Swaran Ghar 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran and Ajit setup a new dhaba

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The Episode starts with Arjun saying I heard this name Swaran somewhere. Swaran sees Bebe and Ajit, and asks what happened. Ajit asks how is the name, Sanjha Chulha dhaba. Swaran says its good. He says we are opening a dhaba. She asks who we? Bebe says I will make rotis. Ajit says we will earn a lot. Bebe says your dhaba will not work. Ajit says no, its wrong. Swaran asks him to complete his matter. Arjun sees Yug’s show on the tv. He recalls Swaran Nikhaar. He says yes, Swaran. He asks Mallika about Vikram coming for marketing Swaran Nikhaar. He says get the brochures. She says but we refused. Ajit says this is a good idea, don’t refuse. She says I m thinking to pick and drop kids. Bebe says fine, I will handle the dhaba. Swaran says I don’t want you to earn, don’t work. Bebe says fine, freshen up, I will make tea for you. Ajit says Bebe was really happy when I came home. Swaran says I want to become her confidence, the idea is good, I can’t make Bebe work in this age. Bebe comes and says I m not alone. Swaran asks who are with you. Ajit says many people will come. She asks who. Neelu comes and surprises Swaran. She says please agree, I will help Bebe. They all fold hands. Swaran says Bebe, you don’t fold hands. Bebe says let me get a taste of life in this age. Swaran hugs Neelu and Bebe.

Kiran asks Aarav how was the day. He says good. Nimmo asks what did you eat. He says Aloo paratha, Swaran fed it to me, she gave me this kada. Nimmo asks Kiran to take the teacher’s class. Kiran calls the teacher and asks about the rules of the school, how can anyone come to meet. Teacher says sorry, she was Aarav’s grandma. Kiran says I don’t want my son to meet her, be careful in the annual function. Teacher says just one with passes are allowed, I have sent two passes. Kiran says Vikram and I will go tomorrow. Nimmo says you won’t want to take me. Mallika says the brochures got shredder. Arjun asks for the scrap. He asks the peon to get the shredder. He asks her to call the peon Dharam Singh. She says he is on leave. He says call him, go and find him.

Everyone starts decorating the dhaba. Ajit and Arjun say where there is a way, there is a will. Arjun says you may hide behind any curtain, I will find your face. He places the shredder pieces of paper to see Swaran’s pic. He sees her eyes, and says yes, these were her eyes. Ajit holds Swaran from falling. She laughs. Arjun closes eyes and recalls Swaran. He sees her pic. Ajit and Swaran play with water. Bebe goes to beat him. Arjun says I just knew your earrings, now I know your face also. He calls on the number.

Vikram takes the call. Arjun asks for Swaran. He says I m Arjun Deol, and you? Vikram asks how are you, I m Vikram, I m Swaran’s son. Arjun says I want to talk to her, I have to meet you. Vikram says sure, why not, I will come to your office. Arjun says no need, I will come to you, where are you. Vikram says neon night club. Neelu says I will leave now. Swaran gives her a tiffin. Bebe sits tired. Swaran says everything will get fine.

Swaran says its Aarav’s annual day function tomorrow. Bebe jokes. Dhillo sings. Ajit says you sing so well, I will dance and whistle also. Ankita says I won’t come tomorrow, we got just two passes, take Ajit along, he is too excited for the function. Arjun comes to the club and meets Vikram. Vikram says wow, you still kept the brochure, you shredded it and then joined back, you might have thought of our ad. Arjun says I thought, not about your dad, she is your mum, Swaran, she isn’t a part of business, she doesn’t stay at home, right. Vikram says yes, I don’t want to hide anything, this isn’t my mom’s business, its my dad’s business, he is no more, so I m handling it. Arjun says I can’t waste time if you don’t know about her, find her, then I will talk to you. Vikram thinks what shall I say calling mummy.

Bebe and Swaran are on the way. Bebe says its enough now. Swaran says walking is good for health, we will go till there and come back, I have to tell you something, Aarav got kidnapped. Bebe asks what, where is he. Swaran says he is at home, kidnappers got arrested. Bebe thanks Lord. Ajit calls Swaran. He asks did you and Bebe have food. Swaran says yes, we came for a walk.

Arjun says I will go if you don’t know about her. Vikram asks will you help me if I find her. Arjun says if you give me her address in next 15 hours, then I will run your ad for one month, Tanha will endorse it. Vikram says one second, I will try to call her. He calls Bebe. He says its me, your Vikram. Bebe says I don’t know any Vikram. Vikram says sorry, I was busy that day, listen to me. Bebe says I m busy now. She disconnects. He says I couldn’t talk, don’t worry, I will sort it out. Arjun says okay, put the bill on me, you just mind about the 15 hours. Rajeshwari calls Arjun and asks is there anything special tomorrow. He says there is annual day function in my school. She says you left school decades back. He says I know, principal called me, I can’t refuse. Ajit says there is annual function tomorrow. Swaran says I know, are you going. He says yes, it will begin with Dhillo’s program. She says really, great, Aarav has become a soldier, fine Ajit, we shall meet tomorrow.

Precap: Aarav tells Kiran that he will salute Swaran when he sees her in school. Swaran leaves for school. Arjun decides to go school as well. He passes Swaran on his way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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