Swasan FS made for each othe – PUNISHMENT (A)

Swasan, Amanjali, SujRamutt Shomi are going to somewhere. John is following them…

Sw: sanskar where are we going? First u didn’t let me punish them now u r not taking me to Anand papa.   (she pouts)

Sanskar chuckles seeing her.. The car stopped infront of an old mansion..

Suj: hey sanskar what r we doing here?

San: come inside with me..

They went inside and shocked seeing laksh and his friends who raped kaveri and the goons who teased swara are sitting there.. There hands are tied with a rope.. They woke up with a jerk hearing excited screaming… Laksh looks at the source of voice and shocked..

Ofcourse it’s our sherni only.. She is yelling happily seeing them. Then she hugs sanskar and kissed him tightly on his lips.. He became embarrassed, Sujramsho look everywhere except them.  Amanjali and uttara laughs silently..

Sw: oh Sanskar u bring us here to punish them.. I’m so happy sanskar.. Love you so much..

Laksh looks at her horrified.. Already sanskar’s men tortured his friends infront of him.. So he is so scared. Now after seeing her excitement he looks horrified.. He gulps his saliva.. Sanskar sees him and smirks evilly

San: I know you will become so happy. I know but it’s not 100%. So to fulfill it I have a surprise for you.. (swara looks at him confused) look there… (point to behind her)

swa: Ragini…

Everyone looks at ragini and gets shocked. Laksh is also in the shock state.  They thought that ragini went abroad.. But she is here ??. Just then ragini notices swara.. Swara is also looks at her shocked

Rag: Swara…. ??? I know swara u will come to rescue me… U know this laksh sent me to his friends to use me.. Then this sanskar came there to rescue me.. He told me that he will send me abroad. But he trapped me here. This girl is slapping me always.. She gave me food but tortured me hell… Plz help me swara…

Swara without emotions went to the girl behind her.. Ragini smirked.. Others even laksh looks at her confused..

Sw: hey girl is she saying truth miss?

Gir: Heera…. yes ma’am

Sw: why did you do that?

Heer:  wo ma’am.. Wo…

Sw: you could have tortured her without food (ragini’s smile faded and heera’s smile widened)  why did you give her food… (she pouts)

Heer: no ma’am.. I did this for u. You know she fell on the floor unconsciously when I slapped her first.. So I gave her food then she bear it.. I don’t want that happens when you punish her..

Sw: Sacchi. ???

Heer : muchhi…

Rag: swara how can you do this.. I’m your sist…Aaaa .. (she couldn’t complete it as she got a slap) maa…

Sho: don’t you dare to call me and my daughter like that. Because I’m not your maa and she is not ur sister.. I have only 3 children, my daughter, my son (point to Aman) and my baby.. Do you know what is the meaning of a SISTER.. A sister is the one who helps and protect her siblings.. Sisters may drive her siblings crazy, get into their stuff and irritate them. However, if anyone else dares say so, a sister will defend them to the death. You will never ever become a sister because you tried to kill them… ??I’m living with ur family because ur dada dadi wanted to see this baby only… I was very much disappointed when I got to u r safe.. But now I’m happy.. Thank you sanskar for this (kissed his forehead. He smiles).  Shona beta start ur punishment.. This should be a lesson to that girl who is playing with other girls dignity being a girl also.

San: what will you do to her princess?

Sw: I will cut her hair and shave her head and shave her eyebrows and pulls her eyelashes.. I want to take her teeth too…

Anj: I want to flagellate her.. (comes to heera) come with me I want ur help (they both went from there..)

Utt: I want take her nails????(ragini looks at both of them horrified)

San: OK uttu and babydoll will help you.. (just then he got a smack on his back) ouch.  Princess ???

sw: who is this babydoll.. You don’t love me sanskar.. U have another girl… Mom. ???? look at him. He cheated me. He is calling someone as babydoll????

San:(???)  no princess what are you saying? You are the only one girl in my life.. She is not my babydoll. She is sreekkutty’s baby doll.. For me she is like a sister…

Sw: Sacchi?

San: muchhi.. And her name is satya099

Sat(man): oh she has my name ???????

San: Oye she is already pissed off because u have her name.. Don’t go infront of her (he gulps his saliva) she is very much excited when she got to know that u took that goons nails… There she came…

Everyone looks at her and uttara came towards her..

(Author : if you want to see how much excited she was, you can go through the comments of chapter 10(B) in Wattpad )

Sat099: hi bhai why did you call me here?

San: sreekkutty told you are very much excited when she got to know that u took that goons nails. So I thought to call you..

Sat099: she told you like that… OK come uttu..

They went towards ragini and tied her on a chair and starts to take her nails and swara cut her hair and shave her head and shave her eyebrows and pulls her eyelashes and took her tooth too..  Ragini is screaming like hell.. Laksh and others looks at her horrified and starts to imagine themselves with her.. At that time Anjali came there with whip and bucket..

San: Anjali but u r weak..

Anj : OK we all will beat her one by one.

San: no.. Men can’t beat a woman.

Sw: but a woman can do that.. We all will beat her one by one.. But bhabhi what is in this bucket..

Anj: this is the mixture of all types of chillies.. First we will beat her with this whip then then we will dip it into the mixture and again beat her…

Sw: wow bhabhi you are so intelligent…

Raglak looks at them horrified… Sanskar and others shook their head.. Then all the women starts their work.. Ragini is screaming like hell.

Rag: Aaaaaaaa…. Aaaaaaaa… Aaaaaaaa

Sw: finished… (wiped her sweats)

San: heera take her to our mental asylum… I can’t let her go outside. There is still lusty people.

Swara and family looks at him proudly.. Heera take her from there.

Sat099: I’m also going bhai..

Swasan: bye bye babydoll ???

Swasan and family hugs her and she from there…  Swasan turned towards laksh and looks evilly….

To Be Continued….

Who is happy to see ragini…

How is the punishment..  Did you like it?  Is it so cruel?

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