the story is extended and as per i have thought raglak have to be involved for sometime but that doesn’t mean that they are forgiven and swasan will live with them. so don’t worry and start reading the story.

vyshu dear i did not watch sawariya recently infact i have never seen the movie, not even once. it’s just that i had the songs with me. and songs were never in my life till last year. i have started collecting and listening songs from last year and the most amazing fact that swaragini is the first serial which i did not see except the ending but i am a crazy fan of this serial and swasan especially and the reason is in my hostel girls used to discuss about the serial and without even watching even an episode and from their talks i predicted that swasan will be couple even before their was any hint of them being together. and i told this to all the girls even and they were shocked when the pairing was swasan in future.

they were like how did you know that pairing will be swasan and my answer was that this is experience baby. actually from childhood i have been watching serials and the effect swaragini had is indescribable. i did not see the serial
but yaa later read all the episodes when swasan were together. and after coming back home when swaragini ended i have stopped watching serials. i don’t give a damn what is showing on the tv. if it is possible then why don’t rashmi production show season 2 with the same cast. but it is not in my hands so let’s start with our story.

rashika went in kitchen and started talking with swara or can say disturbing swara. swara was preparing the breakfast.
swara- rashika let me concentrate on making the food and stop disturbing.
rashika- haww cutie i am talking not disturbing. huh you make your food i am going.
swara- and now where are you going.
rashika- [dramatically] i don’t want to disturb you so i am going home.
swara- ok go. i will serve the special sandwich i was about to make for you to tanmay and swayyam. they will really like it.
rashika- no no. who is going. i am not going. and yaa don’t you dare to give my sandwich to them even a little. i am waiting outside. make it fast ok.
she went out of kitchen happily.
breakfast was ready and all settled on their seats still with the awkwardness. swara sumi served the breakfast and then sat on their seats.
all had their breakfast with silence which was not normal for the kids.
swayyam- why is all silent. rashika bua today you are also not talking and fufaji also not talking.
rashika- buddy let me eat my breakfast. i want to eat maximum sandwiches. if i will talk then i can’t eat much.
ayush- di how many did you eat.
rashika- i had three and this is my fourth. jiju how many did you have.
tanmay- angel devil i have to go office and i really don’t want to sleep there. so today go you won.

rashika- without completing even i won. maza nahi aya.
rashika- cutie you made it in a wrong day.
swara- [feeding swayyam] will make it another day again.
again silence prevailed.
swara- swayyam eat properly. you are eating less and your dress is eating more it seems.
swayyam made a pout and then got down his chair.
swara- arre now what happened.
swayyam walked up to sanskar and sanskar smilingly made him sit on his lap.
swayyam- papa aap khilao [papa you feed me]. mumma is scolding.
swara- i was not scolding. just saying to eat properly.
sanskar- it’s ok swara. i will feed him.

sanskar started making him eat.
shekhar and raglak were happy seeing this. raglak had a mixed emotion in their eyes.
after breakfast.
rashika- bye buddy bye chote. bhai cutie i am going.
swara- cross the road carefully and don’t run.
rashika- hahaa i am not a kid. bye. [saying this she went]
swara packed the lunch of sanuttmay and kept on table.
sanskar came down and shouted swra’s name.
sanskar- swara i am leaving.
swara came running.
swara- sanskar your lunch and wait for few minutes uttara and tanmay are coming.
sanskar- haan. [while checking his phone]
uttmay came. laksh saw uttara who was in simple formal dress and going to office. he smiled weakly.
uttara- bhabhi we are leaving.
swayyam and ayush came running there.
swayyam- papa don’t go naa. today we will go out with everyone.
ayush- and baba and didi and laksh jiju is also there. we will enjoy.
sanskar- champ ayush today is saturday, your holiday not ours. so we have to go. but tomorrow we will enjoy as you both wish. ok.
swayyam- papa today naa please.

sanskar- champ try to understand.
swayyam- [acting stubborn] no you don’t go today.
sanskar- swayyam i have a meeting and it’s important to go. i will come early but now let me go.
swayyam- but
swara coming from behind.
swara- baby let papa go. he has work naa.
swayyam went and hugged swara’s leg.
swayyam- mumma

swara picked him up in her arms.
swayyam- mumma why don’t papa have holiday today.
swara- what can we do. let him go. he said naa he will come early.
swayyam- ok.
sanskar came and slightly caressed his hair and kissed his forehead.
sanskar- sorry champ. bye.
swayyam- [sad] bye.
sanskar- don’t be sad and where is my share.
swayyam- [kissed sanskar’s cheeks] papa bring rasogulla and 5 dairy milk and….
sanskar- that’s enough. i will bring.
swayyam- bye.

sanskar kissed ayush on forehead and left along with uttmay.
the day passed with swayyam and ayush playing with shekhar and raglak. while sumi and swara involved themselves in work and tried to be away from them as much as possible.
the day came to an end. sanuttmay came from office and they too kept themselves away from shekar and raglak. they dined and departed to their rooms.
because ayush wanted to stay with shekhar and because ayush should not get any doubt sumi shekhar and ayush were in the same room. after ayush slept sumi left to another room.
shekhar pov- i am very happy to see swara and ayush happy here with everyone. it was rather a good decision to send ayush with mishthi. he will get everything here and it’s better for him to live here. bas i could spend some time with him but nevermind, he is happy and that’s what matters the most.
in swasan room swara made swayyam sleep with the bed time story. then swasan were sitting in the balcony wooden sofa in each other’s embrace covered with shawl.
swara- sanskar one day passed. i hope tomorrow too passes quickly and they go back. i don’t have a good vibe seeing them here.
sanskar- don’t worry. they are here just to see ayush and they were going to live in hotel but we only stopped them to be here for ayush.
swara- bas everything remains fine. all that is what i want. let’s go inside and sleep.
they moved in and slept.
sumi’s pov- shekhar is here. ayush is very happy to meet him. hope so everything goes fine and shekhar returns from here without ayush getting any kind of doubts or confusions.
pov ends.

in tanmay’s room.
uttara was in tanmay’s embrace wide awake.
tanmay- what happened uttara.
uttara- nothing.
tanmay- are you tensed about there arrival.
uttara- yes. i don’t want them to mess up with our lives anymore. what they have done in past we forgot it all but now i want them to silently go after meeting ayush. that’s it. it’s just for ayush that we are tolerating them. he is small to understand things. when he will be big enough to understand then he will know everything but till then we can’t snatch his childhood happiness. day after tomorrow they will leave. till then everything goes fine. that’s all i want.

tanmay- don’t worry. time will pass soon and you see everything will be alright. now sleep. i am very tired.
uttara- hmmmm.
cuddling in each other’s embrace they slept.
raglak room. they were lying on the bed with closed eyes. tears were flowing from both eyes silently. they were lying facing there backs to each other. ragini wiping her tears turned other side to see whether laksh slept or not. she saw him sleeping facing his back to her. she was again about to sleep when she felt that he is awake and hence leaned to check him and found him in tears.
ragini- laksh.
laksh- [shocked and wiped his tears] ragini u are awake.
ragini- laksh why were you crying.
laksh- nothing like that.
ragini- laksh won’t you tell me. please.
laksh- [hugged her and cried] ragini i did so bad with sanskar. i didn’t trust him. but i am happy to see him happy. our uttara you saw her she was ready so professionally. when i saw her i felt so proud but at the same time so guilty of my deeds. from my own hands i destroyed everything. i lost my brother and sister. i wish i could reverse the time and change myself and my deeds. but it is not possible. but now i don’t want to interfere in their lives. we will finish the work we are here for and go back. baba too wants that.

ragini- laksh everything started from me naa. i am sorry for everything. if at all i wouldn’t have thought about myself in past and thought about others, situation have been different. i am so sorry. that’s why god is punishing me like this. i can not give you a child too till now. when i see swayyam with swara and sanskar i feel how would be the feeling of parenthood. it’s my wrong deeds that all are suffering. it’s my mistake everywhere not yours. i am sorry. and now also we are here is the punishment for me. baba is suffering because of me. ayush and maa are living here and baba just want to spend sometime with them and gain forgiveness from swara. he has become so lonely. living alone in the whole house, how miserable he would be feeling. all because of me.
laksh- no ragini don’t blame yourself. now sleep. we will fly back to kolkata day after tomorrow. now sleep. come.

they both slept with heavy heart.
the next day was sunday and the day passed with much of awkwardness. they had fun but elders reserved themselves to avoid any conflict between them. they were with one another only for kids.
the day ends and comes the next day. swara was preparing breakfast and tiffin for swayyam and ayush. sumi was getting ayush ready. while sanskar was with swayyam.
sanskar- [from room] swara….. swara….
swara- [coming out of kitchen] coming…..
swara quickly came in kitchen and wrapping the work she was doing washed her hands and running went up the stairs. there she made swayyam wear his dress while sanskar was becoming ready. she handed both of them the required things and then came down back in kitchen to complete the work.
a few minutes later sanskar came down with swayyam in his arms and holding his bag. he made him sit on sofa and then brought his shoes and made him wear it tying the laces. raglak were seeing all this admiringly. meanwhile ayush too came down with his bag followed by sumi and shekhar. sumi went in kitchen while ayush came and kept his bag on sofa.
sanskar- ayush bring your shoes quick.
ayush brought his shoes and wore the socks and then the shoes. sanskar came and was about to tie the laces of ayush shoes too when shekhar stopped him.
shekhar- sanskar i…..i will do it.

sanskar looked at shekhar and nodded his head and moved back.
swara- [from kitchen] sanskar breakfast is ready. be quick.
sanskar- champ ayush come have breakfast.
they both ran and sat on their chair. swara came with two plates with parathas and veggies and sumi came with a tray with glass of milk.
both sat beside swayyam and ayush respectively and started feeding them. ayush was silently eating while swayyam was showing his tantrums in eating.
swara- swayyam eat quitely.
swayyam- but mumma why do you prepare veggies everyday.
swara- so what do you want.
swayyam- anything but not veggies.
swara- done speaking. now eat. everyday you need something different. what should i prepare for you. eat what is made.
swayyam- mumma chocolates.

swara- no chocolates until you finish everything.
swayyam then ate silently.
swara- chalo drink this. [giving the glass of milk]
swayyam- no.
swara- swayyam i have already added bournvita in it. what do you want more.
swayyam- first chocolate.
swara- drink then i will give you.
swayyam- pakka
swara- haan pakka. now drink it.
swayyam drank it in a go and then drank water making faces.
swayyam- give me chocolate.
swara- bringing. one minute.

she brought chocolates from kitchen and gave one to swayyam and one to ayush.
swayyam- only one. i want one more.
swara- ok then drink one more glass of milk and then i will give you one more.
swayyam made a sad pout and went from there and took his bags. here swara sighed seeing this.
sanskar- swara what would have happened if you gave him one more.
swara- do you have a count of how many he eats in a day.

sanskar- [rolled his eyes] whatever. come ayush we will leave.
ayush- baba come. jiju today baba will also come. my freinds never met baba. today i will meet baba to them.
sanskar nodded and trio started moving from there and taking swayyam they were about to exit the gate when from behind swara came and stopped them when they were at door.
swara giving one more chocolate to swayyam and ayush kissed them both on their cheeks.
swara- [cupped swayyam’s face] don’t be sad now and haan i won’t give everyday. now smile and go to school and no naughtiness in school. ok.
swayyam- [happy] thank you mumma. [kissed her cheeks] bye.
swara- bye.
they four left to school. swara sighed in relaxation.
swara- maa i am going to my room. will come down in a while.
sumi- ok.
swara came in room.
swara- ufff why i am feeling so tired today. let me relax for 10 minutes and then will resume with work.
she sat on the bed leaning her head on head board and closed her eyes.
after sometime sanskar came back dropping kids at school. he looked for swara in kitchen and hall but she wasn’t there.
sanskar- maa where is swara.
sumi- she is in her room.
sanskar- ok

sanskar came in room and saw swara sleeping in sitting position.
sanskar- swara
swara- no response.
sanskar- [to himself] is she sleeping. but she never sleeps at this time.
sanskar- [sitting beside her and holding her hand] swara
swara- [feeling the touch and hearing the voice] haan. ohh sorry. when did you come.
sanskar- are you ok. you are sleeping at this time.
swara- i am fine. just felt a little tired and so thought to sit for some time but did not realise when i slept. uhh sorry.
sanskar- no it’s ok. sleep for some time if you are tired.
swara- no now i am ok. will go and see maa.
sanskar- no servants are there. they wil do the work. you no need to do all work by yourself. i don’t think so they do something as all works you do.
swara- offo sanskar. again you started. accha won’t do anywork. happy. but let me tell maa and then i will rest. you know she will do all works by herself. and you get ready for office.
sanskar- i will tell. you just take rest. and today i am not going to office.
swara- why? see i am absolutely fine.

sanskar- swara it was pre-planned that i am not going today.
swara- why? any special reason. you did not tell me before.
sanskar- my investigation queen please spare me sometime. today is no meeting so uttara and tanmay will handle office and today mr. gadodia will leave so i don’t know ayush reaction so it will be good that i stay back.
swara was looking at him deeply.
sanskar- now what happened why you are looking at me like this.
swara- sometimes i wonder is this you? i mean so matured my husband is sometimes.
sanskar- what do you mean by sometimes.
swara- don’t you know the meaning.

sanskar- i always act mature. you all behave childish.
swara- really. let me remind you. two days ago you were behaving like child to let you sleep and how you act childish with swayyam and ayush. and today morning itself you see. you favoured swayyam to give him chocolates. what was all that haan.
sanskar- you take rest. i will go and tell maa. huh!
swara- haan haan go. you don’t have answer to my question so you are escaping.
sanskar- [kissed her forehead] answer is effect of your’s company.
sanskar went from there. the day passed and kids came back from school. they all had lunch and then approximately 4:00 p.m. in the evening raglak and shekhar were leaving. ayush cried and cried to stop shekhar. after a lot of convincing and pacifing he became calm and let them go. after they left ayush became sad and calm. then swayyam and swasan cheered him up.
at night uttmay came back from office and all had there dinner. sanmay were discussing about some office work. in between tanmay spoke.
tanmay- bhai mr. gadodia and laksh. when did they leave.
sanskar- evening 4 why?
tanmay- like this generally. i saw them coming out of xyz hospital at 6 while returning from mehras company.
sanskar- hospital.

tanmay- yaa.
sanskar- what work would they have in hospital.
tanmay- may be casually. leave it. i saw them and so informed you. now take it so seriously.
sanskar- [brushing away the thoughts] yaa. let’s get back to work.
done with this part.
sorry for this boring chapter. actually i myself don’t know what all rubbish i wrote in this chapter.

precap- wait dear you will definitely like the next one. it’s a surprise. had to write it in this chapter only but i did not feel to write so. but definitely next epi will rock.

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