Swaran Ghar 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanwal recalls his sons’ truth

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The Episode starts with Kanwal reminding Swaran of Ajit. The flashback shows Swaran telling Kanwal about her best friend Ajit. Kanwal says when you go to your pind, you can meet him, I will also meet him. FB ends. Kanwal hugs Swaran. She sleeps. Its morning, Kanwal gives the roses to Swaran. He asks her to have tea. She says I will have it later, I m going to get your medicines. He says you forgot to wear earrings. She says I m just going to chemist. She goes crying and thinks of Kanwal.

Nakul gets Swaran’s call. She asks how is your wound. He says I m fine, I m going to take medicines for your dad, did you call to Yug, he isn’t answering to my messages, I m worried. Nakul says I asked him not to call and trouble you. She says Vikram… forget it, he won’t do this intentionally. He asks what happened, don’t worry, I m arranging the injection, nothing will happen to dad. She says just rush, he needs the injection in 10 days.

He asks her not to worry. She says we get insurance money later, I wanted some… Kiran takes the phone and says how is dad, doctors always fool, so he asked for an injection worth 20 lakhs. Nakul stops her. Swaran gets shocked and says 20 lakhs. Kanwal asks Neelu to get the letters box. He says maybe I have a solution in that box. Neelu says your sons love you, Nakul promised Swaran that he will send the injection. He says you see, no injection will come, no ticket will come, three of them love money more than parents. He recalls the old moment. He drinks with his sons.

They all ask for money for their business. Kanwal says you all refused to handle business, I sold the business and gave your equal shares. Nakul argues with him. He says you sold company worth 10.5 crores, you gave us 3 crores each, you still have 1.5 lakhs, we want our 50 lakhs each. Vikram says we got this file in the study. Kanwal says you are spying on me, its your mum’s share, you won’t get it. They argue.

Nakul says sell this house, its worth 15 crores, give us our share. Kanwal says you don’t say this again, I will never sell this house. They call Kanwal a thief. Kanwal asks what, forget it. They scold him. Kanwal leaves. FB ends. Kanwal says I left keeping hope from them. Neelu asks about Swaran. Kanwal says I never told this to Swaran, else her heart would be broken. Swaran takes just Kanwal’s medicines. She says I have my medicines, I don’t want it. She thinks Nakul is already doing a lot, I can’t put the burden on him. She sees her gold bangles. Kanwal recalls Swaran and his old moment.

Kanwal reads Swaran’s letters. He reads Ajit’s letter. He calls Ajit. Ajit asks is Swaran fine. Kanwal says you still worry for her, there is an imp thing to say. He tells him something. Nimmo sees Kanwal’s house. She says they will get good amount when the house gets sold. She goes to the house and asks Swaran is anyone there. he says no, come later, wait, we are coming. She asks him how is he now. He says you got to remember it soon. She says I got tinde dish. He jokes. He says Swaran isn’t at home, you would be knowing it. She says you are funny. He asks Neelu to get a diary, he has to plan the party. He says you would be happy to see me like this. She says Kiran is so worried for you. Kanwal and Swaran worry for each other.

Swaran says this house is like our fourth child, its my Swaran ghar. The buyer comes to see the house.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    That Kiran is a leech… Nakul’s parents are so lovely and wholesome… how on earth did they allow him to marry that scarlet woman ?? 😡
    …her naagin mother is just as sly 🙄
    …there is a saying that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree (2-🐍’s) 👀
    Precap: if they sell the house then what will happen to them…as their children are so hungry for money 😬

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