Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 19)

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Hello frnds.. m sry for not giving you swasan scenes. But there actual love story will start from next episode. And if you all have suggestions kindly drop them in comment box. And be assured swara will not be a rape survivor here. She is a queen and will remain a one.


It was a nice morning. Sanskar was trying to get up from the bed. The wounds were still not completely healed. He felt some pain but still he got up. He tried to stand up. But his legs didn’t support him now. He was about to fall when two soft arms supported him. He was feeling dizzy. He felt those arms making him lie down. He didn’t resist. He lied on the bed. Suddenly he felt drops of water on his face. This brought him back to consciousness. He opened his eyes and saw swara holding his hand. Worry was evident in her eyes.
Sanskar: don’t worry … I m fine…
Swara: yeah… I saw.. if you wanted anything then you should have at least called me. But no. I am toh devotee of hanuman ji. I can do every work right.
Sanskar laughed a little.
Swara: it’s not a matter of laugh. What if i would not have hold you…. Do you even know how much blood you have lost… No…
Sanskar again laughed.
Swara: why are you laughing…
Sanskar: who would say you are younger to me… You are scolding me worse than ma…
Swara: yeah… Now my concern have become scolding… Ok…. I will not say anything… Do what you want….
Sanskar: pakka you will not say anything…
Swara: pakka… Waise bhi i am going… I have a lot of work… Who wants to stay here in this room with you…
Swara turned her back but stopped hearing sanskar’s moan..
Swara: sanskar…. Sanskar what happened.
Sanskar was not opening his eyes. Swara sprinkled some water on his eyes. He still didn’t. Now swaraa’s heartbeats started to run fast. She felt her cheeks radiating heat. She touched sanskar’s face.
Swara: sanskar… Open your eyes… For god’s sake open your eyes…. Hey bhgwan… What to do now…
Tears were building up in her eyes. She was about to call ap when she heard a laugh. She turned and find sanskar laughing. Swara felt as if a heavy burden removed from her chest. She felt immense happiness and in that feeling of euphoria she hugged him. She hugged him so tightly that her heart beats were being felt by sanskar. Sanskar was not ready for this sudden hug. But he felt good having her beside him. He felt her scent. He felt her warmth. But he felt some wetness in her eyes too. Sanskar looked at her. She was crying.
Sanskar: hey… Stop crying… Please.. swara i am fine…
But her cries were not ready to stop. Sanskar kept his one hand over her hair. She came back to senses by the touch. Realising her position swara jerked back. She wiped her tears and composed herself.
Sanskar: i m sorry… I ll never do it again..
Swara : nah… It’s ok.. you are fine and that’s the biggest thing.
Sanskar realised what he had done. He had hurt her badly. He held her hand.
Swara: can i request you one thing..
Sanskar: hmm..
Swara: can you please never do it again…
Sanskar pressed her hand lightly. He looked at her red eyes.
Sanskar: yes… Now can i ask you one thing?
Swara: you don’t need permission.
Sanskar: who am i to you.. why my pain bothers you this much
Swara closed her eyes. She turned her face towards one side.
Swara: i have to go
Sanskar: no… First answer
Swara ran out of there. Sanskar felt bad. But suddenly a voice came in his ears”for that you have to get well first” . He saw swara standing near the door. There was glitter in her eyes sanskar had never seen before. He wanted to look at her some more but she left.
Swara was running fast. She was trying to find ragini. She finally managed to find her near the pond. She speeded up and hugged ragini.
Ragini: are are are…. Sambhal k …
Swara twirled her around. Her happiness kept ragini busy in admiring her smile.
Swara: didi….. I love him….. I love him so so so much… Didi…. And you know what…he loves me tooo….
Ragini : did he confessed….
Swara: his eyes… Yes his brown eyes…
Ragini made swara sit down. She held her chin and looked at her. She took kajal from her eyes and applied behind ears of swara. Swara blushed hard.
Ragini: teri khushi aise hi bni rhe… May no devil eye fall on your smile ever again.
Suddenly lakshya came. Swara stood up seeing him.
Ragini: aap… Why did you come when we both were talking..
Lakshya: oho… What if you were gossiping about me… Let me check what my bhabhi n my wife doing…
Lakshya pulled ragini’s braid.
Ragini: aah… lakshya leave me.. you always tease me..
Swara laughed seeing this…
Lakshya: waise swara… Can you please help me…
Swara: sure..
Lakshya: woh i want to meet my bhai… So first you have to tell him everything then only i will come.
Swara nodded. But suddenly she saw lakshya falling in pond. Ragini laughed too hard. Before she could do anything lakshya pulled ragini too in pond.
Swara: you both are amazing… Chliye Bhaiya you change first.. till then i am telling your brother everything

@sanakar’s room
Swara entered and looked at Sanskar sitting on the bed. He smiled seeing swara. Swara came closer to him. She sat near him without saying anything.
Sanskar: your eyes are trying to say something.
Swara: sanskar you miss your brother so much na…
Sanskar: yes… But why…
Swara: sanskar… You wanted to know who saved you that day..
Sanskar : yes… But… Is everything okay..
Swara smiled. She pressed his hand and looked at him.
Swara: god has returned your brother to you…. He was lakshya….
Sanskar felt a strong urge to believe her words. But his mind was not letting him do so..
Sanskar: swara… Listen…
Swara: believe me…
She tells him everything.. sanskar felt his eyes streaming up.
Sanskar: where… Where is he?
Swara signed towards the door. What sanskar saw was no less than his dream come true. He saw his brother…his best friend standing on the door. Sanskar tried to get up. Swara held him. She didn’t want to destroy this precious moment by showing her extra care. She wanted to be there for Sanskar but didn’t want to come between two brothers.
Sanskar tried to walk towards him. His eyes were filled up with tears. Lakshya ran towards him. Sanskar was about to fall down when lakshya held him. Sanskar looked at lakshya. He touched his face and felt a new energy building up inside him. Lakshya wiped his tears and made him sit down. Sanskar was continuously staring at lakshya. All the moments of their childhood came in front of him. His trance was broken by wetness on his feet. He saw lakshya bent down to touch his feet and his tears trying to wash his feet.
Lakshya: won’t you give me your blessings….
Sanskar hugged him. Words were not escaping from his lips.
Lakshya: are you angry…
Sanskar: nah… Just…
Sanskar wiped his tears. Lakshya sat down beside him and looked at him…
Sanskar: where did you went leaving your brother alone… Kaha chala gaya tha tu…
There was a childish complaint in his voice.
Lakshya held his ears.
Lakshya: first and last time… Ab kbhi nhi…
Sanskar felt a great relief. He looked at ragini standing near swara.
Sanskar: ragini… Your lakshya is back… Swara meet him… He is my brother…my best friend..
Ragini wiped a tear from his eyes.
Ragini: bs bhaiya… You get completely fine soon then we will celebrate this occasion..
Sanskar: are… What happened to me… See i am completely fine…
Lakshya: yeah…. Look how much fine you are….
Sanskar: who talks like this to elder brother…
Lakshya: Bhaiya… You always scold me..
Suddenly sanskar felt a tap on his shoulder. It was swara..
Swara: are.. toh what wrong did he said.. lakshya Bhaiya i am your side…
Ragini : are.. but it’s true.. although sanskar Bhaiya is not fine but lakshya always do pranks on sanskar… He deserves to be punished..
Sanskar: see… Ragini knows everything.. you don’t know how much he irritates me..
Swara: so what it’s his duty.. and moreover who doesn’t want to irritate a cartoon like you…
Sanskar: cartoon me… Look at yourself…
Swara: at least better than you…
Sanskar: oho… Eyes like a cat and face like a squirrel and voice like a lizard…
Swara: who lizard… You are a monkey…
Sanskar: ragini… Smjha lo swara ko..
Swara: lakshya Bhaiya.. your bro is irritating me…
Sanskar: huh
Swara: huh…
Then next moment they saw lakshya and ragini standing near each other with their mouth open.
Lakshya: Bhaiya… From when did you start to talk this much…
Sanskar: do you want to get beaten..
Lakshya gulped. He remembered sanskar’s punches.
Lakshya: no…
Sanskar: then make this lizard understand to leave me alone
Lakshya: swara bhabhi…. Woh..
Ragini: khabardar if say a word against my sis…
Lakshya looked at sanskar and then at ragini…
Lakshya: Bhaiya… Your punches and ragini’s screams…. Both are horrible…
Sanskar tightened his fists.. ragini gave lakshya a death glare… Lakshya looked at swara trying to conceal her laugh..
Lakshya: woh… Yeah… Room has called me in ma…
Ragini: what..
Lakshya: ma has called me in room.. bye Bhaiya… Bye bhabhi…
He ran from there. Sanskar looked at ra and smiled. Ragini too felt light.
Sanskar: swara you know… Our day started like this only. You only added stars to this beautiful scene.
Swara felt good. She now had a complete family. She looked at sanskar. Sanskar too looked at swara.


Sorry for making this chappy a little boring…drop your suggestions in comment box… From next episode there will be a treat for swasan fans.. their romance will be started..

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