Swaron os – SuRpriSEd… Who surprised whom?!

‘Pheww!! Finally, all the arrangements have been made. Hope tomorrow turns out to be the best day. I have to wait for the clock to strike 12. That’s it’ thought Sharon as she made her way to the bed.

*Ding Dong*

Wondering who had come at this hour of night, Sharon went and attended the door.

“Hey! Surprise” said an excited Swayam as he hugged her.

‘Wasn’t this supposed to be the other way round??!!’ wondered Sharon as she hugged him back.

Swayam pulled out of the hug, planted a kiss on her forehead and made his way inside.

Closing the door behind them, Sharon slowly went to him. She was thinking hard, finding all the possible reason for his arrival at this time.

Unable to understand why he was here now, she asked “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?” Swayam faked being confused.

Sharon gave him a Duh-Stop- this look as she folded her arms.

“Before you go to your siren mode, let me tell you, we are going out. So, go and get ready in something you are comfortable” said Swayam as he made himself comfortable on the couch.

“Where are we going?” Sharon asked her eyebrows shrunk in confusion and suspicion.

“Somewhere special. No more questions. Go and get ready soon.” He said pointing towards her bedroom.

“But Sway-” , she was interrupted by him.

He scooped her in his arms and went inside her room.

Placing her down gently, Swayam said “I said no more questions. Get ready soon. I am waiting for you”

There was this weird goofy smile on his face. Not giving her a chance to reply, he ran out of her room.

Sharon pondered over what just happened, ‘What happened to him? He is behaving so weird. Did someone blackmail him to do all these? Oh my God! This means he is in trouble. Oh! I have to help him. Wait! What am I thinking??!! He is all happy and excited. Do people get happy and excited when they get blackmailed? Oh God! What is happening to me??!! Urghhh! Swayam! I hate you’

“I love you, Sharon. Even if you get late my love for you won’t change. But I am running out of patience, baby. Make it fast” Swayam shouted from the living room.

Sharon just sighed and got ready in a simple white crop top paired with blue denims. It was gifted by Swayam on their anniversary.

“Let’s go” she said making her way out of the room and standing before Swayam.
“You look beautiful, Sharon” Swayam said as he planted a sloppy kiss on her cheeks.

Sharon blushed muttering a shy thank you. They have been together for years now. But still she felt shy and would go all red every time he does something romantic. This was his effect on her. Can anyone make Sharon go weak on her knees? Yes, absolutely. This man, standing right before her, makes her go weak on her knees every time she looks into his eyes.
She was snapped out of her Swayam Land when she received a smack on her head.

Sharon. Rai. Prakash. Received. A. Smack. On. Her head.

“How dare you?” she shouted as she turned to the person who had the courage to do that.

There he stood with his eyes closed and hands covering his ears, looking oh so adorable.

Swayam opened his eyes and looked at Sharon who was standing there, her arms folded and eyes shooting daggers at him.

“umm..I am sorry. But I didn’t have any other option. I called your name twice. I shouted Sharon all the while. Then I snapped my fingers in front of your eyes. But you seemed lost. And to add on you had this shy smile. I understood you were lost in my thoughts. And I know nothing soft and sweet will bring you back. So..you know.. I…did that” he said in the cutest way possible.

His cute expressions, the way he explained it..Oh! Sharon so loved it.
She took a deep breath to calm herself and indicated him lets go with actions.

Swayam looked up and thanked God that he was alive even now.

They both made their way out of the house and then to his cycle. Sharon was now very much used to go with him in cycle that she started disliking car rides. The fresh air, the love, the emotions and the joy could be felt only when she travelled in this super cycle.

They both chit chatted during the journey, enjoying each other’s company. Though Sharon was very curious to know where they were going, she didn’t budge him much. Experience had made it clear to her that this guy will not open his mouth about any surprise.

Finally they reached their destination. Sharon couldn’t fathom where they were. She looked at Swayam confused. Because all she could see was a broken wooden gate in the middle of nowhere. Swayam assured her with his eyes. Taking her hands in his, he moved forward and opened the gate. He helped her descend the few steps that followed. As soon as they came down, Swayam moved forward and gestured Sharon to look forward.

Sharon was astonished. They were in a garden full of fireflies. Swayam indicated Sharon to move ahead. She moved slowly taking in the view in front of her. As she put her hand in front, some fireflies came and sat there. Sharon was overwhelmed. She so loved this place. The place filled her with warmth and love unknowingly. She had always wanted to see fireflies, especially in the night. Who doesn’t? And now her wish was fulfilled. She turned around to find Swayam looking at her with a smile. Moving forward, Swayam came and stood next to her. They both stood there looking around enjoying the beauty of the place.

After a while, Swayam spoke as he turned to Sharon.

“I found this place three days back while returning from academy. Thanks to Rey that he gave me extra work or I wouldn’t have returned that late to see these fireflies light up this place. I so wanted to bring you here. But we both were caught up with some work. I couldn’t hold my excitement anymore. So, I decided to bring you here tonight itself. I know that you wanted to see fireflies for real at least once. Your wish is my command, Sharon. And here you go, your wish is fulfilled.”

Sharon was more than overwhelmed. What did she do to get such a wonderful soul mate? She moved forward and hugged him. Her eyes were moist. She was so lucky to have Swayam in her life.

“I love you, Swayam. Thank you so much. I love you” she mumbled in his ears.

Swayam tightened his hold on her, reciprocating the hug with all the love he had.

After few seconds, they pulled out of the hug. Swaya took Sharon’s hands in his and sat down on the grassland. They both were quiet. The silence was not awkward. It was comforting.

Sharon broke the silence with the one question that has always been in her head and heart.

“Why did you love me, Swayam?”

There was no reply.

They were silent for some while.

“I don’t know” Swayam said looking ahead. “I don’t know the reason why I loved you. If you had asked me why I love you, I will give n number of reasons. But your question is why I loved you at the first place. I don’t know, Sharon. I think no one knows the reason why they loved a person. It isn’t something I chose at the first place. But I chose to continue doing it.”

Sharon looked at him as he continued pouring out his feelings.

“I had known many girls from my childhood. But I never felt what I felt for you. I had been a cute innocent mumma’s boy all my life. I know I am praising myself. But that’s the truth. Promise”
He pinched his throat as he said. Sharon chuckled at his cuteness.
“The first time I saw you, I felt so many things..Umm..I don’t know how to put them in words. I never saw you as the Sharon Rai Prakash. I always saw you as Sharon, my Sharon. I wanted to fulfill all your wishes. I wanted to make you feel loved. I wanted you to experience true love. I wanted to be the man of your dreams. I wanted to be the love of your life. The wish to make all these happen increased day by day. First I thought maybe it is just a mere attraction. But when the intensity of my feelings kept on increasing, I knew for sure that I love you. I have never experienced this before, Sharon. Every time I saw you I felt something that was so new to me. People have asked why I loved you even though you insulted me. You know why? Because those insults were from Sharon Rai Prakash and not my Sharon. Those were from Sharon Rai Prakash, the college diva who cares about standards, status, looks and her image. It was not from Sharon, the innocent cute angel, the other side of SRP whom I loved and admired more. I love all your sides Sharon. The Sharon Rai prakash, college diva, Siren Sharon and my Sharon, I love them all. When you finally accepted me, I was so so happy. We have seen so many ups and downs in our relationship. But here we are with each other. That’s destiny. You and I are destined to be us. Swayam and Sharon are destined to be Swaron. I don’t know whether this is the right time or not. I didnt plan to say all these. Neither did I plan to propose you. But it is coming with the flow. I don’t have a ring…”

Sharon placed her hand on his mouth stopping him from talking further. That was when Swayam noticed that Sharon was crying hard. She stood up and gestured him to stand up.

“Sharon, I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you” said Swayam as he wiped her tears.

Just then, Sharon took out a ring from her pocket.

Swayam was shocked. ‘Sharon had planned to propose me!’ he thought all surprised.

She went on her knee and spoke between her sobs.
“I love you Swayam. I love you more than what you think. I love you more than I love my parents, friends and family. I love you more than anything and everything. You know, in my childhood I never got love. My parents loved me. Yes. But they loved me as if it was their responsibility and nothing more. I remember I had cried every time I was left alone at home. They went for meetings and business tours leaving me alone with only kaka in the house. I have cried when they didn’t turn up at my annual day. I have cried when they weren’t there to celebrate my success or encourage me during failures. I lost faith in love. And I decided not to let my happiness be bound to someone else. That is why I behave arrogant with people. I became a rich spoilt brat. But that is one side of mine. There was this Sharon who was still the same. Nave and waiting for love. And then you came. You told me you love me. You did all possible things to make me smile. After your arrival, I used to cry at home that why you love me so much. I was scared I might hurt you. I was never used to being loved. I was used to disappointments. So I decided to push you away. But every time I pushed you, it pained, Swayam. Every time I did that, the Sharon inside me cried. All she craved these years was love. I was torn between my heart and brain. But you made me believe in you and love. So I gave myself, you and us a chance. I have never been so happy. Thank you, Swayam. Thank you so much. Every time I fell sick, you took care of me like a mother. You guided me at my difficult times like a father. You stood up for me, supported me like family. You made me laugh and enjoy life like a best friend. Don’t worry. I won’t say you are like my brother. Rey is there to fulfill that place. I don’t want you as my sibling. Oh God! No! ”

They both smiled through their tears.

“You are everything to me, Swayam. You are my mom, dad, friend, best friend and what not. You succeeded in fulfilling your wishes. You are the man of my dreams. You are the love of my life. I want to tell the world that I am all yours and you are all mine. I love you, Swayam. I am not good with words. So I will put it straight. Swayam Shekawat, will you marry me? Will you let me be Mrs. Swayam Shekawat?”

Swayam had tears in his eyes. To hear all these from his Sharon felt surreal.

He knelt down in front of her and took her hands in his.

“You say you are not good with words. But you say more than what I needed. You have proposed me in the most beautiful way. I love you, Sharon. And the pleasure is all mine to have you as my wife. Yes, I will marry you. I love you, to be Mrs. Shekawat.”

Sharon made him wear the ring and then they both hugged each other.

“I love you, Sharon” said Swayam as he caressed her hair.

“I love you too” said Sharon tightening the hug.

“This is the best day of my life” Swayam said when they broke the hug.
As soon as Swayam said that something clicked in Sharon’s mind. She suddenly pulled out Swayam’s hand for his watch and checked the time. It showed 11.59.

“What happened?” Swayam asked confused.
“Just a minute” Sharon said still looking at the watch.
“Why? Is something wrong?” he still couldn’t understand.
“32 seconds more she said making him frown.
“For what?” he asked
“10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. There you go” Sharon shouted
“What?” Swayam asked when she looked at him all excited.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWAYAM” Sharon shouted as she hugged him.
“OH! Thank you. Thank you, Sharon” Swayam said smiling at her excitement.

Now it was clear why Sharon got a ring. She wanted to propose him on his birthday. Swayam was so glad and felt lucky to have her.

She then placed one of her hands on his shoulder and took his hand in the other. He snaked his free hand around her waist. But he couldn’t understand why she was doing this.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you” Sharon sang as they danced together.

Swayam chuckled at her cuteness. He then twirled her around as she continued to sing. Later, he also joined her singing, “Happy birthday to me.” They both laughed their hearts out at their craziness.

Swaron in the garden, dancing and laughing with the fireflies and the moon light complementing them. This was truly their best day. But wait! More to come.

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