked when his dad asked him this.

(RP) “I knew it. You like Swara don’t you?”

(Sanskar) “Yes Dad, I like her a lot more than liking I love her Dad.”

(RP) “Wow Sanskar, nice choice. I approve of her as my Daughter In Law. Have you told her about your feelings?”

(Sanskar) “No dad, I will tell her only after our university gets over. She is highly ambitious the same way as I am. I do not want to be a hurdle. I will let her achieve her dreams. Even she has to prepare for civil exams and university exams, so I want her to concentrate in her life and ambition first.”

(RP) “I can’t believe I am talking to the same Sanskar who once hated women who were highly ambitious.”

(Sanskar) “I agree dad earlier I was someone else and now after Swara, I have become someone else. She has given me a different view about women. She made me understand that women can take care of her family as well as professional life. They can also be the same as men. She has just changed the meaning of my entire life Dad. Now I feel happy, contended and light hearted.”

(RP) “I like this new Sanskar and I am proud of you. Come now let’s hit the bed. I know you will not be able to sleep without someone beside you.”

(Sanskar) “But Dad…”

(RP) “No Buts just sleep”

Sanskar listened to his Dad and slept while RP just kept patting him and bushing his hair so that he could fall into deep slumber.

(RP’s POV) “I wish Sanskar that your dream comes true and we get Swara as our Daughter-In-Law. She is so caring and just for your smile, she can do anything. I just pray that her plan works somehow. Also I wish that she can see your love too. I know that even she loves you but I also know that she will think twice before confessing because her nature is same like MY SANSKAR.

(Swara’s POV)

Finally after telling my full plan to Nandini and Aditya I kind of feel relaxed. I opened my diary and started writing today’s events

“I really feel bad for MY Sanskar. I know I have started using the word MY for him because I know I have started loving him. I know right me and love are pole apart. But he broke down the walls that I had around my heard. After Mr.Shekhar Gadodia betrayed my mother, I lost all hope that I would fall for someone. Other than my family I never loved anyone or believed in any kind of relationship but then after joining University, I found friendship in Laksh, Khushi and Sahil and I found myself falling for the one and only Sanskar. He was rude and arrogant in the beginning. But that one project brought us so close to each other. I love him to infinity. I just hope he has the same feeling for me (fingers crossed with all blushes). But I will wait for him till I give punishment to those who destroyed not only our but also Sanskar’s. I promise myself and Sanskar that they will face hell on earth and they will beg for death. They will be tortured daily for the number of tears my mom and Sanskar have shed. I will propose to him once my plan is over. If he rejects me, I will take it in a positive note and just go with a flow. I also have to do well in my civil exams so that I can fulfill my dreams of being associated with the Canadian Government. In all this problems, I forgot about our competition that we have to prepare for (Guys remember my chapter Competition, Happiness). I am sure even Sanskar must have forgotten but lucky for both of us we had prepared good. We just have to discuss on how we have to present and then we are all set to present in front of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You know today when Aditya and Nandini understood that I had further plans; I am blessed to have them as my siblings as they understood me so well. I didn’t know Adi would agree to go this extent just to get his parents punished. The plan was that Adi would somehow go and stay with them and make them believe he was tortured by us. It was sure that they would go to any extent to take revenge for their son, what they would not be knowing is that we would always be one step ahead of them. The plan is that we would record each and every movement before we start attacking them. They would be tortured daily by us in the form of Adi. The only problem is convincing mom about letting Adi go but Nandini being smart had come up with an idea that they would say that till Adi turns 18 and till the entire adoption process is over he has to stay with them and that there is no other option. So mom would have no other option but to agree. Ok, from tomorrow, there is a lot of work that has to be done, so bye my dear diary until the next time.”

Both unknown of each other’s feelings slept peacefully.

(Third Person’s POV)

From the next day everything again fell back to the regular routine. The Second Year of University has started (containing of third and fourth Semester). Sujata was miffed as she didn’t how to make Sanskar away from the middle class girl Swara and she needed help. On the side of Shekhar and Sakshi, they were thinking whether their son is safe or has he betrayed them. They were staying in a motel for once as they had created a very big scene on Raglak’s engagement. They were determined to somehow get revenge as they couldn’t see them succeed. At the University though Sanskar was talking normally, Sahil and Swara understood that he was one hell of an actor. On the other side, Nandini and Adi were waiting for result and they were also planning on when to initiate their plan as with delay, the plan would not be successful. At University, Swara and Sanskar,

(Swara) “Sanskar do you remember that we are supposed to give a presentation in front of our PM within two weeks?”

(Sanskar) “You know what Swara, just don’t freak out, I actually forgot about it completely but don’t worry I know we will Kill it”

(Swara) “Hope So. The competition is going to be tough though”

(Sanskar) “Just have a little faith on us Swara. We will kill it don’t worry.”

(Swara) “Hmm”

(Sanskar) “Don’t hmm. I will wait for you at the Library till your shift end and we can discuss like how we did earlier and then I can drop you back home.”

(Swara) “Not required. Mom will be waiting so post discussion I will leave with mom.”

(Sanskar) “Then I will drop both of you. Now end of discussion our next session is starting so let’s just hurry up.”

After their session, Swasan and Sashi (Sahil+Khushi) were walking in the corridor

(Khushi) “So guys, how is your prep for upcoming presentation coming up?”

(Swara) “Our matter for presentation was ready long ago. Then in between semester holidays, weddings etc we forgot about it.”

(Sanskar) “We just have to brush up and discuss on how to present, I don’t know why Swara takes this presentation so seriously.”

(Sahil) “Because she believes in hard work not like you lazy”

(Sanskar) “I am not lazy I just keep everything in my head and moreover I am a fast learner”

(Khushi) “Sanskar is right, Swara takes tension for all small stuffs too. She is a tension grandma”

(Swara) “What did you call me Khushi?”

(Sahil) “Just chill Swara”

(Sanskar) “Look the lover-boy is supporting”

Both Sashi were blushing.

(Swara) “That’s nice, what is wrong with him supporting his girlfriend, they love each other, so let it be, don’t tease them”

(Sanskar) “By the way you both have proposed, have you told about the same to your parents?”

(Sahil) “Khushi, didn’t want to tell as of yet but I have certainly given a hint that I am dating someone and I will not marry anyone else other than her”

(Swara) “Proud of you my boy. What about you Khushi?”

(Khushi) “I am scared telling Dad. Mom already knows that I am dating Sahil because she saw me with him during Uttara Di’s wedding”

(Sahil) “Should I come and talk to your dad?”

(Sanskar) “Don’t worry give her sometime to confront Uncle, else…”

(Swara cut him and spoke) “I will talk to him if this idiot doesn’t open her mouth within these two weeks while I am busy with presentation.”

(Khushi) “I guess I will speak to him and give you a good news that dad has accepted”

(Swara) “That’s like a good girl”

Both were talking and then Swasan moved towards library while Sashi moved towards parking area. Swara started her shift and Sanskar started preparing final copy of presentation. After Swara’s job time got over, both of them discussed and left the library and walked towards staff room. While they were walking towards staff room Swara got a message saying that Aditya had scored 95% whereas Nandini had topped her exams overall. Both Swasan were happy. While they were walking, they passed through DP’s cabin where they saw Shomi sitting. So both of them just hid behind and listened to what they were talking.

(DP) “Shomiji, why are you crying, you should be happy that you daughters are so efficient. Even Nandini will easily get admission through scholarship. What is bothering you so much?”

(Shomi) “It is not that DPji, it is just that I am worried about Swara. She is elder to Ragini and she has not got engaged what will people say?”

(DP) “Shomiji we are staying in Canada and not in India where people will taunt them and moreover when those people don’t respect why are you so bothered?”

(Shomi) “I guess you are right, I just take tension for nothing?”

(DP) “That you do. So how is being a professor treating you?”

(Shomi) “It is fun. I love it here. I always had fun teaching to school kids but here it is much different”

(DP) “I am sure you have lot of fun. The students in this university are very competitive.”

(Shomi) “That I agree to it totally, anyways DPji thanks for listening all my talks, I must leave Swara and Sanskar might come in search of me.”

(DP) “Ok bye and take care. Please do not over think just enjoy your new life.”

Saying this both were parting while Swasan were happy seeing their bonding. Then all the three met at parking area and later Sanskar dropped Swara and Shomi home.

(Precap) : DP and Shomi’s closeness and some new conspiracies

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