Bismillah, Hi, I’m back, i’m very sorry to unable to upload my SS, Forever First kiss,
as my laptop is sleeping beauty nowadays, so, for compensation, i penned this
story for you…wish you like it, sorry for grammatical & spelling error,
sorry for illogical story…. take it for fun.

ACP Sanskar Maheswary : 27 years old, very strict

Swara Bose :22 years old, bubbly smart girl


Blissful Monday morning, wore T-shirt and faded jeans, Swara leaned her bike
to a pillar, in front of a police station building. She twirled her cap.
“Good morning Uday uncle !” Swara spread her her cute smile once she saw an
old man stood in front of the entrance.
“Morning Swara beta! Any good news ?” Uday uncle smiled.

“Of course good news, India cricket team won world cup and Swara Bose still
pretty as usual!” Swara handed a news paper to him with attitude, Uday
uncle only giggled to see her antic.

“Sssstttt…tell me uncle, does my handsome come in already ?” Swara asked
him, she played her eyebrows, her eyes kinda pointed far inside the office.
“Who ?” Uday uncle confused for a second, “Oh Sanskar Sir ? he came early
with an upset face.”

“Huh! don’t say that his mother scolded him again .”Swara said, then both
giggled.”Let me cheer him up! bye uncle!” Swara walked inside the office
straight to Sanskar’s desk, but a boy stopped her in the middle.

“Hi Swara! can we go to date next saturday night please?”
“Hello Arjun! sorry dud! you know my time only for him.” Swara grinned,
she pointed Sanskar thorough her eyes.
“OK! but if he still reject you, you can go to me.” Arjun pout, sighed.
“Eww ! better you say good luck to me, bye!” She winked, continued her
pace, She smiled once she saw Sanskar who busy with his laptop, sat on
his own chair.

“Mooorniing Handsome! how are you today ?” She shouted lil bit, gave her
best smile to him, he only took a glance to her for second, back to his
screen. Swara took the chair in front of Sanskar’s desk, twirled it and
put her arm on it’s board, leaned her chin on it, gaze Sanskar keenly.

“You again! what are you doing here ?” Sanskar said with annoyed face.
“Uugghh, don’t test me, you are detective here, you know i’m a newspaper
deliver and you know well that my main job here is admiring God’s creature,
to staring a handsome, s*xy, smart boy named ACP Sanskar Maheswary ” Swara
said it dramatically, acted blush.

“Stop your nonsense! you are a girl! don’t do this! better you continue
your work, many customers waiting for you.” Sanskar said, tried to calm.
“Stop to do what? admiring you ? huh! even you are blushing to hear me!”
Swara smiled teasingly.

“blushing ? me ?” Sanskar startled, but he change his tone immediately.
“I’m not blushing, mind that! and please go away!” Sanskar in stern voice.
“Awww, you are more s*xy when angry ” Swara made a face.”Gimme your number
first and i promise i’ll fly away from here.”

“Thousand times big NO, should i complain to your boss that you are
disturbing your customer ?” Sanskar grabbed the phone line beside him.
“Huh stingy! OK! i’m going now, but i’ll back tomorrow.” swara lift her
both palm and stood up from chair, “Bye handsome!”

“Thank god! i can’t imagine how pity the guy who will be her husband.”
he murmured, took his deep breath and back engrossed to his laptop.
“Don’t be pity to yourself, handsome!” Swara said, winked and smiled as
she heard Sanskar’s words.

“Swaraaaa!!!” he yelled.
“OK! huh!” she gave a tongue and rushed out. Sanskar shook his head.


Swara took her bike when she saw arjun was standing at the corner of left
side terrace, little far. She put back her bike, then walked toward Arjun.

“Hi Arjun! can you please give me Sanskar Sir number, pleeasee!” Swara
pleaded with her cute face.
Arjun turned his face to her, “What ? Nooo,, i won’t! i can’t give my
competitor’s number to you, i’m not that stupid.” he pouted.

“How if only i treat you ice cream, let’s say it’s a noon date.” Swara
put her arm on Arjun’s shoulder, playing her eyebrows.
“Really ? promise ? ” Arjun in excitement. Swara nodded.

“OK then!” Arjun took his phone from his pocket and gave Sanskar’s number
“Yuhhuuuuu!!! i got it finally! we will go tomorrow noon OK ? ” Swara
jumped in excitement. She run and grabbed her bike, went from there with
happy face.


Sanskar engaged with his laptop when his phone rang, unknown number showed.

Sanskar : Hello !

OS : Hello handsome, miss me already ?

Sanskar : Swara! where did you get my number ?

OS : It’s my charm, handsome! ahem ahem..

Sanskar : your charm ? after 3 month ? you should rethink (mocking tone)

OS : Stop mocking me, i knew you disallow everyone to tell me.
how mean, huh!

Sanskar :It’s smart move, i know you will disturb me kinda like this.
stop disturbing me now, i’m busy.

OS : OK! bye now! Khaadhoossssssssssssssssssss!

Swara cut the phone.

Next a half hour, Sanskar’s phone rang again.

Sanskar : Swara! stop playing with me!

OS : Handsome! someone killed here.

Sanskar : Swaraaa!! i told you stop playing and joking

OS : Handsome, i’m not joking! believe me!

Sanskar : god! stop your drama!

OS : Sanskaar!! i’m serious! Dr.Rohan Maholtra killed
i found his death’s body, please! (sobbing sound)

Sanskar : OK! OK! don’t panic, be calm and give me the address!

OS : National street number 45a, Green Hill Area
come here soon please!!!

Sanskar : OK! stay there, don’t touch anything! don’t panic
i’ll come soon as possible.


Swara stood in front of the entrance gate when Sanskar and his team arrived.
Sanskar rushed to her only to see Swara was in shocked and pale face.
He hugged her tightly and caressed her back, made Swara startled a little.

“Ssssttt, everything is fine now, i’m here!” he tried to make her calm,
then he gave her water bottle, asked her to drink it.
Some of his staffs who gathered beside them, coughed and chuckled, felt
amusement to see sanskar’s concern toward Swara.

Embarrassment, Sanskar immediately divert it, asked, “Where is his body ?”
“There, at living room, no force entry, no sign of any fighting, but i
don’t know whether anything missing or not.” Swara guided them, walked
toward the lifeless body while blabbering, earned surprise on Sanskar’s
face and his staffs.

“Waaah Swara! you have detective nature.” Arjun was adoring her.
“Stop blabbering! Arjun you go to check whether there is any CCTV or not,
Gopal, you ask neighbor and others please check and comb out all of this
house! Uday uncle, take Swara out here.” Sanskar in stern voice.

All of them spread as per Sanskar’s instruction. Swara pout and murmured
“khadhooss” but then followed Uday uncle to terrace. Sanskar shook his
head in disbelief to see Swara’s act.

Sanskar walked inside toward the lifeless body when he saw one of his
police officer stood somewhere giving his intense gaze to a lil far point,
“Namish! what are you doing here? ” Sanskar in curious tone.
“observing the victim body Sir!” Namish, without any movement answered.
“Really ? tell me the condition then!” Sanskar asked again.
“the curves, the bare milky skin soo amazing Sir!” Namish answered,kinda
out of sense, in drooling state.

Sanskar cleared his throat, hit Namish’s head with his glove,”Focus to your
own work!!”, made Namish startled, back to sense.” Oh sorry Sir! ” he wipped
his drool, then wuuzzz, he run away to do his own work.

“Anything to find out Dr Alia ? ” Sanskar asked to the girl who kneeling
down, checked keenly to a death body.
“He died about 17.00 pm- 19.00 pm yesterday, cause of death was a stroke
on his back head with a blunt object.” Dr Alia answered, her hand busy to
wrote something on her note, her eyes still observed the body as well.

” Do you can describe the object? the weapon of murder ?” Sanskar joined to
observe it.
“I can’t yet, i assumed it’s a thing with round shape at bottom as there
was a small cut on the skin head, less blood, bruised around the stroke and
seem there is cracked on the skull.” Dr Alia bent her head a little, put her
gaze to the injured area.

“Oh, i found his phone and wallet on his pocket.” she handed both things to
Sanskar, He received after wearing his gloves.”Seem it’s not robbery case.”
she added.

“Wallet and phone on pocket? it’s sound weird.” Sanskar in thoughtful voice.
“everything are done ?” Sanskar asked, Dr Alia only nodded. He signaled his
2 police officers to bring stretcher and body bag.

BRAACK!! the stretcher felt from the police officers hands once they went
near the death body, made Sanskar and Dr Alia startled. “What the…” Sanskar
yelled, but before he completed it, 1 of police officer dragged him little

“Sir! you know who is she, don’t you ?” He leaned his mouth to sanskar’s ear,
put a glance toward Dr Alia who stood beside the death body.
“Hmm..i knew her! She is Dr Alia, our new forensic expert.” Sanskar frowned,
feeling annoyed to see his staffs.
“Huh! she is not only Dr Alia, she is Alia Bhatt Sir! how can she coming
here ?” his face full of confusion.
“I dunno! ask the author! it’s author’s decision to make Alia Bhatt became
forensic expert role in this story.” Sanskar more upset.

“weeew, i dunno about author thingy, i only wonder how she enter this house?
even we didn’t see her at entrance gate, don’t say that she use magic.”
whispered against Sanskar’s ear, the police officer still put a glance to
Alia, made a curious and scared face.
“Huh, stupid! she was at other car, and entered inside unnoticed when..you
know..” Sanskar said incompletely, hesitate on the last.

“When..? when what ?” he widened his eyes to sanskar, suppressed his laugh
along with his friend who stood beside him.
“You know! wheen..i was hugging Swara!”Sanskar took a deep breath, irritated.
Then, both police officers burst out laughing, “hugging Swara..how sweet!”
they made a face, earned a glare from Sanskar. They stopped their laugh and
run to continue their work, put the body on bag and brought it to ambulance.

As they leave, Sanskar walked away to check others, muttered under his
breath, “Stupid author! how can she made Alia Bhatt as my new forensic,
that too with s*xy dress huh! spoiling my investigation and my staff’s mind,
stupid! why she didn’t choose Deepika Padukone, my favorite actress.”his lips
curved slightly.

The author pouts to hear sanskar’s word, cursing Sanskar under her breath,
then continue typing…

“Sir, i checked around the house but only found one CCTV, placed on garage
entrance.” Arjun stopped Sanskar way, showed him a set of cctv recorder.
“Oh OK! bring it! this is his phone also, you check them at office ” Sanskar
handed a plastic bag, contain a phone and wallet to Arjun.

Sanskar continued his step, coming closer to Namish, “How is it ? Anything? ”
“There are nothing missing, the safety box locked, room clean, jewellery,
paintings, many expensive things seemed on their place safely, but there is
an unlocked door at back house, it’s kinda an alley, maybe the killer used
it to went out.” Namish answered, reported everything. Sanskar only nodded,
checked the unlocked door, then back walked toward entrance door, followed
by his staffs.

“Gopal, how about the neighbors ?” Sanskar asked him, once he saw him who back
from interrogating neighborhood. “the neighbors said that there weren’t any
suspicious things or people around, no noise, no scream, nothing at all Sir!”
Gopal reported.

“OK! How about family members? ” Sanskar asked again.
“He lived alone, his wife passed 5 years ago, he only has a son who settled
at New York. He had a driver named Ramiresh and a servant named Soumya Redy,
the driver usually come at 7.00 to pick him to office, meanwhile the servant
usually come at 8.30 as she need to take care her son first, she has spared
key, we sent officers to pick them for interrogation, Sir! ” Uday answered.

Looking at Sanskar’s confusion face, Swara snapped ” It’s me who gave
information to Uday uncle, if you want the further information, you can
interrogate me, i’m ready .” Swara acted as shy girl, earned chuckled from
people around them.

Sanskar without paid any attention to her, asked his personnel to put police
line around the house. “Uday uncle! if Swara is fine already, bring her to
office, we need more information from her !” He said, turned to Uday uncle,
but took a glance to Swara. Uday uncle only nodded.

“Aww, so sweet of you, thinking about me!” Swara in shy, “but i need to
deliver the newspapers to customers first, i’ll come to the office later,
OK ! pleease ? “Swara pleaded.
“OK! come soon, we’ll waiting for you.” Sanskar said.

“Wa,, thank you so much!” Swara in excitement, she leaned her face to Sanskar,
whispered, “and thank you for the hug, it’s so cozy”, then kissed his cheek
tightly. Sanskar so shocked with her sudden move, widened his eyes and kinda
closed his mouth from screaming, meanwhile others couldn’t do anything but
giggled and chuckled.

Swara rush to her bike innocently, waved her hand “Bye handsome, bye guyz!”.
Sanskar stamped his foot and glared at all his staffs who giggled, then
walked to his jeep silently, run from there. His staffs followed him, hopped
on to other cars, went back to police station.


Headed office, all of the police officer engaged to their respective work,
as there was a case to solve soon.

Sanskar made a call to Dr Rohan Maholtra’s son, to inform him about the
tragedy, gave a condolences and explained everything. After sometime, he
cut the call, murmured “huh! what kind of son he is, give more importance
to his job than back to India for his death father.” He stopped as he saw
Namish stood in front of him, ” What ??”
“Report Sir! Ramiresh, the driver is missing and the servant, mrs Soumya
Redy on the way!” Namish said.
“What ?? find him soon, maybe he is not far away yet!”
“Yess Sir! “Namish then made an instruction on phone.

Gopal was busy working on the victim’s phone, on his desk when Sanskar came
close to him, “Any progress ?”.
“Oh, yess Sir! according the schedule and the last call, Dr Maholtra seemed
to go to golf course with his colleague, Dr Samrat Matur. I confronted it to
the golf course manager, he confirmed. He said that Dr Maholtra and Dr Matur
left there at 17.00 with their respective car.”

“So he still alive at 17.00” Sanskar nodded his head thoughtfully.
“And I called Dr Samrat Matur, he confirmed about it too, but he is at
Mumbay now for conference. He promises that he will meet you tomorrow morning
at 9.00 am, at Kolkata Family Hospital, their both workplace.
“OK!” sanskar nodded in agreement.

” You got something Arjun ?” Sanskar shouted as he saw Arjun came out from
the audio room, then came closer to him.
“Nothing Sir!” Arjun in disappointment.
“Haa…is the cctv broken ? the killer did that ?” Sanskar shocked.
“No..No..Sir! the video just fine, but..hmm..better you watch it yourself!”
Arjun with an awkward face, made all the remaining officers on that hall
curious. They all rushed to audio room along with Sanskar to know what the
exact happen on the video.

They put intense gaze to the screen for sometime on silent, but then, the
laughing echoed on the audio room,all of them laughed, except Sanskar.
“What the hell!! what did the pair of lizards do there ha ?” Sanskar yelled
in frustration. They stopped their laugh, scared.

“Apparently, those lizards thought that they are porn star Sir! so, they did
ahem ahem on camera as if they took shoot for blue movie.” Arjun answered
and grinned, earning laugh from all of his friends.
“Huh! this shameless lizards spoiled my case!” Sanskar hit the wall, then
walked out still frustrating.

“Omg Arjun! porn star lizards! hahahah! so funny” Namish laughed, “but see,
Sanskar Sir didn’t even smile, stone face”.
“Namiish!” Sanskar peeped his head at the door, Namish’s face changed to
pale as if he busted.” Yess Sir!” he said in scared voice.
“Mrs Soumya is arriving, interrogate her! and all of you, back to your work!”
Sanskar in stern voice, all of them bend their head down.

After Sanskar closed the door, and Namish departure, Uday uncle walked
closer to Arjun, “Arjun beta!, can you please download that video to my
phone ?” handed his phone to Arjun.
“For what uncle ?” Arjun perplexed.
“I want to show it to my wife, so, we can practice lizard style tonight!”
Uday said sheepishly.
“Whaaaaattt…!!” all of them said in unison and fainted. (Rabia effect)


Out from the audio room, Sanskar continue his walk to forensic room, headed
Dr Alia Bhatt who engrossed herself with the death body of Dr Maholtra.
” You found something ?” Sanskar asked.
“Yup! i found clay particle on the injured area, mean the blunt object that
caused death was a clay statue with round shape at bottom.” Alia showed the
report note.
“Clay statue ??? but i didn’t see any clay statue at that crime scene.”
Sanskar in thoughtful voice, he tried to remember something.
“Wait! let me ask her.” Sanskar walked out from that room, leaving Alia who
still busy in autopsy thingy.

“Uday uncle! did Swara arrive already ?” Sanskar shouted to him, as he stood
far away from him, near the entrance door.
“Not…!” before Uday complete it, a voice snapped “Tadaaa! i’m here already,
handsome! omg!! we are obviously soulmate, see, you need me and i’m here! ”
Swara yelled in excitement.

” Talking about devil, and devil come, huh!” Sanskar grumbled, walked closer
to his desk.”Sit!” he signed Swara to sit on the chair in front of him.
“I’am angel not devil, rite uncle ?” Swara winked, made Uday uncle smiled.
She then sat on the chair as sanskar pointed.

“Well Swara, did you remember clay statue at Dr Maholtra’s house ?” Sanskar
started their conversation.
“What clay statue ? there is no clay statue at that house.” Swara confused.
“Are you sure ?”
“Positively, as i remember this morning, there were nothing missing from
that room, and no clay statue.” Swara in thoughtful state, kinda convinced
herself, “wait! don’t say that the statue was the murder weapon ?”
Sanskar only silent, didn’t answer her question.
“But it’s weird, if only the killer brought the weapon, means it’s a planned
murder, omg!” she was kinda talking to herself, Sanskar stared at her in

Ignored her words, Sanskar continued his question, “tell me, since when you
know Dr Rohan Maholtra ?”
“Ehm, i knew Dr Maholtra since 2 years ago, i was his patient, then we met
again 3 months ago when i take this delivery job, he was a kind heart man,”
tears brimmed on her eyes, Sanskar handed her tissue.

“Sir! we found Ramiresh already, he hide at his relative house, our squad
bring him now!” Namish came suddenly from nowhere, reported.
“Mrs Soumya said that she went out from Dr Maholtra’s house at 13.00 pm noon
to pick up her son from school and came back to her own house at 14.30, we
called her husband and he confirmed that his wife came home at 14.30.”he

“Why she is lying? ” Swara in confused face, whispered which audible for
Sanskar and Namish, made Namish perplexed, meanwhile Sanskar said to Namish
“Don’t release her and bring Mr Redy here for interrogation.”

“Yes Sir! and we pick Dr Nikith Sharma, Dr Maholtra’s colleague as according
to Mrs Soumya’s statement, he had been threatened to kill Dr Maholtra two
weeks ago for flirting his wife.” Namish said, then go from there.

“I knew Dr Nikith, he is a very rude person.” Swara said after Namish
“Ha ? did you know when Dr Nikith threatened Dr Maholtra ?” Sanskar asked.
“Nooo..i didn’t know about it, i only ever met him twice at Dr Maholtra’s
house and met him several time at college, you know i’m delivering news
paper at college also. “Swara grinned.

“Any other thing you can tell to me about Dr Maholtra ?” sanskar again gave
her question.
“I don’t think so, let me think again later, i’m too shock, sorry!” Swara
in guilty.
“It’s OK! you can call me if you remember something.” Sanskar thoughtful
“calling youuu! omg! i’ll definitely do that.” Swara smiled widely.
“Swaraaaa!!!” Sanskar shouted at her in low voice.
“OK! sorry.” Swara pout. “i know you frustrated about this case, but at
least you have 3 suspects, a runaway driver, a jealous husband and a liar
servant, well even thought her time and place didn’t match with Dr Maholtra
time of death, but who knows, maybe there was a conspiracy between she and
her husband.” Swara blabbered, made Sanskar startled.

“How do you know about Dr Maholtra’s time of death ?” Sanskar in curiosity.
“hehehe, i overheard when Dr Alia told you.” Swara grinned.
“Huh! don’t act as smart ass, it’s none of your business.” Sanskar frowned.
“I’m only smart you know! can i go now ? please!!”
“Oh OK! but please tell me soon as possible if you remember something.”
“Sure handsome Sir! good luck with your 3 suspects.” she jerked the chair
and stood, winked at him then walked away. He only shook his head.
Suddenly, he heard a husky voice on his ear ” i overheard because i was
jealous on you and Alia, so stay away from her.”
“Swaraaaaa!” he yelled a bit as startled with Swara’s action.
“ssttt,,don’t yell at me or i’ll kiss your cheek again, ” Swara gave tongue,
run away from there waved her hand, “bye handsome.”
“Pagal.” Sanskar grumbled.

who is the killer ? the runaway driver, the liar servant, the jealous
husband, the colleague or Swara ???

At audio room, Sanskar put his gaze to the screen which provide the
interrogation process in frustration as they got nothing from their potential
A liar servant who confessed that she picked her son from school on sunday,
only to covered her affair with a driver from other district.
But she had a good alibi as she was watching movie with her family during
victim’s time of death.
A runaway driver who found Dr Maholtra’s death body lied on floor at the
morning, scared to get accusation from police made him to hide.
But he had a good alibi as he was accompanying her wife at gynecologic during
victim’s time of death.
the last, the jealous husband, who happy to hear Dr Maholtra’s death news,
But he had a good alibi also, doing heart surgery during victim’s time of

“How can it happen ? why all of them have good alibi during victim’s time
of death ? what wrong, what we miss , uugh !” Sanskar hit the desk, poured
his frustration, his staffs who company him,kept quite.

“Wait, maybe it’s not about the alibi, maybe it’s about time of death, maybe
Alia Bhatt has no capability to be forensic expert, may…” Sanskar’s words
stopped in the middle when namish snapped, yelled at him in anger,
“Shut up Sir! dare no to blame my s*xy Alia Bhatt!” made Sanskar surprised,
he jerked and shouted back, ” Namiiisshh! dare you to shout at me ?”

Sanskar’s scream made Namish gulped, his face turned white in fear (fair &
lovely lotion no more needed), “wwoohhh..ssoo ssoorryy Sir! i didn’t mean
it, bbbutt..please don’t blame my innocent Alia.”
“Aarrrgghh stop it! you and the stupid author spoiling me, huh!” Sanskar
walked out, still cursed author to choose Alia Bhatt to be a forensic
expert in this story.

the author felt to strangle him, but, she is wise enough to let it and
continue typing the story

Morning, as usual, our cute angel started her action to disturbing her
grumpy detective at police station.
“Good morning handsome! how about the result ha ? who is the killer ? why
you didn’t give the good news to media yet ?”
“Stop it Swara! better you get lost from here.” Sanskar said felt annoyed.
“Huh! what happen ? the killer not found yet ? sorry.” Swara in concern tone.

“Please try to remember something, maybe we can find a clue.” desperate
Sanskar, huffed.
Swara kept quite for awhile, tried her best to remember, “omg, i forgot
about it. ” suddenly she yelled, made Sanskar startled.
“Forgot about what ?” Sanskar in enthusiasm.
“Last week, there was a father of Dr Maholtra patient, he came to his house,
shouted and yelled at him in anger, talking about wrong diagnose or wrong
medicine, i’m not sure about that.”

“Good! do you know who is he ? his name ? his address ?” Sanskar asked, his
eyes full spark.
“Sorry, i dunno,” Sanskar felt disappointment to hear her words.
“But i remember his face to sketch, and yeah he came with his kid, i mean
the patient, maybe we can find his picture at patient files,” Swara said,
tried to give idea.

“Excellent idea! well i should go now! thank you Swara!” Sanskar grabbed his
car key.
“Where you will go ? ” Swara confused.
“To hospital, to get the patient data and to meet dr Samrat Matur.” sanskar
walked out.
“You should bring me then.” swara followed him.
“No, you wait here, i’ll bring it for you.”
“Bring me, or i won’t help you to recognize him.” Swara in threatened tone.
“Urgh OK! but don’t make trouble there.” Sanskar gave up.

“Yay!! you are the best handsome!” she yelled in excitement, hopped in the
jeep. Sanskar only shook his head, then hopped in driver seat, and start
the engine.
“Omg! we are kinda doing morning date, soo sweet!” Swara starred at him.
“Stop talking nonsense, put your seat belt.” Sanskar in stern tone.
“Huh! you are really grumpy cat!” Swara pouted.
Grumpy caat!! Sanskar yelled in his mind, huh! it’s must be the silly author
who teach Swara to gave me this silly nick name instead calling me handsome
as usual, he cursed.

the author shocked, “what the hell, Swara did it and he blamed me !!!!
omg,be calm Mica, be calm Mica, or else he will give you heart attack!”
frowned, tried to calm herself, again, continue typing..

They both walked toward the receptionist once they headed the Kolkata Family
Hospital building.

“We are from Kolkata Police Departement, did Dr.Samrat Matur come already?”
Sanskar asked.
“Sorry Sir! he doesn’t come yet, anything important ?is there a need to call
him ?” the receptionist answered, she was in verge to call when Sanskar
said, ” No, we will waiting for him, can you give me Dr Rohan Maholtra’s
patient files to us now ?”

“Patient files ? No sir! we can’t give it, there is doctor-patient privilege
It’s confidential.” She said apologetically. Swara, who stood beside Sanskar,
whispered to him,” i need to go to washroom.” Sanskar nodded in agreement.

“You should give me! It’s important to solve Dr Maholtra murder case! or you
seem don’t care about him! ” Sanskar tried to threatened her.
“No Sir! you are wrong, from deep inside my heart i do care about him, we
all very sad to hear his death, he was very very good doctor, but i can’t
against the rule, please try to understand.”

“Look! i just need to see it for a couple minutes! you should understand
too how important it is for me.” Sanskar argue back.
“Without the chief approval or court approval, i’m very sorry to say that
i can’t give it to anyone, and chief went to Canada for meeting this week.”

They both engaged on small argument for few minutes, Sanskar finally gave up,
by a hope that Dr Samrat Matur will help him, he said to her,
“OK! i won’t force you, but please tell Dr Samrat Matur that i’m waiting him
at waiting room when he arrives”
“Sure Sir! i’m very sorry once again.” she smiled yet apologetic.

Sanskar walked toward the seat which provided at waiting room neatly in
disappointment face. He gave some questions to nurse who passed the waiting
room randomly, collecting information while waiting Swara and Dr Matur.

Huh! where is this pagal Swara! his mind blabbered when he noticed a nurse
winked at him from far away. He ignored it but again the nurse winked at him
several times, her head moved kinda signaling something.
Irritated, he stood and walked toward that nurse only to get shock “you!!
what are you doing!!!!” he shouted in low voice, the nurse dragged him to
store room.

“Are you mad ? what are doing ? why you drag me here ?” Sanskar in anger yet
in low pitch to see Swara in nurse disguise.
“I’am s*xy rite ? “swara winked at him, “so, we can do romance here.”
“Swaraaa! omg! why on this earth i should facing you! i failed to get the
files out there and here you just pla…” Swara put her palms on Sanskar’s
mouth before he could complete his sentences, pinned him at wall as she heard
steps and voice at out the room.

Pin drop silent from a moment to let the voice gone. Swara released her palms
from Sanskar’s mouth and said, “Omg handsome! your lips soo soft,” surprised,
earned a blush on Sanskar’s cheek for a second as Swara whispered on his ear
“Stop blushing Sir! we are here to work, not romance!” in stern yet husky
voice. Sanskar’s mouth opened in disbelief.

“Look at this!” Swara showed a big book contained Dr Maholtra’s patient data
she opened it’s page by page to search that kid picture. Sanskar joined her.
“Wait..wait! this is the kid, ” they stopped in a page. “his name is..
Varun Dawaaan ? ” they yelled in unison.
“Huh! it’s more lookalike Varun Kapoor childhood picture than Varun Dawan,”
swara said in disbelief, she turned her face to sanskar,” Don’t say that the
stupid author give us wrong name,” and both burst out laughing.
“hahhha, indeed, she is stupid author, Swara!” Sanskar said in between his

the author only hit her head on floor in frustration to hear
the word ‘stupid’, cursed her fate to write a story of this shameless
couple, “It was sanskar before, and now Swara ????? huh! No doubt,
they are indeed soulmate,….

Swara was in no bound happiness to see Sanskar’s laughing, she only starred
at him lovingly, “You are soo cute when laughing.”
realized Swara’s intense gaze to him, sanskar stopped his laugh abruptly.
“Stop your nonsense talk! tell me where did you get it ?” Sanskar back on
his stern state.

“Huh! grumpy cat! of course i borrowed it .” swara pouted. Sanskar surprised.
“Without permission.” Swara added.
“it’s called stealing, silly!!!” Sanskar hit his forehead.

“Whatever! well i should go! “Swara said.
“Where do you go ? ” sanskar shocked.
“Of course put this files back and change my dress, wanna join me ?” Swara
winked teasingly.
“huh! shameless girl!” Sanskar murmured, left the room immediately.
“Only for you handsomee! ” swara giggled to see his antic.


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