Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-14)

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Guys thank you for your comments guys on previous part, lets continue
Here is link for all previous parts:
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Episode starts from
Sanskar excitedly taking swara into mansion, she follows him silently. after stepping inside he called for his mother
Sanskar: (excited ) mommm I came
Ap came there hearing him, seeing swasan together and their entangled hands she felt very happy, she blessed to be like this forever in her heart and went towards them
Ap: Sanskar, swara u both came
Sanskar: (hugging ap) missed you very much mom

Ap: haan….as u saw me after 10 years
Sanskar: huhhh
Ap: I came here just three days ago, and u missed me?? Tell me truth I think u enjoyed without me with your stupid office
Sanskar: how can you got it so easily mom (acts like shocking)
Ap: I am your mother and I know about you (slapping on his head)
Sanskar smiles sheepishly, all this while swara is enjoying mom-son duo drama standing aside with smile,she is seeing new shade of Sanskar .
Ap: swara beta come here
Swara goes towards ap and takes her blessings
Ap: how are you beta??

Swara: fine aunty, how are you aunty?
Ap: fine dear….waise this idiot did not bothered you na during journey (pointing towards Sanskar)
Swara chuckles
Sanskar: (whined like child) mommm
Ap: haan….what mom I said truth only na, always irritating others..huhh I pity my dil how she going to bear you (seeing swara )
Sanskar: ( staring swara lovingly) she will bear me momm, you don’t worry about her, she is my angel you know
Swara feels unknown sadness as she got to know someone is there in his life (poor girl don’t know who is that angel he is telling about)

Ap: haan..haan…will see, god ji please give my dil strength to bear this stupid (funnily praying to god)
Swara chuckles hearing this
Sanskar: huhhh, mommm I am going to dad, my dad is best unlike you
Ap: haan go…like son like father (making faces) swara beta , you don’t mind his drama, this is common between us
Swara (nods) : aunty where is uttara, lucky and ragini

“Here I am” a voice heard, swara and ap turns and sees uttara
Uttara: hii swara bh (bites her tongue) swara how r you???
Swara : fine uttara, you ?
Uttara: fully fine and marvelous (uttara comes and hugs swara) raglak went out for temple
(guys both maheswari family and bose family leaves together in this mansion for marriage)
Swara: ohh okk (in mind) I won’t talk to them and forgive them easily
Ap: uttara take swara to her room
(guys this all is privileged for swara unknowing to her as she is special to Sanskar)
Uttara: haan mom ok
Ap: swara fresh up and come to breakfast

Swara: ok aunty thank you
Ap: don’t tell thank you, you also like ragini and uttara to me
Swara smiles, swautt both goes from there
In room
Uttara: here is your room, fresh up and come soon, I am waiting for you
Swara: okkk uttara thank you
Uttara: I think you are my friend, but seems you are not feeling like that about me (angry pouts)

Swara: uttara why are saying like that?? You are my friend
Uttara: don’t you know we won’t tell sorry and thanks to friends
Swara: okkk baba okk no thank you and no sorry okkkk
Uttara: yup okk, now hurry up come soon, ragini bhabi and lucky bhai will come until then
Swara: okkk
Uttara leaves, swara sighs and goes to fresh up , she comes out from bathroom after bathing and combing her hair thinking

Swara pov
“Sanskar family is very friendly and lovable unlike other rich people, here all are very caring , I think my assumption regarding high class people is soo wrong, still now I hate rich people and their families but unknowingly I came close to this family…..hope all is well, yeshhh all are not criminals like that bastard and his so called family, god show me way to get him punished” she wipes her tears thinking this

Swara pov ends
Soon her trances are broken by door opening sound, raglak along wth Sanskar and uttara came there, Sanskar mesmerized seeing her in white salwar,she is looking like fairy, ragini comes towards swara and hugs her but swara does not responds to her
Ragini: swara, how are you dear??? I misseddd you soo much (breaks hug and ask her)
Laksh: yuppp, mee too missed you my siso cum friend how are you?? ( side hugs her)
Laksh: areyy, why are you not talking??
Ragini: uff swara , break your moun vrat na
Swara: (to uttara ) come uttara lets go down
Swara and uttara went from there. raglak stands there confused they both looked Sanskar but he shrugged as he don’t know anything.
Laksh: sanky what happened to her??

Ragini: haan why your princess is not talking to us
Sanskar: go and ask your friend, I don’t know
Laksh: she is not talking na then how will know reason

Sanskar: that’s your problem, not mine , bye I am hungry
Saying this he also went down behind swautt, leaving sad confused raglak behind .at dining table all elders of both maheswari and bose family are sitting and waiting for youngsters. As Ap already tells about swara to them, they all greeted her warmly, swara takes all their blessings and ap introduces all to swara.
Swara (to dp): goodmorning sir (touches his feet to seek blessings)
Dp: god bless you beta,call me da (ap glares him) uncle, you are also our family now (smiles)
(guys dp already knows about sanky feelings and he is happy about his decision,dp is very calm and sweet here)
Swara: ok uncle

Swara takes blessings from ragini parents
Janki and arjun: stay happy, haan call me mom and dad as ragini
Swara: okk (wth smile)
Ragini: wowww now my best friend is my sister (come towards swara but swara ignores her)
All are having breakfast, raglak are thinking reason behind swara ignorance towards them ( tubelights not getting reason behind her anger)

After breakfast uttara, swara are chit chatting some girly things sitting in swara room, raglak with sanskar came there, started talking…no no trying to talk with swara but she as usual ignoring them.
Ragini: uff swara, sorry dear plzzz talk na (guys their tube lights illuminated , they got up reason )
Laksh: give us punishment dear, but plz ignore us
Ragini: haan…if u want I will stop marriage also with this unlucky creature

Laksh: ahhh noooo this is too much, I supported you and you are doing this….god!!!! what have you done…..y u made me fell for this blackmailer (dramatically)
Ragini glares him, while swasanutt breaks into fits of laughter hearing this, seeing her laughing
Ragini: uff thank god you laughed, sooo you forgave us na

Swara: not so easily my bestie, first you both have to bear punishment
Raglak: we are ready
Swara: think before agreeing
Ragini: we are accepting, no need to think, I can’t bear your silent torture
Laksh: haan yeshh
Swara: ok your wish (saying this she winks to sanky)
Sanskar understand her signal and goes from there

(guys Sanskar and uttara also helping swara to punish raglak :P)
Sanskar come there with a plate, seeing plate laksh mouth starts watering like fountain, there are some cream biscuits on plate
Laksh: wow cream bikis (extends his hand to take one, but swara stops him)
Swara: not soo soon laksh wait, here there are 10 cream biscuits in this plate, ragini your punishment is to eat 1 biscuit and laksh remaining 9 biscuits for you
Ragini: very easy
Laksh: I know doll u love me more than ragini……yup give me my bikis

Without waiting for her answer, he took one and eat
Laksh: yuckkkk……what is this biscuits made of(spitting them) it is not cream it is paste (making crying and disgusting face)
Swasan suppress their laughter
Swara: yes…they are specially made for you, Colgate cream biscuits for strong teeth, makes bones stronger, now eat all this
Laksh: why me??? (wth crying face)

Swara: just now you told na reason, more than ragini I I love you na(guys friendly love don’t misunderstand okk) so eat fast
Laksh: this is too much only one biki for her and more for me nooo…. I believe in equaity, so both 50-50 hain na ragu
Ragini: go to hell, I ate one my punishment over, eat remaining fast else forget about our marriage
Laksh: aaahhhhhh mummmmyyyyyyy, this is tooochhhh, I won’t accept
Swara: hiding lie is more crime than telling lie, now be good boy and eat all this
Laksh looks towards Sanskar for help

Sanskar: bhai, don’t look at me like that ,in this I am on my shone side
all: shona??
Sanky: swara is shona……I call my friend swara as shona
Raglakutt : teasingly ohhooooo shona

While swara sees him surprised, with that name
Sanskar: oyy that name only by me for my friend, now stop talking and complete your punishment bhai
Laksh with making different hilarious faces somehow eat those biscuits, while all are giggling seeing him
Swara: okk jiju, your punishment one is over now second punishment
Laksh: what second punishment noooooooo
Saying this he runs from there, while remaining all breaks into laughter

DESTINY is sleeping today as it is awake all night seeing swasan, so chup chap don’t disturb DESTINY

Scenes freezes on happy faces of swasanraglakutt.
Guys I don’t want to drag swara anger as everyone has their personal reasons and it’s not necessary to share all things to others. This is my pov
Questions for you guys
So swara hates rich people!!!! Let’s see wheather Sanskar able to remove her fears and assumptions or not??
Who is bastard and his family swara thinking about??
Share your views regarding this chappy.

Thank you

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