Swasan – Hatred Love (41)


For all of us swasannnny fans umam ummaa

So ….. enjoy this chap….


One week over but those bad gifts didn’t stop and was getting worse, disgusting things, dead animals in golden boxes, blood and dead meat, like the worst things in gift boxes and always washing swasan sad and destroy…and they couldn’t find who sending them since it was hard to trace it down, swara didn’t work at office, she appointed sasha as alternative and Sanskar was getting mad by this act.

But Sanskar couldn’t help that or go with it, for whole week he couldn’t sleep well, crawling on his bed…

Sanskar POV

My room is cold without swara presence even when nothing happen between us…. Swara make me warm, gentle, after many ice I had put around my heart, she cracked it, and soon she ll smash it…. Many times I drag one of her dresses just to smile her scent…. That bubbly girls ll drive me mad…

Well good thing I didnt promise her not to see her… not directly at least… I usually wait beneath her window and try have look at her, but it was hard coz swara never out to window unless at late night for Mr. moon and I cant b that late outside house… y this night is looong… nights everyday becomes longer without her, beside she don’t let me call her easily, whnever she find out that its not important she hang the phone.. pls remind me why I marry this girl????

I think bcoz her ego matched mine…. Well done Sanskar…. Now pay for it….. I don’t think I cant hold no to see her tonight…. I pick my keys and ride my car thinking of a trick to see her…

Sanskar POV over

Swara POV

Me and my stupid decisions …. Y did I tell him not to see him… I miss him a lot…. I wonder hw u do without me Sanskar??? Probably not thinking of me….. I’m just ur dosti na…. if u just know hw much I fall for u…. I hug my sweety pillow… u know Sanskar… u confusing me a lot… look!!! u make me pout… in the beginning there wasnt a second I didn’t want to smash ur head.. but that day when u fall of fever, when I see u truly, I think that day I loved u… but ur idiot huh… each time u touch me I feel ur flames out for me…. Aren’t am I ur wife??

What u tell swara…. U must have gone mad…. He is ur friend… yea u love him but u don’t ask more… sumji… but.. but… uuuuurrrgggghhhhhhhhhh damn u Natasha… those pics and video don’t leave me….. hmmm I’m not ugly na… I free my hairs… Sanskar is handsome and hot no one can deny that, even me… and for seconds I envy Natasha for having what I couldn’t ever have, and perhaps never…

Swaraaaa to bed and try sleep and decide when u ll end this stupid punishment.. its ur punishment not his for god sake..

Swara POV over

Swara was about to sleep when her phone ring

Swara thought aaari name the devil hahah my devil: hello devil..

Sanskar frowned: devil??!

Swara: hahaha I don’t have to see u to know that ur frowned, I was just thinking about u when u called.

Sanskar smirked: so u were thinking about me….

Swara hit her head ( what was thinking): yea … y not…

Sanskar: and wat was u thinking about me?

Swara: about the look u had on ur face in our wedding day when u came back pretending to be drunk…

Both swasan laugh on that then Sanskar talk: couldn’t u act normal that day, u ruin my plan…

Swara: first define normal second I’m glad I did third y u called…

Sanskar; ahh well that , that sico he sent me something today??! And u??

Swara: no!

Sanskar; r u sure??!

Swara: haan Sanskar!! Y??!

Sanskar; well u know he always send for both of us at home!! So I don’t want anti or uncle…

Swara: my god.. wait I ll check

Sanskar was glad coz his trick played and now swara ll com to door and he ll see her….

At swara side she didn’t have to go to door, she can do from her window and she found nothing, but she notice light in some dark and shade and she got the trick and prepared gooood

Swara put duptta on her head and cover her face then went for sometime…

Sanskar on phone and he moved to the door waiting her to open: swara r u good??!

Swara: haan but… it raining, I cant go out…

Sanskar: raining???! Swara there is no……. hhuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh ( a bowel of cold water full upon him)

Sanskar stand in shock for some time then look up and found covered face girl obiovsly swara laughing: told u its raining….

Sanskar: WHAT TH…

Swara: shshshsh…. All sleeping… y u came here??

Sanskar: ur unbelievable…. Cold water swara ahhhh….. and Y u cover ur face for god sake?

Swara: so u don’t see me Mr. smart..

Sanskar: swara… just think when u come back hw I ll punish u….

Swara heart bears quickly coz she like his threaten like this

Swara; when we meet I think of it

Sanskar: thank god I have a sony phone…hhaa haa haaaaatsssyyyy

Swara with concern: Sanskar r u ok??!

Sanskar: u pour cold water what u think…

Swara: wait here

After mints swara came outside covering her face

Swara: take towel and shirt.. com… change fast and leave…

Sanskar did seilently smiling, then chuckle when swara turn her back, even though she cover her face he know she is blushing, but teasing her is his hoppy

Sanskar: its ok if u looked, it not ur first time u know….

Swara head go back when she changed his cloth: urrrgghhhh I knew u ll tease with this till the end of life

Sansakr: no, just until….

Swara: until what…

Sanskar: never mind (Sanskar try to pull her dupptta, but swara move away….

Swara: sanskaaar! Out..

Sanskar: bas swara… pls… this is childish

Swara gasp: childish….. and I’m child Sanskar now out or I ll scream…

Sanskar: accha I don’t think u…

Swara with bit high voice to confirm: don’t u dare challenge me or hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sanskar slid hand beyond her duppta and cover swara mouth, he couldn’t still not see her face but he smile for her shocking look he know very well

Sanskar: shshshs, sasoma and sasor r sleeping….

The soft touch of swara lips tickled him but soon gone when swara pinshed her stomach with nails…

Sanskar: hsssssssss

Swara: shsh go out and close door, u punishment still on….

Sanskar: not even a glumps??! Don’t b crule…

Swara: crule is my middle name… bye

Sanskar slam himself for his try to trick her but still smile as fool.

Another two days of punishment and at swara she was home when she got phone call

Swara: hello… haan oti…

Uttra: haan di… kaisi?

Swara: I’m fine… hw r u?? is Sanskar ok??

Uttra: nahi di, he is so tensioned and make fights with every passing fly around him, what happen??? U two fight??

Swara: nahi …. But some work problems… that’s y… u don’t worry…

Uttra: hmmm anyway tomorrow all ll b ok.. had u set ur plans?

Swara: what plans?

Uttra; di don’t joke… u know what I talk about, tell me na I ll help u??

Swara: Uttra I really get nothing, what u talk about??

Swara: diiiiiii, tomorrow is bhai birthday…. Had u forget that?

Swara jump of bed: Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!! Such……. I mean nahi I remember sure… sure.. but … but… I … I had to many pressure today that’s y… even my plans not complete?

Uttra: Aaari tell me di me and jai ll give full help

Swara smirk: Accha, now its u and jai ah….

Uttra: Ohhh diiiii

Swara: Ok ok I ll hang now, wait my call….

By that swara hang call thinking ( Tomorrow ur birthday Sanskar…. I ll make it so special for… I promise u that) and she start to put plan

Swara pov

I don’t know much…. But I ll make it unforgettable to u Sanskar……

But that mean jai might b killed…. Hahah jai is really good guy. He meet me and Uttra while shopping month ago and he had crush on her since that time… he followed her and I gave him couple good slaps for that… but when I saw that he is honest and nothing related to the business enmity or something I support them, Uttra also started to crush jai, when time comes I know Sanskar ll happy for them…

I set my list… hmmm lot of work….

Swara POV over

Precap: happy birthday

Eidkum mubarak allll

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