Swaran Ghar 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swaran saying I will be with my friend. Ajit smiles. She gives him the kite. She shows the woolen socks she made before. She says we can give this to Divi’s child. Divi says I m not pregnant, I had to lie because of Swaran, I can’t lie to Ajit for long. Bebe tells her plan. Divi says you mean we have to hurt Swaran and Ajit’s hearts. Bebe says yes, we have to show her sons that she worries for you more than them, I have no other way to save this family. Divi nods. Ajit says time passes so soon, we grew up and had children, and now they are having children. She says yes, I like to do a lot for them, I m worried for Vikram, he is going far from me, Nakul lost his job, I have to do something for them. Ajit says if you want to get Vikram back, then do something that even he didn’t think. Bebe says we have to do what they didn’t think of. Swaran comes to Divi. Bebe hides. Swaran says I m really happy, you just call me, I have decided to become your friend, finish the milk and then take rest. She leaves. Divi sees Bebe.

Vikram and Kiran talk about Divi’s coming. Vikram taunts about Divi. Nakul asks him to have food. Vikram gets a cheque of 10 lakhs. Nakul asks what’s this, Swaran Nikhar file. Swaran says kids don’t trust me, Bebe was right, we have to take a step together, we have to run this business together, okay. Nakul hugs her.

Vikram says mum didn’t do any favor, its our business. Swaran says yes, but we have to be together. Bebe asks Vikram to handle everything. Divi comes and says sorry, can I sit. Vikram taunts her. Swaran asks her not to feel bad and sit. Vikram says now mum has challenged us to prove our talent. Swaran says I will send Ajit’s breakfast. Divi thinks to do something. Divi runs to vomit. Swaran goes after her. Nakul says my plate… Bebe says she doesn’t worry for you now. Swaran asks Divi to have the lemon. She says I will make laddoos for you today. Kiran says you didn’t make it for me. Swaran says I was sending it. Nakul says Kiran asked you not to send. Kiran goes to see Aarav. Vikram says I had my breakfast, I will get to work now.

Swaran is at the Gurudwara. Ajit comes there. She says don’t worry for Divi, she is okay. He says I know, you took care of her, but you gave the business to Vikram. She says yes, he is my son, I should give him a chance. He says yes, but he shouldn’t misuse this chance. Vikram talks to someone secretly. Swaran says you said we have to do something that surprises him.

Nimmo and Kiran anger Divi. Divi hears their cheap stories and gets angry. Nimmo says Swaran and Ajit would be singing a song, the weather is good. Aarav makes a moustache on Bebe’s face. Swaran says Bebe doesn’t like such jokes, don’t move, wait there. Divi taunts back Nimmo and Kiran. Kiran asks are you mad to say anything. Divi imagines running to beat them. She takes her phone and calls Ajit. She cries and says they are troubling me a lot. Kiran calls Bebe. She asks Divi to leave. Divi argues with them. She says you both have much poison, it got balanced by the jail. Swaran comes and asks where is Bebe. Aarav says she got a dad, she left. Divi argues a lot. Kiran says she is my mum, she will stay away as much as I want. Kiran puts the onion juice in Divi’s face. Ajit comes. Divi acts to cry. Nimmo says your daughter has done everything. Everyone laughs seeing Bebe. Swaran says listen to me once. Bebe sees her face and shouts, who did this. Swaran says let me clean it. Aarav says sorry, I did this. Bebe asks from who did you learn. Aarav says Bade Papa taught this to me. He signs towards Ajit.

Precap: Divya is shouting in pain. Swaran is helping her. Ajit rushes to her.
Bebe asks Vikram to focus on getting control over the business.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. We really miss the young tenants girls. Hopefully they will come back and bring more interesting ideas of being joyful in the family.

    Hopefully to see the full song of O Meera dil le sey by Swaran’s husband and herself. Flashbacks of their happy happy moments really a boosting effect to this Loving drama serial. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Hmm…. Monday is a long wait.🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    Thks Amena for the written update. Hope never dies because of YOU. 💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚💚💚 WE appreciate.

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