Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 19)

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Hi Swasanians!! How r u all?? I’m back agn wid the next epi. I hope u guys like it… 🙂 Okay let’s get gng.

Scene 1 @ Gadodia Mansion

Lady: Swara… Ragini… Lunch ke liye aa jao.
Swara n Ragini: Haa mom.
Swara: Chalo… let’s have lunch n then we’ll talk abt dis.
Ragini: Hmm… Come.
Swara: U need any help.
Ragini: No I’m fine.
Swara: Kya fine. U r not even able 2 stand properly. Let me help u.
Swara helps Ragini in getting down n then they go 2 the dining table.
Swara: Mom… what’s special today??
Sharmishta: All ur fav dishes 🙂

Swara: Haa… I love u mom <3
Ragini: Wht abt me?? Mom what abt my fav items?? (Wid a pout face)
Sharmishta: Ragini who toh US se aayi hain na… I don't think she ate Indian food there as she loves pizza n French fries.
Swara: Ladoo… It's okay. I'll cook for u tomorrow.
Ragini: Tum aur cooking?? I better not eat.
Swara: Ladoo… How dare u??
Ragini bursts out laughing.
Ragini: Acha… I was just kidding. Anyways… Swara tell me abt US. How r people there?? Food?? Places?? Did u go anywhere except for college??
Swara: I will be able 2 tell u only if u let me. So chill baba…
Ragini: Hmm… tell na.
Swara starts telling abt US, her friends, her college, her visits 2 some places n her studies.

Ragini: Acha tell me abt ur love life.
Swara: Ladoo, there's nothing like dat. (Seriously)
Ragini: Wht?? U never dated anyone??
Swara: No n I will never.
Ragini: But Shona… past is past yaar. Just forget it. Move on.
Swara: I'm moving on Ragini. Life is not gonna stop if I stop loving. It's still the same. Just that there will be less problems in life n life will be smoother.
Ragini: But Swara… (Cut off)
Swara: Ladoo pls. I don’t wanna talk abt dis.
Ragini: Okay. Let's eat lunch.
Swara: Yeah.
Ragini: I wish u get someone in ur life who'll remove the darkness lurking in ur heart n bring some light out of it. Pls God fulfill my wish. (In mind)
They eat their lunch n goes 2 their respective rooms.

Scene 2 @ CBI ofc

A guy is in his cabin preparing a ppt for an imp case. He gets so involved in it. He gets back 2 senses hearing a knock on his door.
Guy: Yes, come in.
One of his junior comes 2 get his signatures on some files.
Junior: Sir, I need ur signatures on some files.
Guy: Yeah. Put dem here n go. I'll sign later.
Junior: Sure Sir.
He is abt 2 leave but the guy stops him
Guy: Acha suno… Did Ms. Gadodia come?
Junior: No Sir. She's still on leave. She might be here on day after tomorrow.
Guy: K… Send Aditi 2 my cabin.
Junior: Yes Sir.
The junior leaves the cabin. After sometime Aditi enters the cabin.
Aditi: Laksh Sir… Did u call me??
Laksh: Yeah Aditi. I need a small favor.
Aditi: K. What's dat??
Laksh: Can u postpone all my meetings from 5 in the evening.
Aditi: Postpone?? OMG!! Laksh tum theek toh ho na??
Laksh: Haa Aditi. I'm fine. Just remembered some urgent work.
Aditi: Sure, I will.
Laksh: Thanks!! U can go now.
Aditi: K, bye.
Laksh: Bye.
Aditi leaves the cabin n Laksh gets busy wid his work.

Scene 3 @ Gadodia Mansion

Swara comes 2 Ragini's room. Ragini is listening 2 songs. She removes ear phones when she sees Swara cmg.
Swara: Ladoo… I'm thinking 2 apply for a job.
Ragini: Wow Shona. That's so great.
Swara: Thanks!! I'm applying in CBI.
Ragini: Wow that's double great. So we can go together, come together, stay together, solve the cases together. OMG!!
Swara: Ladoo… Control. I am just applying. U r acting as if I got the job.
Ragini: Shona… Tum job ke liye apply karoge aur woh job tumhe mile nahi? Aisa nahi ho sakta.
Swara: Aww… Itna bharosa hai mujhpe??
Ragini: Khud se bhi jyada.
Swara: Chal drama queen. Now continue ur story.
Ragini: Hmm… Btw where was I?
Swara: In Gadodia Mansion.
Ragini: Shona. I'm asking abt the story.
Swara: Hmm… someone aimed a gun at u.
Ragini: Ha…

*Flashback starts
Ragini n Laksh gets shocked seeing someone aiming gun at them.
Laksh: Ragini… We've 2 do something. Think fast. (Whispers)
Ragini: Ji… Ek kam karte hain. Mein usko distract karta hun. Aap uski gun lelijiye.
Laksh: K, done. But be careful.
Ragini: Sure.
Ragini: Pls don't shoot. We're here cuz our scooty is not working. We just needed some help (to the rowdy).
Rowdy: Acha… But u did a big mistake cmg here. No one will go alive from here.
Ragini n Laksh gets shocked. They look at each other in shock n signals something.
Ragini: Pls… leave us. We're gonna go back. We'll not tell anybody abt dis.
Laksh starts moving towards the rowdy slowly when he's busy talking 2 Ragini.
Rowdy: Hahaha… U can only tell this 2 anyone when u go out. And u r not gng out of here.

Laksh comes close 2 the rowdy n just in a fraction of a sec he snatches the gun. The rowdy is blank as 2 wht has happened just now. Taking this as a chance Laksh hit the rowdy on his head wid the gun. The rowdy fell down. Laksh n Ragini run from there as fast as they can.
*Flashback ends

Scene 4 @ Unknown Place

A guy is researching something in his laptop. He searches abt some poison. He reads abt it n gets shocked seeing something.
Guy: This poison is really dangerous n it's a slow poison. It will kill the person after 2 hours. Its symptoms are dizziness, nervous breakdown, no body control. God!!
He remembers something n goes in his car. He goes 2 a hospital.
Guy: Excuse me, Can I meet Dr. Mishra?
Receptionist: Do u have appointment, Sir??
Guy: No but pls it's urgent.

Receptionist: Sry Sir. He's checking a patient right now.
Guy: Pls understand. It's abt a case. I'm a detective.
He shows his ID card to the receptionist.
Receptionist: Okay Sir, Pls have a seat. I'll send u in after he's done checking that patient.
Guy: Thanks!!
He sits on a chair next to the doctor's cabin n keeps waiting for the patient to come out. As soon as the patient comes out he goes 2 meet the doctor.
Guy: Good morning Dr. Mishra!
Dr. Mishra: Good Morning!!

Guy: I'm Karthik, detective.
Dr. Mishra: K. How can I help u Mr. Karthik??
Karthik: Actually I'm here regarding a case. A woman was brought here on critical condition before 5 months. She met with an accident. Do u remember??
Dr. Mishra: Yeah, I do. It was a rare case actually. Unfortunately we couldn't save her but it was very suspicious. Even though she met wid an accident her symptoms were totally irrelevant.
Karthik: If u don't mind can I see the post mortem report??
Dr. Mishra: I'm sry but u need 2 have police warrant for that.
Karthik: I know. I was in a hurry. So I forgot. Can u pls let me have a quick look at it??
Dr. Mishra: K. just a min.
Karthik: Sure.

Doctor calls a nurse.
Dr. Mishra: Nurse, can u get me the post mortem report of Case 235.
Nurse: Sure.
The nurse goes n comes after 10 mins wid a file in her hand. The doctor takes it from her hand n gives it 2 Karthik. Karthik goes through it n gets shocked seeing something.

Scene 5 @ Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar gets freshen up n sits on his bed. He opens his laptop n checks his mailbox. He sees a mail from Lexi. As soon as he saw her name he remembered someone.
Sanskar: Ms. Angry Bird… I'm so sry for arresting u over a false case. I hope u don't face any problems cuz of that. I would be so so happy 2 help u but u rejected my help as well. U have so much ego… Hmm. (In Mind)
Just then someone opens his room door. He gets back 2 his senses because of the sound. He looks up n gets shocked to see a girl standing in front of him.
Sanskar: Angry Bird… (In mind) Wht r u dng here??
Swara: Wht type of question is dat? Obvio I came 2 meet u??
Sanskar: Wht? But it was not that long…

Swara: Yeah but I wanna hug u??
Sanskar: Wht?? (he was literally screaming in horror)
Swara: R u mad? Why r u shouting like dat?
Sanskar: I should as u dat, R u mad?? U wanna hug me?? No no there's something wrong?
Swara: Nothing is wrong Sanskar. Just give me a hug na…
Sanskar: No this is not right.
Swara: Oh God!! Tum kitna bolte ho…
Saying dis Swara goes 2 hug him n Sanskar being scared n confused moves back n hits the bed. Because of dis he loses his balance n trips on the bed. As Swara is abt 2 hug him even she falls on top of Sanskar. They had an eye lock.

So wht happened 2 Swara in her past?? Will Sanskar change her perspective towards love n boys?? Why did Laksh postpone all his meetings?? How did Ragini break her leg?? Wht is in the post mortem report?? Why did Karthik gets shocked seeing it?? Why is Swara at Sanskar's place?? To know stay tuned.

So guys done wid this part as well. I hope u guys njoyed it. Pls share ur views in the comments below. I would appreciate it if u guys can tell me how the story is progressing n wht changes u wanna see in the future. Thanks!!

Wid Love, Dreamy <3

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