Swasan – Accidently yours 33

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Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Sorry guys will not be able to continue this ff due to my studies. If I am writing in a hurry without concentration it’s looking like some crap so there this no full satisfaction. You could have noticed in last 3-4 chappy that’s the main reason. I don’t wont to disappoint my readers with my unsatisfied writing. As per your suggestions will try to include all ur need. If I am not able to complete in this chappy will try to write one or2 more chappy. But not more than that. Thanks for the suggestions really means a lot. Will try to give some OS when time permits and when I am free from all the work will surely post an ff.
I hope u will understand my situation and help me through it. Kaks this is for u u asked for Swara in hospital and sanky taking care of her  do enjoy. All the best for ur exams and take care of ur health dear 

Previous Episode Link : Episode 32

Doc: She is out of danger , there is nothing to worry and removes her oxygen mask. Whole family gathered near her and happy for Swara. Swara eyes scans for ASR but gets dejected when she cannot find him.
DP, AP blesses her Uthil hugs her all share a happy moment.
Doc: Can you all plz wait outside, we will shift her to ward. After that you can be with her. Our nurse will let u know the rest. Nurse tell them everything and about the payment too.
All leave the room.

Nurse: Sir this is your bill. Pay it in the counter and the medicines you can buy it in the pharmacy. It is located in the right side of the entrance. During night one person can stay with her. For 3 days food will be provided by the hospital for patient. She has to stay here for 3-4 days. We will arrange ambulance for her to travel from Goa to ur place.
DP nods and takes all the papers from nurse.
DP: I will buy medicines and clear the bills.
Sanky: Its ok dad I ll go
Sahil: No Sanky, u be here if doctor needs anything. I will buy medicines papa will clear the bills.

AP: I will see ASR and come.
DP: Dnt go alone, take Uttara with you. Uttara gives y me look. But she can’t deny DP so she takes AP .
Sanky and Dadi are waiting outside. Sanky resting his head on Dadi’s shoulders.
Dadi: Sanky I have a doubt
Sanky: gives a stern look Dadi plz I know but now I m no mood for anything. I am already so exhausted and no energy to fight or argue with you.
Dadi: Am I waiting for fight or what or do I look in the mood of fight.
Sanky understands dadi as she is not going to leave him until he listens. What u want dadi hesitantly.
Dadi: Doctors always tell trust in God or miracle happened. Sanky looks her.
Dadi: Ok ok not always sometimes ok .
Sanky :better

Dadi: In that scenario y can’t we take the patient to pandit ji or pujari . I think they can do better na. What you think who saved Swara Doc or God.
Sanky: Smiles I don’t know Dadi whether God saved or Doc saved and I dnt care. For me she is out of danger that is important. For me both God and Doc saved her both played a equal part.
Dadi: SO u started to believe in God. Am I happy for u.
Sanky: Thanks dadi, you have always been there for me no matter what today also…. Without your support I would have shattered.
Dadi: Holds his hand until I am alive no matter what I will always be there for you.
Swara is changed to ward. Kavitha asks everyone to come home. Dadi asks sanky to be with her. Mrng Uttara will change him. Due to medicines effect Swara was sleeping.
Sanky was tired and went to freshen up. Sanky changed his clothes which sahil gave his best buddy knows him better.
When he comes out he sees Swara trying to get water and it falls down. He rushes towards her and gives a furious look.
Sanky: Is it necessary to try these stunts now really haven’t you had enough.
He pour water and make her drink. He helps her to sit. She rests her back in the bed frame. His face and expression clearly shows his anger.
Nurse gives food for Swara and sanky gets his ordered food from canteen. He doesn’t say anything, tries to feed her. Swara stops him
Swara: Y are you angry with me now
Sanky: Seriouslyyyyy dnt u knw

Swara: Innocently no . If I knw y will I ask u
Sanky: First eat thn will tell u
Swara: No u tell me first
Sanky: For God sake dnt argue and open ur mouth
Swara : clearly sense his anger, asks him to eat as he also would have not eaten anything
Sanky gives her a deadly glare. First open ur mouth dnt irritate me.
Swara: With her cute pout no until u eat I will not eat. She sees there is no change in sanky. She starts her drama. Ooooo God I am feeling hungry and no one is concerned about it. No one cares about me.
Sanky smiles seeing her antics. Swara is relived after seeing his smile.

Swara: thank God u smiled, u know how much I missed ur smile.
Sanky: Dnt do anything on ur own. I am here na I will do everything for u and will take care of everything got it.
Swara nodes. Sanky feeds Swara, Swara spits it immediately.
Swara: Makes faces what is this no salt, no spice nthng is there. I cant eat this.
Sanky: Swaraaaa listen for 3 days u should have like this food nly. U have no other choice what to doo smirks.

Swara: eats hesitantly she sees sanky’ food and thinks to taste it as it was very near to her. She coughs fakely and pushes the spoon down. Sanky nods his head in disbelief and goes to wash room to bring some tissues.
In the mean time Swara slowly tries to take sanky food but she is not able to move. She somehow manages and tastes the food. Her eyes are welled up with tears. She hides her tears and asks Sanky to eat his food as she if full.
Sanky eats his food with a smile.
Swara: How is ur food . It will have salt , spice and all.
Sanky: Y its so tasty and perfect. You dnt know what ur missing in a teasing tone.
Swara: Seriously: I know what I am missing. I tasted the food.
Sanky : chokes immediately . What why did u taste and when did…..
Swara: y are u eating bland food like me
Sanky: Hello dnt think tooooo much ok . They gave the wrong food. Y will I eat bland food.
Swara: Proudly and immensely happy Becoz I am eating na…… Thanks Sanskar with tears.
Sanky: Ok ok no more feelings wipes her tears. Sleep now.
Swara: I love u
Sanky: Ya I know. Ok you want anything
Swara: Yes, I want a kiss
Sanky: Open his eyes and mouth widely. Swara smiles seeing his reaction.
Swara: What happened
Sanky: kisses her on her forehead. Get well soon rest we will see later and makes her lie down.

Next morning everyone visits Swara but she keeps on asking for ASR.
Swara: Is bhai angry with me. He did not see me
Sanky: Nthng he is busy with Bhabhi that’s y
Swara is not completely convinced by his answers. Swaras hair were disturbing her. Sanky combs her hair and makes her pony . Though he failed in first two attempts he succeed in 3 attempt of making a perfect pony. He cares her, he was around her 24*7.Cleaning her, dressing her, feeding her and his and dadi antics were entertainment for her. It was last night in the hospital, swara was happy and slept early. But she was having leg pain and could not sleep properly. Suddenly she feels someone massaging her legs and feeling good. She opens her eyes and sees sanky. He signals her to close her eyes and sleep. She sleeps peacefully and relaxed. Swara is super happy on her hubby’s concern and 3 days were more than enough for her.


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      Thanks adi dear will try to update soon 🙂

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    Tq for taking my suggestions
    Really a wonderful part

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    Update was nice 🙂

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  12. Chanu

    Awsome epi dr..
    my sankys care is soo lvly.. :-*
    He take dat foods bz f swara.. hw sweet.
    I fall 4 him once again.
    My swasan looks soo cute.. lv them

    mirna dr.. u going 2 end dis. Haww..
    🙁 🙁 🙁
    Bt wt 2 do studies r more important na.. soo it ok dr..
    when u r free plz write season 2 of dis and mny ffs..
    bt plz nly swasan.. 😉 🙂

    Keep writing dr
    Be happy always

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