Swasan –My Enemy – My solace ( Three shots) by subi part 1

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My Enemy – My solace ( Three shots)

Part 1

Hey guys this is Subi again . So let’s start our journey….. Since you all found prologue too short.. Here goes the super big part…. Enjoy reading ??

So the story starts here….

A girl was sitting infront of mirror.. some people are making her ready……. She was smiling like an idiot……. But an evil smile…

The girl’s pov….

Hey people… Me swara here getting ready for my marriage with my Enemy… Yes enemy… You may ask.. Y we are enemies.. Any fight or something.. Actually no.. He is my Enemy.. because he accepted to marry me.. Yah… I hate marriage.. It’s block for every girl from attaining success in her career… That doesn’t mean I’m against marriage and all…. I believe in commitment… And also I accept marriage is a sacred relationship… I respect that.. But I’m not ready for marriage.. Moreover I’m getting married now.. In my first year of MBA.. This make me more angry… I completed my BTECH two years before.. After that.. I’m worked in a top mnc for an year… Then last year I started my MBA and now I’m getting married in my second year.. But this is not I planned in my life… I wished to over take my dad’s business after my MBA… Wait guys.. I got you…. Yah even now I’m not going to let go of dreams.. Ofcourse I’ll complete my MBA and undertake my dad’s company…
Things won’t be same if I got married… That’s y after engagement I called the guy.. Who is going to be my husband after an hour.. Yah after engagement only i called him.. As the engagement is itself a
Shock for me…

Yah I don’t even know that day was my engagement… I thought preparation is for my birthday party.. Yes my engagement was on my bday.. My worst bday ever…. Wait wait what are we talking about… Ha I called that idiot about cancelling the marriage….. But after hearing my name itself he got angry… I was puzzled…. But I explained him clearly.. He didn’t even answered anything… Instead kept the call saying.. I have more important works than wasting my time… How rude that was… Then I started collecting information about him
From the information I got.. His name is sanskar Maheshwari… He is not a rude guy.. Friendly one.. Respect everyone.. Very soft natured.. And he is 5 years elder to me.. And a growing business man… But I still don’t understand y he behaved rude with me…. Anyway it’s his fate that…… he wants to marry me na.. Then he will face the consequences too… Hehe don’t worry I won’t break the marriage neither now.. Nor later but will show him the real hell… Anyway bye.. I’m going to mandap….

Pov ends. .


As swara enters the mandap.. Everyone’s gaze shifted on her..
She was walking to stage with her friends…. Soon they made her sit near the groom who is already doing what all priest is telling…. Then after some rituals. Priest declare them as husband and wife…

Swa: ( whispers to sanskar) I’ll show the aftereffects of marrying me Mr sanskar Maheshwari…

Sanskar: even I’m ready.. Show me tonight.. Mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari… ( he said with a smirk and naughtiness)

After getting blessing from everyone and completing other rituals.. Swasan started to sanskar’s home…

Swara’s pov…

Now I’m Mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari.. Not swara godida anymore… Actually it happened.. Now no back off… Count your days Mr sanskar Maheshwari I’ll make you regret for your decision… … My chain of thoughts were distributed as the car stopped.. I stepped out.. There was a beautiful mansion before me.. So I got to know it’s my in laws house…… I went inside with him.. I haven’t seen his face after getting inside car.. I’m in my world.. At the entrance.. My mother in law sujatha stood with aarti.. She did my aarti and I did what all she said…..I was really exhausted now.. Sensing my weakness my mother in law asked my sister in law uttra to take to room and she will send dinner for us. I got to know she is a kind women.. Even uttra is sweet and my father in law was jovial I guess… I concluded their characters how they behaved till now..

But this sanskar.. My said to be husband I couldn’t predict him….. Anyway.. It’s not my work.. I was talking with uttra … actually she is my junior.. She got admitted for MBA first year in my clg.. Soon my mil joined us.. She told that.. If I want I can go to clg from tomorrow itself. how sweet.. She even told I and uttra can go together.. And also best thing is.. I can go in my scooty itself if I wish… Omg she is really sweetheart.. As I can’t live without my scooty.. I love my scooty. I even didn’t learn driving car as I can’t leave my scooty.. You can say it’s my love.. Mine is scooty pep+ blue and white…. Hehe yes I love my things more than I love people. Like.. I love my mobile, lappy , scooty etc…. After our chatting session my mil and sil went out leaving me.. Mil told me to take rest as sanskar will come by 9 it’s the perfect time.. Huh as if I care… I just went and changed to my night suit and fell on bed.. Then as usual I started using my mobile checking social media.. And was liking the pictures my friends posted

Actually those are my marriage pics and their selfie with me.. Omg.. How many tagging.. Hehe.. But I love it.. And I look awesome in all pics.. Then I asked my friends to send all pics they have and.. I was going through it.. I even changed my Dp, cover pic, even wall paper.. Don’t know how time flied….. I heard like someone opening the door.. I know it’s him so I just covered myself with a comforter till my neck and again used mobile.. I felt his gaze on me… I shifted my gaze to him. I saw him smiling like a idoit……

Swa: what…
San: what is this.. ( pointing towards her quilt)
Swa: what my quilt.. ?
San: what are the pictures over it…
Swa: its Rapunzel… What’s your problem.

He started laughing like hell….. How dare he.. I know he is making fun of me.. So I just turned and started using my mobile.. By seeing my ignorance.. He became silent.. And went to washroom I guess… After that I think he was trying to talk with me.. But I just got up and put mobile to charge, set a pillow wall and went to sleep covering me fully… I myself made a pillow wall as I don’t want any scene there.. Then I sensed the light turn off… I soon drifted to sleep…

Next morning as usual I woke up at 6… I saw him still sleeping.. Then I went to got ready… I came out wearing a simple chudidhar…. I kept my things ready.. I mean.. All accessories.. I’m not going clg today.. I’ll first spend this day with my new family.. So after keeping all things ready.. Again I fell on bed.. And started using mobile.. Due to this sudden jerk he woke up I guess.. But I didn’t paid any head to him.
And started using mobile… He scanned the room and his eyes Fell on me.. I can feel that…… Then he asked..

San: swara what are you doing..

Swa: using mobile can’t you see…

San: I can see that.. But ahh.. Don’t know what these clg students have in mobile.. Atleast use mobile….after getting ready.. Omg using mobile before even getting up from bed

What does he think of himself.. But I didn’t replies anything.. Rather I continued my work… Getting iriked
With my silence he went from there.. Then I saw the time.. It’s 6:50 my mil asked me to join her by 7:00 so I got ready put on my accessories obviously sindoor and Mangalsutra.. And saw time it was 6:55 I went down…… Actually too many thoughts were going in my mind.. Y did he marry me.. Even he didn’t talked about any of the matter.. Didn’t even flirt. And haven’t shown any attitude.. Infact it’s me who should attitude…. But I brushed my thoughts even i see my mil going to kitchen.. I rushed to her……and stopped her before she enter.. I was panting heavily.. She was worried seeing me.. But I calmed myself and told her..

Swa: ma you take rest I’ll cook today.. I’ll go to clg from tomorrow..
Hearing me she Sighed.. In relief.

Sujatha: mad girl.. You scared me.. OK I’ll help you.. You cook.. OK.. No argument..

Swa: yes boss ( saluting)

She slapped my shoulder playfully.. She is a easygoing person…….

She was asking about my life style. My clg.. Friends. My interest.. Many things…at the same time… I completed cooking and we arranged everything together…. Soon uttra and fil joined us.. And sanskar too came..we had breakfast together are behaving friendly with me.. I didn’t felt like a stranger…… All are perfect.. At the moment that idoit told something.. That made me embrassed and sad.. But my mil saved me..

San: ma doesn’t a married women wear saree…

Swa: Actually ma..

Suj: calm swara those are not needed… You are a college student only OK.. And there is no rule.. You should wear saree and all.. Be like how you wish.. We don’t have anyproblem if you wear modern dress too…

Uttra: Ha bhabi.. We can wear same design dresses too.. Ma how about we go shopping.. Moreover tomorrow is my first day of clg.. And I loved bhabi dressing style….

Ma agreed… I requested ma that today we can spend time together and go shopping weekend.. She said OK…. We are engrossed in chatting…but sanskar didn’t leave a single moment to embrass me .. Lunch. Again chatting… And at evening I went to prepare coffee for all ….that’s when a idea came to my mind. I smiled to myself and added salt in his coffee alone.. I silently went and kept the tray in table.. Mil , fil and uttra tasted and told it was good…. I was waiting for that sanskar to have. At the right moment when he was going to drink coffee.. He demanded biscuits. I smiled and got it for him.. After giving him.. I sat on my place with coffee mug. Waiting for him to take a sip.. Atlast my wait is over.. He took it near his mouth. Omg he Drank it… Wait actually he had the coffee. But didn’t he find it tough to drink salt coffee. I was shocked. With that I took the first sip of my coffee I realized what made him drink coffee. I didn’t had one more sip. I just maintained like having coffee

and. Went in.. With empty cups.. With my filled cup….. I went and ate a big chocolate for better taste.. Yuck. Salt coffee.. I’ll not leave him.. When I was scolding him.. I heard a sound near the door…

San: ahem.. It looks like someones plan backfired…

He was increasing my anger.. I marched to him in anger ??

When I was about to scold him he pulled me towards him.. I stumbled due to it.. But before I could react.. He captured my lips with his…. I was freezed.. I’m not in a state to react or protest……. After a some moment.. he broke the kiss and I came to sense and tried pushing him.. But his grip was too strong around my waist.. He was smiling like a idoit seeing me struggling..

Swa: stupid idiot leave me..

San: no baby…

Swa ; huh I’m not any baby ???

San: you are my babe… ( saying this he moved his face so close to me… Hid lips are near my ears… Then he whispered something.. That shocked me.. He smiled seeing me expression….)

San: ( whispered) Swara weds sanky

He again smiled and pecked my lips and told..

San: welcome to the hell babe.. I hope it’s the best marriage gift for you.. Also take it as a return gift for this.. ( he showed some scare in his hand… And smirked.. )

He let me free and went away.. But I’m not in a state to move.. Sanky sanky.. Swara weds sanky.. I have heard this somewhere… Ahh. Wait I’ll call sumi.. Yah my mom.. But I call her with name sometimes..

I rushed to garden with my mobile and called her….. I enquired her about the name sanky.. She joked that.. It’s your husband name.. Omg don’t I know it’s his name.. I asked do I know him before… She replied hearing that I got some memories of a girl biting a boy in his hand….. I was shocked knowing the full story and cutted the call.. I turned to see my husband smiling plus smirking at me… And he gave a flying kiss from a distance.. Omg in the ” swara weds sanky ” issue I forgot about the kiss.. How dare he kiss me… I was shooting daggers at him.. He smirked and went away.. I stood there fuming…..

Pov ends….

……………………..To be continued…………………..

So this is subi signing off.. Tell me your comments.. Bubbye.. Love you all ??


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