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Swara was looking through her old dresses and had spread them on the bed. Sanskar enters the room and looks at the condition of room and gets tensed. Swara has spread everything and was seeing through them.
Sanskar- swara… princess what have you done. Why have you spread all the clothes and ornaments on the bed.
Swara- sanskar these are my dresses. [she asked excitedly]
Sanskar- yes these are your dresses.
Swara- hooo… but in our home I don’t have these dresses. So beautiful. See… how to wear this sanskar.
Showing heavy worked red saree which was the same saree she wore on the night they became one.
Swara opened the folded saree and flipping it from one side to another side.
Swara- sanskar this is so long and there is no rope to tie it. How to wear it say naa? [questioned swara seeing all sarees and lehngas]
Sanskar took the saree from her and bundled up all the clothes spread on the bed and kept on couch.
Sanskar- why did you spread all the things. See the room is looking like a mess. [he picked the ornaments and kept everything on table, also took the ones swara was holding]
Swara- no it was all good. I was only seeing clothes. Let me see na. sanskar.. [she whined as sanskar kept everything aside.]
Sanskar- swara no masti. What did I taught you. You forgot? You will listen to me and if not then I will not allow you to see marriage. You want to see it or not.
Swara looked angrily at sanskar and sat on the bed in indian style.
Sanskar- [saw her that she is angry but ignored] that’s like a good girl.
Swara- you are very bad. [she huffed and became quite and again spoke few seconds later] you are very bad. You always do like this.
Swara’s words were making no effect on sanskar. He was just arranging the room which took swara only 10 minutes to make it a mess earlier.
Seeing no reaction from sanskar, her eyes became teary and slowly slowly she started sniffing. Sanskar although arranging the room, immediately looked at swara listening her sniffs.
He closed his eyes in agony for again making her upset. Sitting beside her, he cupped her face which she jerked away sniffing like a baby. knowing swara’s behaviour well he pulled swara into a hug which she protested but ultimately gave up and sniffed in his embrace.
Sanskar- what happened to my swara. Why she is crying?
Swara- [sniffing] you are very bad.
Sanskar- [caressing her hair] why?
Swara- you always scold me and you always stop me from doing everything and I was seeing dress, you didn’t let me see. you are very bad. [she complained him about his ownself]
Sanskar- bas itti si baat aur meri princess itna ro rhi hai. [only this much small matter and my princess is crying so much]
Sanskar- we will see your dresses but now see I am tired and you must be tired too. you don’t want to see your dress with me. You will see everything alone.
Swara nodded no being in his embrace.
Swara- nahi I will see with you.
sanskar smiled a little.
Sanskar- that is what I was saying. Come now you sleep.
Swara- anana sanskar nindi nai aa rahi hai. [sanskar I am not feeling sleepy.]
Sanskar- [sighed] ok. But we can lye down and you can talk to me. Ok.
Swara- ok.
Swara cribbed about things and questioned many things from sanskar and being bored slept and so did sanskar out of tiredness. When they woke up swara looked through her dresses excitedly yet confusedly and wanted to wear saree and lehnga but obviously didn’t know how to and sanskar had a tough time dealing with her that she would wear them later.
Lately things have changed in swasan life. Incidents and instant decisions have given a new shape to swasan life but what this life leads them to is always a question until they face it, go through it and it’s just the time for that. Life has always been hard on them and now to it won’t take any less tests from them but it would be worth to see how they come out of it.
Life has shown so many difficulties to sanskar on the emotional front in such a short span of time and it was no less for swara. But nevertheless they have crossed each and every difficult path earlier on their own and now with their companion. Although things seems to be incomplete to others but in any condition when they are together there world is complete. They feel complete with each other and hence no matter what people say, what they feel about them , sanskar is holding onto swara with hope that everything will be fine one day and even if not atleast his swara will be with him. The sense of responsibility will be different, the shoulders on which this responsibility lies will be different but they would be together and that’s what matters.
The evening turned to night. Swasan all the while remained in the room with new addition of uttara and sujata in the room for dinner.

Next day morning everyone was assembled for the poja except swasan which obviously gave a topic for the relatives to speak stuffs and make gossips out of it. While maheshwari’s tried to avoid and dismiss all such conversations but as relatives generally are would never leave a stone unturned to ask as many questions as possible for any topic that arose.
It was difficult for sanskar to handle family relatives and swara altogether with the work for uttara’s marriage. But yet he confined swara to the room all day busy with rishi and rama and sometimes with uttara.
Swara was fascinated to see the beautiful dresses and accessories of uttara. The most that attracted her was the sparkling glitter work on her dresses and the patterns of her jewelleries which shone. Those bright things were her attraction. And she had made her mind to ask for it from sanskar. Although the swara everyone had known was not fond of these things. The swara they have known was a mature female and always taking someone’s responsibility. But time has changed and now she is someone’s responsibility herself. Now she is no more responsible for anyone, none to be blamed of and well it seems she is enjoying this life a lot. But out there somewhere deep inside the heart of someone whom she belongs is still waiting to feel his share of love, to throw tantrums and be loved by with all his flaws accepted and not to be thought about.
But for now that someone has taken the responsibility to be the mature one, the understanding one, and the supportive one burying his deep desires and dreams just in the hope that when the time will come he will get his share as his swara would never keep him deprived of anything and till then he will wait. Here as Swara saw uttara getting ready for a puja during day and that was it. Her wish list to ask from sanskar was made.
In the room while pooja was going on downstairs.
Swara- sanskar …… sanskar…. [she nudged him when he was busy doing work on his laptop]
Sanskar- say swara [still focussed on laptop]
Swara- sanskar I also want to wear beautiful dress then I will look beautiful like uttara. I will wear bangles and also that…. [she scratched on her head as she didn’t remember the name of the ornament] that one that uttara was wearing. [sanskar mujhe bhi sundar sundar kapde la do. main bhi pehnugi aur sundar dikhungi uttara ki tarah. Aur aur mujhe chudi bhi chahiye aur who bhi chahiye.. wo…. Who jo uttara ne pehna tha naa.]
Sanskar looked at swara closing his laptop.
Sanskar- hmm so you want dress like uttara.
Swara nodded cutely making a convincing pout.
Sanskar- [smiled] ok I will bring your dress and also you will look very beautiful but I also want something in return. Say will you do what I will say.
Swara- yes now bring my dress.
Sanskar- ok… ok I will bring it. But before that tell me did you have your medicines.
Swara- [making faces] mujhe nahi khani gande medicines. [I don’t want to eat those bad medicines]
Sanskar- accha.but then my princess will not get any beautiful dress.
Swara got very much angry. She huffed and looked at sanskar. For a minute seeing swara angry and serious expressions he was dazed.
Swara showed a finger to him and narrowing her eyes spoke in anger.
Swara- you won’t give me dress. Just say me once again. [tum nahi laaoge dress. Phir se bolna ek baar]
The way she spoke made sanskar think that she is the old swara.
Sanskar- swara….
Swara- ahahahah sanskar you are bad. You always do this. [she whined like a child]
This broke sanskar’s reverie and he knew she isn’t that swara anymore and not in an instant would she turn out to be that but just the virtual feel of it made him shivered with the ecstatic feeling he felt for that one moment. But that feeling he had to let go as have to see to this swara.

So this was it.
Come back is a bit difficult as you go off track when it’s a long time.
Happy birthday again tweety swasan.
But for the birthday present this will be a short and sad update sorry for that.
Hopefully one more episode will be there up their before midnight.

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