swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 26)

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Episode 26

Sanskar enters in the office..

Rajat:”where were u sanky.. It’s so late..”

Sanskar:”sorry bro.. Tell me where is nikhil..”

Rajat: “he is busy with his new crush.. ”

Sanskar: “uff again.. (He calls nikhil..) Where r u..??”

Nikhil: “bro I’m in love..?”

Sanskar: “it’s 14th time. ”

Nikhil: “this time I’m serious.. Yrr. ”

Sanskar: “stop ur drama.. Come fast….”

Nikhil: “yrr.. Listen.. She is coming to ur office.. Her name is piya.. Please appoint her.. She don’t know I also work in Karma industry..”

Sanskar: “don’t expect anything.. From me.. I’ll select them on the basis of their talent.. ”

Nikhil: “yrr I’m planning.. Dinner for her in my house.. Yrr I still didn’t proposed her”

Sanskar: “u r impossible..” He disconnects the call..

Sanskar order.. His worker.. Namesh:” namesh.. Send the girl.. One by one..”

Sanskar and rajat enters inside the room..

Rajat:”shall we starts..”

Sanskar: “OK..” They calls the girl one by one..

In hoogly…

Mr Roy: ” sahil.. Tell me everything.. ”

Sahil:” I proposed her.. And shekhar uncle scold me.. And swara.. And said.. U can’t get her property just by loitering around her..”

Mr Roy: “is she loves u??”

Sahil (cries)?:”more than anything… Once for me she.. Dressed up.. She always tried to hide her love but I saw the love in his eyes… ” he told him all the incidents that kavya.. Told him..

Ragini is listening all this…

Mr Roy: “ragini beta did she told u that she loves sahil..”

Ragini: ” no.. But uncle I want to tell u something.. ” she tells him how they forcefully made shona.. To signed on paper also.. About that they send goons to sell her..

Mr Roy: “I’ll not leave them..”

Ragini: “how uncle.. Now they will soon submit the property paper in the court.. And will get swara ‘s whole property..”

Mr Roy: ” u don’t worry.. We will file case against them.. I’ll not leave any one of them.. Shekhar shomi and kavita u gone..”

Ragini: ” no uncle kavita di is innocent.. ”

Sahil:” I’m also with u.. I’ll not leave them..”

In Karma industry..

Sanskar is busy in taking the interview.. Just then someone knocks.. The door..

Sanskar: “whose this..? I’m busy talk to u later..”

Girl opens the the door:” it’s me sanku…”

Sanskar looks towards the door and becomes shocked and stands up: ” shona U…”

Swara:”ya it’s me sanku?( she comes close to him) sßsßssh.. Sanku.. U sit down..( she made him sit back)”.

Sanskar: “shona, Y u came here? r u OK… ?? When did u got conscious..??? ”

Swara sits on his lap..

Sanskar: “shona..”?he notices she is crying

Sanskar:” shona y r u crying…? ”

Swara: “sanku..Y u left.. Me alone. Y u ignored me… ???.. U don’t trust me..” SHe hugs him..

Sanskar releases the hug: “I’m sorry shona.. ( he wipes her tears) I trust u.. But shona Y u came here.? How do u know I’m here.? And..”

Swara:” sßsßssh.. Sanku..(she place finger on his lips) u talk too much.. ( she cares his hair) sanky i came here to complete our incomplete work..”

Sanskar: “what incomplete work..??”

Swara:” offo sanku.. U forget u left.. Me with.. Our incomplete kiss..?”

Sanskar becomes shocked..?..

Swara:” sanku tell me do u want to kiss me..”

Sanskar doesn’t say anything..

Swara :” do u want to kiss me.. ?? ”

Again no reply…

Swara:”u want it.. Or not”

No answer

Swara:” OK then I’m going.. ” swara is about to open the door..

Sanskar stands up..:”wait.. I want to kiss u..”

Rajat:” sanky.. What r u saying… ”

Sanskar: ” woh.. Rajat I want to kiss her..”


Sanskar: “yes.”

Rajat:” whom..?? This girl.. Priya..”

Sanskar looks then finds.. Swara is not there.. Instead of her.. A girl.. Is standing..

Rajat:” so sanky can we select priya… U like her..”

Sanskar is totally.. In shocked state..:” ya… Ya. She is good.. Rajat I need a break..”

Priya smiles.. And leaves…


Namesh:” girl .. Is selected.. U all may leave..”

Girl 1:” hey priya.. How’s ur interview… ”

Priya(blushes?):” I’m selected.. Now I’m his personal secretary.. ”

Girl2:” then.. Y r u blushing… ”

Priya??:” u know.. What.. Since the time I entered in the cabin.. He was just staring me.. Smiling.. And at the last he said.. That he wants to kiss me..?”

Girl1:” really… Is he handsome..”

Priya:” yup.. He is very.. Smart.. One can die.. In just his one look…( just then nikhil calls him) hi nikhil I’m coming.. I will tell u what happened in interview.. ” and she leaves..

Inside the cabin…

Rajat:” what happened bro.. U like that girl that much that u wanted to kiss her..”

Sanskar: ” no yrr.. U r taking me worng.. Actually.. ”

Rajat:” actually.. ”

Sanskar: ” nothing..?”

Rajat: ” OK leave it… U know.. Swara..”

Sanskar: ” what happened to shona..”?

Rajat: ” woh sahil.. Called me he said.. Swara is dead..( he said everything what sahil.. Told him..) Yrr.. How evil parents r they.. They separated love birds.. ”

Sanskar(thank God.. They didn’t know that.. Shona is with me now she is safe.. And what he said love birds hahahhahah? shona doesn’t love that idiot sahil.. Y r u thinking this sanskar..?):” oh…”

Rajat:” we r going in her funeral.. Yrr sahil.. Is very much.. Hurt.. R u coming.. ”

Sanskar: ” no I have some work here..”

Rajat leaves for hoogly .

Sanskar goes inside the washroom.. He washes his faces.. And only the flashes of kiss dream.. Is coming in his mind…

Sanskar: ” what is happening to me.. don’t know why even in your absence, seems like you are present (everywhere)..This had happened to me earlier.. When I first kissed her.. Offo sanky… I think I’m ill…I’m suffering from.. Psychological disorders… Ya.. Is it so.. I think I should consult with the doctor… ”

Sanskar leaves to meet doctor..

Sanskar: ” doctor.. I’m dreaming the same dream again.. And again.. Don’t know what happened to me… I couldn’t able to concentrate anymore.. ”

Doctor: ” Mr Maheshwari.. What was the dream…”

Sanskar: ” woh.. Doctor.. I can’t tell u… But few years ago.. This dream.. Came.. Again and again.. Now the same problem arises… ”

Doctor: ” hmm.. U work… Too much.. U need some rest… Mr Maheshwari.. I’m giving u some tablets…. I will suggest u to do meditation… ”

Sanskar: ” OK doctor…”

Doctor: ” and don’t think about that dream.. Too much…”

Sanskar leaves…

Sanskar comes home late after doing all his work… All slept.. He enters in his room.. He see swara is still sleeping.. He smiles… And takes his clothes and goes inside the bathroom and change it.. After that.. He moves towards her..

Sanskar: ” it’s too dark.. Here..”

He opens the window.. It is full moon night.. And Moon light is falling on her face.. He notices.. His dad removed some of bandage.. Now only one bandage around her head.. One can see her pretty face.. He sits on the bed and holds her hand..

Sanskar: ” see shona.. It again. . happened.. I’m soo stupid.. Again.. Dreamt about kissing u.. But u don’t worry I’ll cure this psychological disorder..”

He cares her hairs.. No doubt. She is looking extra beautiful..

Sanskar: ” shona.. U know when we meet last time.. In hoogly.. It was also full moon night.. Like today.. Please get up.. Na scold me.. Slap me.. I’m ready to bear ur all punishment.. Open ur eyes.. I’m sorry..na meet me again in this full moon night..”?

He cries and his tears falls on her hand.. Just then someone knocked the door..

Sanskar: ” yess u..”

Girl:” sir. Ram sir appointed me for this girl.. ”

Sanskar: ” oops sorry nurse.. U carry on ur work.. And take care of my friend..”

He moves towards the door.. And looks again towards her.. And. leaves..

As sanskar leaves swara just little but moves her hand..

After taking dinner sanskar.. Takes his medicine..

In hoogly.. Sahil is crying..

Sahil??:” see na kavya my shona left me alone.. How can I live without her..”

Kavya: “don’t worry sahil.. Everything will be OK..”

Sahil:” but how.. Kavya.. She is no more.. We burned her body also.. ”

Just then rajat comes.. And hugs sahil..

Rajat: “sahil.. Bro.. I’m here na.. She is happy in her own words.. U try to move on..”

Sahil?:” no.. I can’t..”

Rajat:” see na.. Ragini is also not crying.. She is very strong. U to be.. ”

Sahil:” OK I’ll.. U tell how’s u..”

Rajat:” I’m good.. Even I told about swara to sanky but he didn’t came.. I felt very bad. ”

Sahil:” sanky.. Was her friend still.. For sanky only work is important. Stone hearted person.. ”

Ragini:” don’t talk about that sanskar..

Sahil:” Ya.. Stupid sanskar.. ”

Ragini: ” don’t take his name.. It’s enough.. ” she leaves in anger..??

Sanskar is sleeping.. Just then he feels some wet in his heart.. He opens his eyes he notices that swara is sleeping on him..

Sanskar: ” shona.. ” she looks towards him.. She was weeping..

Sanskar: ” shona..Y r u crying.. No no I’m dreaming this.. Na..”

Swara:” sanku.. U again.. Left me na.. U don’t care for me.. I came in ur office but u ignored me..”

Sanskar: ” swara this is not right.. Y only u r. Everywhere..”

Swara:” because I m here .. In ur heart.. ” ?

Sanskar: ” no u r lying.. ”

Swara:” is it so?then, Y it is beating faster than before?.. Let me listen what’s it saying..” She placed her ears on his heart..

Swara:” shona,.. Shona.. My shona.. See na sanku ur heart is only calling me.. U r ignoring it like before.. “?

Sanskar: ” liar, Heart doesn’t speak.. ”

Swara:” OK then listen mine.. ” she just moves upwards.. And he listen her hearts beats..?

Ya she is right.. It’s saying.. ” sanku…”

Swara:” Am I right..?”

Sanskar closes his eyes and holds her tight.. :” yes.. Shona..”

Swara:” what r u listening.. ”

Sanskar: ” my name.. Just my name.. Only nothing else.. ” swara looks towards him..

Swara:” sanku look at me.. ( he opens his eyes..) Now do it.. Else.. I’ll come again.. Again.. Then don’t curse me..”

Sanskar touches her lips..

Swara:” u will do it.. Or not”

Sanskar: ” yes I’ll .. ” he closes his eyes and touches her lips.. ?But again.. Someone splashes water on his face..

Uttra:” Bhai what is this u r kissing pillow.. Dreaming about ur school girlfriend ”

Sanskar looks and find he is holding a pillow: ” shut up uttra..? Y u came here so late..”

Uttra:” woh.. Bhai… That girl.. To whom u bring.. ”

Sanskar (worried?):” what happened to her..”

Uttra:” Bhai she gained conscious.. But she is very much afraid.. She is saying who r u”

Sanskar thinks oh shona only knows me.. And he goes towards the room

As soon he enters in the room..she is shouting..: ” who r u..? ? where am I.. Aww..”?

Sanskar moves towards her and sits..on bed..

Sanskar: ” shona.. Look at me.. I’m here na”

Swara( afraid.?.):” who r u..?”

Sanskar :” it’s me..”he tries to cups her face.. But as he comes near her she reminds only goons.. How they touched her..

Swara pushed him so hard:” leave me.. Go away don’t touch me….. ” sanskar.. Falls down on the floor..

Sanskar is shocked..?

Swara starts screaming..: ” leave me.. Please leave me… Go away…. ( she hold her head..and starts crying..) Leave..me..?”

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  1. Awesome dear

  2. Awesome plz update the next epi ittonight if possibe is

    1. NDSG

      I’ll post it day after tomorrow..

  3. Mica

    woohooo… Swara forget everything… even her love feeling to sanskar….
    waaa… now sanskar is the one who struggle to get her love yay!

    1. NDSG

      Yup… Now buddhu Maheshwari.. Will cry for love..????

  4. Amazing…..

  5. Awesome dear

  6. Sammykapoor

    superb epi…is swara loss memory???

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  7. Mariyajap


  8. Soujanya


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  9. Vyshu10

    awesome….aww poor shona. She is still afraid….hope sanky takes her into his arms and she recognizes his touch and calm down…When will buddhu prasad accept his feelings?

    1. NDSG

      Buddhu parsad will accept his feelings in 30th episode… Wait … ?

  10. Simin

    Sanskar stop day dreaming
    I dont think she forgot everything
    She is just afraid right

    1. NDSG

      No dear she forget him…

      Coming episode.. Sanky will jealous.. ??

    2. Simin

      Hey why are u spilling the beans beforehand just wait and let us read na
      Puri curiosity waste kar di tumne

    3. NDSG


  11. Awesome ?

  12. Nice yar…

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  13. Apurva

    Wow dear… It was the best and Sanskar’s disease of dreaming is increasing only… hehe… and plz let ragini know abt our shona… and u didnt gave precap too ????.. and this time u took so time 5 days!!!! I was waiting like every 3 hr i was checking whether it has been posted ot not… but plz post this asap….

    1. NDSG

      I’ll post it day after tomorrow… ?? now in coming episodes sanky’s dream will continue.. Just wait sanky will call ragini in Maheshwari mansion… Soon to get his love..

    2. NDSG

      And thank you dear..?????

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr dear.. Haww??swara is suffering from memory loss,great.. I am very happy with it.. Tch tch tch, now dumbo head urf sanky ko pyar kya hota hain pata chalega??.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. NDSG

      Now u will see jealous Dumboo Maheshwari.. ?? …

      Lost in swara’s dream..????

  15. Due to Sanky’s day dreaming he got another problem i.e. priya she is misunderstanding everything..soon he will be in big trouble due to her.???????
    And now sanky is getting his punishment,now battle gets started between his mind and his soul,hopefully soon he will realise his love ??and swara would gain her memory and they will be united again???????

    1. NDSG

      Yup dear they will unite soon..???? … But still Bhawna work is left..

  16. Niku


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      Thank u

  17. Sweeta

    Awesome ???
    Loved on going track. ….

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      Thank u

  18. Mind blowing

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