SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 29

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hi guys,,,, sorry for being late but m bzy wd my life… lets go

kavhil get shocked to see angry swara
sahil:swara… u here
kavita coughs
kavita:how dare u enter my room?
swara steps forward and slaps sahil
kavita is shocked
kavita:how dare u
swara slaps her as well
sahil:enough swara
swara shouts
swara:shut up … just shut up… what teh hell do u guys think of urself?why r u after us? cant u see us happy?? and kavita… u r a disgrace being a woman!! first u entered sanskar’s life for money and destroyed him… u left him when he needed u the most and married sahil as he had money… now when sanskar is happy in his life then u cant bear it… u r jealous cause now he z more powerful and rich than u and u can bear ur defeat cause u had tortured him a lot!! u r the cheapest person i have ever seen in my life!! and u sahil!!! u r a dumbass who cant see that this girl who claims to love u z actually after ur money and she is using u to help her in her cheap antics!! didnt u get afraid when u poisoned my dad? didnt u remember how ur dad was murdered by his rivals?? u were orphaned too sahil… how could u not think that his children will be pained??? i might forgive u cause u r not in ur senses and u r under kavita’s spell… but this kavita!! i will kill her…

sahil is lost in thoughts but swara strangulates kavita…kavita shouts at sahil for help but he is lost
swara pushes kavita and takes off her slipper and hits kavita on her face with it…kavita is shocked and weeps
swara holds her neck again
swara:dont u ever dare hurt my family again… i love sanskar a lot… if i can give my life for him then i can even take someone’s life who will hurt him… remember that and make sure i dont remind u again
swara walks up to sahil
swara:the day u see her true face , m sure u will kill her with ur own hands
sahil sees swara going
kavita shouts:sahil!! what the hell
sahil comes to his senses and sees kavita.he runs towards her and hugs her but she pushes him
kavita:when she was beating me , u were standing still and watching!! what the hell
sahil:m sorry… i was,,,
kavita:i wont forget this insult… i wont spare that bastard now… i will take revenge

swara runs towards her room and slightly opens the door and sees sanskar standing at the window looking at the moon.he feels her presence
sanskar:swara… why did u come back
swara weeps and immediately hugs him from back
sanskar:go away swara.. i dont deserve u
swara:no… i will never leave u
sanskar:stop it… ragini must have told u everything and now u r back…
ragini steps into the room
ragini:bhai bhabhi
they turn towards her
ragini:bhai its true that i told bhabhi about ur illness but she refused to come and said that she wont forgive u for what u did to papa… but now she z here…she must have forgiven u
swara:ragini? if u were at my place , would u have forgiven ur father’s murderer
ragini:then why r u here?didnt u forgive bhai?
swara:why will i forgive him when he is innocent
sanskar:what do u mean?

swara tells them all about kavhil’s plot
sanskar is in rage
sanskar:i wont spare tehm
swara stops him
swara:its not the right time
ragini:its late … u go nd sleep
ragini leaves and sanskar sits in swara’s feet
sanskar:m sorry for beating u… m really sorry
swara wipes his tears and hugs him tight.sanskar feels pain
swara:what happened?
swara takes off his shirt and sees his wounded body and gets worried
swara:sanskar!! whats all ds?
sanskar:i hurt u … how couldnt i hurt myself for hurting u?
swara looks at him in tears and gives a peck on his lips

swara holds his hand and makes him lay on bed….she applies ointment on his whole back…he winces in pain..swara smiles and kisses on his back
he turns around and takes swara in his arms.he kisses her forehead
swara:i promise u that everything will be alright
sanskar:if i survive
swara:u will
sanskar:why r u so sure?
swara:cause now we r together
swara:and always
they smile and both sleep in each other’s embrace

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