lights were off, only a spotlight was on the stage showing someone’s back.
man[on stage]- everybody attention please. i know what i am going to present is entirely different from the theme but i think i will not bore you and also this one is completely dedicated to the one who enlightened my life when their was only darkness left. she stood with me when everyone left me. she lived for me always although i could not give her even a day of happiness. i made her sad unintentionally. and today i want to ask her sorry, sorry for not giving you my time, sorry for all those tears that came in your eyes, sorry for everytime i hurt you , sorry for not being there to understand your pain, sorry for everything haan except for loving you because that is the best thing i have done in my life.

the man turns and yes it is our sanskar. swara was in tears [of course happy tears] to see him and was overwhelmed byhis gesture and his love.
sanskar- swara you mean everything to me. if you are there then i can fight with the whole world. i just need your presence, your support in my life. never leave me. i love you swara.and this one’s ONLY FOR YOU.
all the lights are on and sanskar starts to sing
sanskar-hmmm.. hmmmmmm…
chuteya naa chute mose rang tera dolna
ek tere baju duja mera koi mol naa
bona mahi bolna]*2
sanskar starts to move towards swara slowly

tere liye aaya mai toh tere sang jana
dolna ve tere naal jindri bitawana
kadi nayo chodna ishq di dor na
sare chad jaye mahi tu na chod naa
bolna mahi bolna]*2
sanskar moves round swara and then goes towards stage taking steps backward and looking at swara cotinuously.
swara- tere sang hasna ve tere sang rona
tuj mein hi rehna ve tuj me hi khona
dil me chupa ke tuje dil nayo khol naa
mar ke bhi mahi tose muh naa mod naa
bolna mahi bolna]*2

swara sings this part while tears makes it’s place non stop and she slowly moves towards stage
sanskar-chuteya naa chute mose rang tera dolna
ek tere baju duja mera koi mol naa
bolna mahi bolna
sanskar and swara were on stage facing each other.
swara- bolnaaa
sanskar- bolna mahi bolna
swara- mahi bolna
hmmm…. hmmm…
sanskar forwarded his hand for swara to hold it but swara hugged him tightly and sanskar too reciprocated. both had tears in their eyes.
swara in between her sobs- i love you sanskar

sanskar- i love you too.
both parted away with the applaud and whistles from the audience.
they came down from the stage and everyone congratulated them.
lady 1- god bless you both what a lovely couple.
lady2- son[to sanskar] you love your wife so much otherwise now a days husbands don’t look at their wife also.[taunting her own husband]
lady 3- arre why not he will love her naa after all he got such a beautiful wife.
lady 4- [to swara] beta keep your husband happy. everyone is not blessed with such a caring husband.
everyone was praising swasan jodi and were teasing them while they just blushed more and more.
tanmay- bhai i thought you know to work only haan that is another thing that you did flirt in college but now toh complete romeo type haan.
swara blushed hard but was angry to hear flirt from tanmay and glared sanskar. while sanskar hit tanmay playfully.
the function went on and swara kept on blushing feeling sanskar’s gaze on her.
at the end of function a couple dance was organised. actually it was not scheduled. after swasan performance it was organised and swasan were called on stage as the main couple.

they went on stage and the song started. sanskar put one hand on her bare chest and holded her hand with the other and swara put one hand on his chest. they started moving rhythmically.
tere sang yaara, khush rang bahara
tu raat dewaani, mein zard sitara
oo karam khudaya hai, tuje mujse milaya hai
tujpe mar ke hi toh, muje jeena aaya hai,
oo tere sang yaara, khush rang bahara
tu raat deewani, mein zard sitara
oo tere sang yaara, khush rang bahara
mein tera ho jaun, jo tu kar de ishara.
sanskar rolled her to him and wrapped her in his embrace and moved sideways rhythmically. he caressed her cheek and pecked her forehead lovingly.
kahi kissi bhi galli mein jaun mein
teri khusboo se takroun mein
har raat jo aata hai mujhe wo khwab tu
tera mera milna dastur hai
tere hone se mujme noor hai
mai hun suna sa ek aasman metab tu
oo karam khudaya hai tujhe maine jo paya hai
tujh pe mar ke hi toh mujhe jeena aaya hai
oo tere sang yaara khush rang bahara
tu raat deewani mein zard sitara
oo tere sang yaara khush rang bahara
oo tere bin ab toh naa jeena gawara

sanskar twirled her and back hugged her and danced with her closely. he kept his chin on her shoulder and whispered ‘i love you’ in her ears. he kept his hand on her belly and was slightly caressing it while swara kept her hands over his to stop him as she was feeling ticklish and had closed her eyes to feel him.
maine chode hain baki sare raaste
bas aaya hun tere phasre
meri aankhon mein tera naam hai pehchaan le
sab kuch mere liye tere baad hain
saw baaton ki ek baat hai
mein naa jaounga kabhi tujhe chodke ye jaan le
oo karam khudaya hai tera pyar jo paya hai
tujh pe mar ke hi toh mujhe jeena aaya hai
oo tere sang yaara khush rang bahara
tu raat deewani main zard sitara
oo tere sang yaara khush rang bahara
mein behta musafir tu gehra kinara

sanskar turned her and held her chin up to look at him and she did and they shared a passionate eyelock.
sanskar- won’t you reply me.
swara- can’t you see in my eyes.
sanskar looked in her eyes deeply and swara could not hold this so she hugged him
sanskar- what happened?
swara- i love you sanskar
sanskar tigtened the hug.
sanskar- i want to drown in your eyes and never come back. the peace and love i feel when i look in to your eyes, i can’t explain. i want only you swara.
swara- i am always there for you sanskar.
they were lost in each other yet again and came to reality hearing the clap sound as the song ended.
the function was over and everyone dispersed.
in tanmay’s flat.
sumi- [to swasan] i got my both children back. i am very happy. don’t ever leave your hands. be the support system of each other as you were till now. god bless you both.
swasan hugged sumi.and sumi went in her room.
uttara- bhai don’t you think some is becoming extra red.

tanmay- why not if you will come on stage becoming a sorry card and then love letter bhabhi will become red as tomato naa.
all three laughed while swara blushed.
swara- [fake angry] are you all done. uttara don’t you have college tomorrow.
uttara- ya that is toh everyday. what’s new. don’t worry i am going to sleep.
she came and hugged swara
uttara- thank you for being in my bhai’s life.
swara broke the hug and patted uttara’s cheek.
swara- he has you as sister which is priceless. always smile that’s the only thing we want for you.
sanskar side hugged her kissed on her hairs.
sanskar- yes you are as important as swara is to me.
uttara- i know, i know. i don’t want to be kabab mein haddi so good night.
uttara ran to her room before they caught her and tanmay too left wishing them good night.
swara- i have some work in kitchen i will just come.
swara was going towards kitchen when sanskar came from back and picked her up in bridal style and came in their room. he kept her down and bolted the door.
swara- sanskar what are you doing.
sanskar pinned her to wall

sanskar-[huskily] don’t you know.
swara- i… ha.ave…work.
sanskar- i don’t think so more important than this and even if it is i won’t let you go now.
sanskar without giving swara a chance to speak leaned and kissed her nape sensuously and swara closed her eyes to feel him.she moaned his name making him crazy and he bite her and sucked their to soothe the pain.
sanskar- [near her ears] you know what swara you are looking stunning in this dress. i had the urge to kiss you in the function itself but i controlled somehow but not now.
he kissed her earlobe and removed her earrings.
he kissed on the nosetip and said- you were looking cute in this nosepin. saying this he removed her nosepin. he kissed her forehead and sensuously kissed her cheeks and finally leaned on her lips .their lips met and they were kissing like there’s no tomorrow. after they part swara pushed him and came near the window and clutched the curtains tightly and breathing heavily.
sanskar came from back and back hugged her and kissed her neck sensuously and opened the knot of blouse. swara moved back and sticked herself to sanskar’s chest to avoid exposing her bare back to him. sanskar kept his hands on her belly and caressed it sensuously.

swara- sans…kar …pl..ea..se
sanskar picked her up and placed her on bed and started kissing her wildly and caressing her every body part above her clothes. swara was holding his kurta by one hand and the other hand was playing with her hairs.
sanskar removed her pallu and she turned being shy forgetting the fact that her back is bare and caressed every inch of her bare back.
sanskar turned her around and kissed on her lips and then removed her clothes and kissed everywhere on her body while she was moaning continuously in pleasure. sanskar removed his clothes to and swara kissed him too and then both were under comforter making love. they slept in each other’s embrace with smile playing on their lips and happy to mark each other as their. the night experienced the union of two souls after a long time.

done with this part. i hope you all liked it and those who didn’t i can’t help but welcome all kinds of comment. thankyou to all those who have been commenting till now.

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