SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 14

Hi guys,most of the fan fictions posted yesterday were uploaded in the site after mid night I guess,if you are a regular reader of mine and you haven’t read SWASAN Fan Ficton episode 13 (probably will be on the 2nd or 3rd page), Direct link – https://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-fan-fiction-episode-13/

I request you all to read it before reading this,here we go with SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 14…….one more question,do u really enjoy reading mine NOW?……

Scene 1:Swara leaving to have sargi after hitting Sanskar on his stomach.

Swara has left to have sargi,she is having hers,Ragini comes and calls her to a side and tells something that Annapurna told,Sanskar comes and takes the spoon from Swara’s plate and eats a spoon of the sargi,he is about to eat the paratha and Swara comes and sees him ,he quickly swallows it and coughs,Swara asks why he has come downstairs, “go and sleep ,your time to get up is not yet,instead of disturbing me just go”,he tells her he used her spoon and so she will have to use another one,asks her if she will give him a bite of the paratha,she asks him if he has brushed his teeth,he asks her to come near and see,she folds hands and says, “no need,I don’t want” ,he comes near and shows his head ,swara touches it and it is still wet after a bath,Swara tells,Oh,new habits,good”….she asks him to open his mouth and feeds him a piece of paratha,she is about to give next,Sanskar says, “u eat baba,you have to keep fast,let me go and sleep for an hour more,he goes from there,Swara looks at him and says, “paagal”….

Scene 2:Sanskar leaving for office

Swara calls Sanskar to have breakfast,he tells that he has to leave early as his client has preponed the meeting,she asks him to drink tea atleast,he comes near her and tells her to take care of her self and touches her forehead and tells,God bless u Swara and leaves in a hurry,Swara looks into his eyes,she realises that he is leaving and calls, “Sanskar,tea”,he waves and says, “it is ok,I will have it after the meeting”,she says to herself, “this boy has become a workaholic nowadays,hope he won’t stress himself too much and fall sick again”,she sighs,she sees Sanskar waving from the car,she waves back.

Scene 3:Swara receiving a parcel from Sanskar’s staff

Sanskar’s staff brings a parcel for Swara and tells that Sanskar Sir told to tell you to open it privately,Swara goes to their room and opens it,there is a note in Sanskar’s hand writing telling her to take a quick bite of these paneer rolls,it also says that their friendship is above these rituals,he tells her not to keep fast ,Swara gets angry and calls him and scolds him for sending the food,Sanskar tells that his intention was not to hurt her,he tells her that there is no need to keep fast ,they already have a good relation between them and God will not end their friendship ,he tells her not to starve thinking what others will think,Swara asks him to stop it and tells him to come early in the evening,she asks him what he had for lunch,he tells that he is receiving another call and tells her that he is cutting the call,Swara is about to ask something and understands that call got cut,she says “busy body”…..meanwhile in the office Sanskar’s P.A sees him burping and vomiting inside the washroom….

Scene 4:Maheswari mansion in the evening.

Everybody is waiting for the moon,Sujatha is hungry and showing faces to Sanskar’s dad Ram Prasad,all partners have come except Sanskar,Swara is looking at the gate,the place where they have assembled is well decorated,soothing music is being played,all are in their traditional attires,it is time and everyone opens their fast drinking water from their husbands’ hands,just then Swara sees Sanskar running and coming,he comes and stands in front of her,he knows that he is late and looks at Swara with a naughty face with one eye closed,Swara holding the thaali in left hand beats him with right and asks him to stand properly,Laksh is jealous and sad seeing this,he keeps staring at their growing closeness,Ragini notices this,she calls him and he unwillingly follows her,he turns and again looks at them,Swara looks at moon and then at Sanskaar through the sieve,she bows to touch his feet whereas he quickly holds her ,he makes her drink water and opens her fast,he irritates her saying,whether she called him in the afternoon after eating the paneer rolls which he sent her,she shows an angry face,he makes her sit and sits beside her,he feels like vomiting and makes an excuse and goes from there,he has left his phone beside Swara,after he left his P.A calls to his number,she attends and says he has gone to the room,P.A asks if he is ok now as he had vomited twice in office,Swara hears this and is sad,she says something and quickly cuts the call and goes to room searching for Sanskar,Swara comes from behind and sees him vomiting,she rubs his back,she is sad seeing him vomiting,he comes and wipes his face with a towel and smiles at Swara,she makes him drink water and is angry and asks him ,“Do u have another wife?Sanskar is surprised and asks “what?’,she says she has doubt because he must have kept fast for that wife, “after all I am your friend,u wont fast for me,then for whom did u starve this whole day,he tells that she is mad and that he didn’t keep any fast”,she tells him that she had felt something fishy when he rushed for office without taking breakfast but didn’t understand but now “tell me,Sanskar did u eat tablets in empty stomach?,don’t dare to lie”,Sanskar comes near her,and tells her. “relax,Swara,I am alright ,yes I took tabs in an empty stomach”,Swara is concerned and tells him he would have got gastritis and that is why he is vomiting like this,she makes him sit down and rushes out of the room,She comes back with food for him,she asks him to eat,he holds her hand and makes her sit opposite to him,he takes some food and tries to make Swara eat from his hands,Swara holds his hands and makes him eat the same bite,they feed each other,she asks him, “why did u keep fast for me Sanskaar,he tells her, “as a friend,u kept fast for me,I kept the same for u,after all it is not a big sacrifice Swara,there are many in this world who are starving for days,we are blessed and don’t realize,Swara listens to him ,he continues, “this is just a small offering before God and God will bless the person for whom we have done this little thing”,she says, “No,Sanskar,what u did for me today is not a little thing for me,u r surprising me every day with ur sweet gestures,I am lucky to have u as my best friend,she holds his hand and keeps looking at him..(tujme rab dikhta hei,yaara mein kya karoom….,plays in BG………………….Rab ne bana di,Jodi….)

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  3. I’m ur huge fan veena . . . I really really luved ur way of writting . . . this is the real love bloosoms of swarasan . . . as I’m swarasan fan I just luvd it . . . I have no words to describe ur writting skill . . . just fabulous

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  11. Ummm…swaragini khatam hone ke baad kya hamari friendship v end ho jayege???

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  14. Veena as usual superb..ur story is sensible..on each part

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