Swaragini~Heal My Wounds Episode 39- Protector


The episode starts with Ragini tossing and turning around her bed feeling restless. She was badly missing sanskar she just wants him by her side now. She was remembring their old days resting her head on edge of her bed. It’s so hard to stay away from the person you love with all your heart. She wanted to cry louder but her tears seems dried in her eyes. She has alots of emotions which want to flow but not getting way.

“I miss you sansku”, murmurs ragini closing her eyes as a tear tripped down her cheeks.

Scene shift

“Ginu”, jerked sanskar when he tries to sleep,He sat up straightening himself sweating.

He remembers laksh conversation and starts being restless. He closes his eyes and ragini teary face flashes infront of him. He felt a pinged in his heart as her teary face flash infront of his eyes. Being away from her also he can understand her pain without knowing that he is the solely reason for her tears. He wants to meet her and saw her once for his peace but her mind and heart is stuck with many thoughts.

“Should i meet her now?”,he asked himself being confused,”but lucky says she is sleeping shall i disturb her?”, he bited his lower lips,” no no i shouldn’t disturb her let her rest I’ll talk to her tomorrow”, he pacifies himself.” but if she dont come tomorrow then”, he again questions himself being confused.

“Lucky said her foot is swell what if she can’t walk properly, she needs the homemade balm for cure”, speaks sanskar taking out a balm from his drawer which he always kept incase for need.”but what if she don’t come because of swell”.

“Urghhh then i can meet her at home only”, he answers his own question smiling weakly. He is again about to lie down but instantly get up from his bed.

“But why i am willing to see her now”, asked sanskar keeping his hand on his restless heart unknown with his own asking question.

“Maybe she needs you”, his heart replies.

“But she calls you unworthy”,reminds his mind.

Sanskar closes his eyes frustrated as he again remember that day but again ragini face flashes him jerking his thoughts.

“I dont care what she calls me She is my ginu and will always be no matter how much i hate her”, sanskar replies looking himself in mirror. Something strikes his mind and he smiles widely.

“I can’t disturb her but i can see her from far that she is fine or not and can keep this balm also”, he questions himself which is like an answer for his restlessness. He takes the balm
And quickly grabs his car keeps leaving his room smiling widely with the thought he is going to saw her now. He stealthy walks out of the house like a theif and leaving from MM in his car.

Laksh who is standing at his room window saw sanskar leaving MM, he smiles widely looking at his disappearing car.

“Finally bhai realize”, laksh speaks to himself closing his eyes thanking GOD and hoping that both of them become like old ones. Laksh quickly grabs his mobile and about to dial swara number in excitement but stops as he realizes she already slept bidding him bye. Laksh pouts lying down on his bed.

Scene shift

Ragini takes out sanskar and her childhood photo,she always keep that under her pillow cuz she wants her day to start with his face and ends with him even thought he is away from her but how much far they go the special connection of their hearts will never let them live without thinking of each other.

She caresses the pic with teary eyes keeping it near her heart hugging it and falls asleep in that position only.

Sanskar who reached GM parked his car far from mansion. He climbs the main gate like a theif without alerting the security guard. He silently goes at back side of GM from where he always enters. He climbs up the pipe reaching her room. He silently opens the window jumping inside.

“Pheww”, sanskar release a sigh as he enters. He saw  swara who is snooring in her sleep. He shakes his head and quietly reaches near ragini. He stopped as he saw her not lying properly.

He rolls his eyes at ragini,”ginu bhi na ekdm bachi hai” he murmurs as he saw her holding something near her heart. Sanskar slowly approaches towards her face kneeling down infront of her. His eyes glued on her face as for the first time he  saw her sleeping like a baby. His heart pierced with needle when he saw a tear falling from her eyes.  Sanskar wipes the tear gently with his thumb and smiles looking at her. Ragini felt his presence murmurs ‘sansku’ in her sleep. Sanskar widen his eyes lying on floor with the thought she will wake up. After a minute he looks up n saw her sleeping he sighs sitting on his knees near her.

He remembers her injured foot n hits his head with his palm and approaches towards her feet to saw her injury. He saw her foot which is looking swell from right side. He glares ragini for not taking care and takes out balm which he brought for her foot. He gently took the balm rubbing his finger on the swell area gently without acknowledging in her sleep. Ragini turns and the photo from her hand falls down.

Sanskar whose gazes falls on photo widen his eyes. He bends picking up the picture and looks at it with teary eyes. He glances at ragini and then photo smiling weakly.

“If you misses me this much ginu then why cant you just talk with me”, sanskar asked a sleeping ragini with hurt voice. He remembers she tries talking him today but he left as he was feeling angry why she allows someone to call her by the name he calls.

“Why did you allow that idiot to call you gini you very well know na i hate when someone calls you that but still you did this with me why ginu am i really not worthy of your friendship”,sanskar asked tearing up a little.

He don’t know why but she is the first girl who can make him cry. He never cry for anyone but her pain her tears matters him more even he is only responsible for it.

Sanskar shakes his head wiping his tear and smiles at sleeping ragini. He was feeling relaxed now seeing her fine. He again glances at her feet keeping the balm on side table with the picture. He moves the hair strand which is disturbing her face. For the first time something is rising in his heart unknown to him.

“Hope it works and you can walk properly in morning”, says sanskar sitting on floor near her.

He was not willing to go he wanted to speak whole night and shares himself completely with her. He speaks what his heart want making himself peaceful after a long. As soon his gaze falls on watch he realizes it’s already late he hurriedly gets up covering her with the blanket

“I’ll talk to you in collage”, he speaks in slow voice and takes a steps forward but stops turning glancing back at her before leaving the room. He climbed down from the window leaving.

As soon he left ragini opens her teary eyes from which tears are continuously flowing. She remembers how she wake up when he gently wipes her tears she opens her eyes and saw sanskar lying on floor closing his eyes tightly. She couldn’t believe but then acts as sleeping as she wants to hear him. A huge crept plays on her lips remembring all his talks. He knows she is  sleeping but still he speaks what he wants unknown that she is listening each and everything of him to which she craved for in this whole week. She wanted to get up and hug him forgetting everything and end up in crying in his embrace but she felt hard to do it she cant face him after his all taljs realized how much hurt he was ,he was his cracking voice is enough to make her realize indirectly she also hurted him,now her heart wanted to pure all her feelings which is falling through her tears.

“I love you sanskar”, ragini speaks looking at the balm keeping on her side table letting the tears to flow lighetning her heart after a long. She falls asleep thinking about sanskar.


Sun rays hits her face making her shine bright, swara stretches her arms sitting up. She looks at her side and saw ragini sleeping peacefully with a beautiful smile on her lips, seeing her smile a smile appears on her lips and she felt happy seeing her sister smiling after a long. She shakes ragini waking her up.

“Laado laado laado”, she shakes her while ragini turns. Swara huffs getting out of bed and goes to ragini side, her gaze falls on balm keeping at side table and eyes it confused. She leave her thoughts shaking ragini.

“5 mins more”, exclaims ragini making swara shocked cuz from past week ragini is not sleeping properly she is surprised to see the kumbkaran back on track.

“Raguuuuu are you ok?”,asked she checking her forehead and finds it normal,” ragiiii wake up we are getting late for collage”.

Hearing ‘collage’ ragini hurriedly gets up sitting afterall she is going face him.

“Kya shona late karwa diya na huh”, says ragini making face and hurriedly rushes to washroom making swara confused by her behaviour.

“Mane kya kiya”,exclaims swara pouting.


“Don’t know when both of my useless sons will learn to be punctual”,taunted Dp as he saw Laksh descending down the stairs yawning. Laksh ignores his comment settling down on his chair. He searches for sanskar and then looks at sujata.

“Mom where is bhai”,asked he.

“Following his younger useless brother steps”,taunts Dp glaring Laksh who rolls his eyes at Dp.

“Means he is still sleeping”,asked laksh again feeling amazed.

“God knows when this dumbhead will understand things on time”, replies Dp before Ap can say.

Laksh looks at Dp glaring him.

“Pata nahi kab yeh karela jaega dunya mera matlab is desh se bahar”,he murmurs to hismelf and then looking at Ap n suji”I’ll go and wake him up”. He stands and left to sanskar room.

“Wohooo i think whole night he stays with ragu hopefully everything settled between them now so that I can reveal about my love to them”, says laksh standing outside sanskar room and takes a deep breath before going inside.

He opens the door and saw sanskar snooring while sleeping. He is about to shakes him when something strikes his mind and he smiles evily.

Laksh goes and bring bucket load of water.

“1….2……3 flood flood floood “, shouts laksh and Splashhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Sanskar wakes up shouting*Ahhhhhhhhh maa papa badi maa bade papa save mee save mee* he shouts sitting up with a jerked.

Laksh laughs seeing him while sanky gives him a mad look.

“You are gone lucky”, sanky says glaring.

Laksh saw sanky approaching him runs in his room while sanky after him. Both runs in room messing everything.

Sanky throws everything which comes in his way he picks up the vase and about to throw when laksh shouts.

“Ayeee bhai bache ki jaan loge kya”,he shouts showing his hand to sanky, while sanky also stops and gives him a sheepish smile keeping back the vase.

Sanky comes towards laksh giving him a tight punch on his shoulder.

“Ouchh”, laksh winced rubbing his shoulder pouting.

“Paani kyun phenka”,asked sanky glaring him..

“Toh or kya krta tu ghore ghaday sab bech k sorha tha or neeche wo hamara karele jasa baap koi mauka nai chorha tha hamien apni sureli awaz ma tanay marne ka mauka nai chorha tha uper se collage k lie alag deri tu hi bta ab tera yeh bechara bhai kya krta”, explains laksh dramatically while sanky widen his eyes hearing the word ‘collage”.

“Fishhhhhh idiot phle nai utha skta tha”,shots sanky giving a dead glare to Laksh who makes ? face seeing sanskar.

“Huh ulta chor kutwal ko Dante”, he murmurs while sanky rushes to change.

Sanky comes out from washroom changing and saw laksh who is sitting on his bed playing with his phone.

“You still here”, asked sanskar combing his hairs.

“Yeah thought to go with you today”, replies laksh smiling at sanskar who passes a weak smile to laksh. Sanskar was feeling bad as from past week he did not behave properly with anyone especially Laksh also. He was feeling guilty facing him even though Laksh also feels bad for ignoring sanskar.

Laksh sense his feelings and keeps a hand on his shoulder. Sanky turns and looks down,”sorry luc…”, before he can complete laksh crushes him in a hug.

“I am sorry too bhai”, speaks laksh not able to speak anything. Sanskar smiles hugging him back. Both of their eyes become moisty. Both of them at mistake at their places. It’s so hard to stay away from your friend cum brother when you both at same place living like a strangers. Laksh and sanskar realtion is different from every brothers. Before brother they consider eo as their mentor who shows him their right path and when they don’t have anyone to show right path they felt alone. Even though laksh cheers swarag but he always feel his brother pain and sanskar he always cursed himself when he speaks rudely with his brother but sometimes you cant control on your yourself especially when someone is playing with your mind.

Both sanlak brokes the hug wiping their tears and then looks at each other laughing.

“Chalay rotu”,asked laksh snaking his arms around sanskar.

“Tujhse toh kam hi hon emotional factory”,sanky hits his stomach heading out of room.


Swara is eyeing ragini suspiciously while ragini is walking to and fro bitting her nails.

“Laado sach sach bta tujhe kya hua hai”,asked swara stopping ragini from her shoulder.

Ragini pouts.

“Idiot duffer ghada ullu kahika hamsha ki tarah late hai”, says ragini frustated.

Swara widen her eyes looking at ragini.

“Chal laado ghar chalay aj teri tabyat thek nai”, says swara and about to hold her hand when vidyut chirped in between.

“Hi swara hi gini”, he comes to them smiling.

Swarag smiles shaking their hand.

“So hows your feet”,asked vidyut glancing at her feet.

Ragini chips”awesome” smiling widely.

Vidyut smiles.

“Seems like someone is very happy  today”,says vidyut while ragini blushed remembring last night.

Both Swara vidyut saw each other and then ragini confused.

“I think she forget to take her mental medicine today”,whispers swara while vidyut shakes his head smiling.


Laksh is driving car while sanskar is continuously blabbering about random things.

Laksh is continuously gazing sanskar with a smile. Sanskar who saw his gaze on him ccocks his brows up.

“Don’t look at me like this kuch kuch hota hai”, says sanskar dramatically while laksh rolls his eyes at him.

“Bad one”,says laksh while sanskar pouts.

Laksh stops the car with a jerk.

“Kya hua”, asked sanskar.

“Mumbai ka traffic”, replies laksh pointing towards front.

Sanskar shakes his head seeing outside.

Just then sanjana and tarun reaches their car next to sanlak.

Sanskar who is tapping his finger suddenly his eyes fall on Tarun who is sitting on driver seat holding someone hand. His eyes widen in shocked and past flashes infront of him. He remembers each and every thing he does with his ginu. He makes a fist while his eyes become red. Laksh who saw his fist looks at sanskar with concern.

“Bhai”,laksh calls out keeping his hand on his shoulder.

Tarun who looks outside saw sanskar sitting in car looking at him with blood shot eyes. He acts as ignoring and hurrieldy keeps his hand on sanjana to hide.

“Sanskar car is next to ours sit straight”, says tarun with a smile looking straight.

Sanjana widen her eyes looking at other side.

“I hope this dont effect any of our hardwork”, says sanjana while a ease of tension is clearly visible on tarun face.

” i will kill him”, mumbles sanskar and about to open the car door when laksh stops.

“Bhaaiiiii what are you saying”, says laksh.

“He is back see and this time I’ll not let him to harm my ginu”,says sanskar angrily looking at tarun,Laksh follows his gaze bending and saw tarun his heart starts beating faster as he remembers swara.

“Bhai let’s go from here”, says laksh driving the car not wanting any fight. He thinks to talk about this to swara later.


Swarag and vidyut is standing and talking about random things while ragini is continuously gazing towards entrance. Her face fells not seeing sanskar.

Ragini takes out her phone and about to dial when someone crushes her in a bear hug. A wide smile appear on her lips as she knows who it was.

Benaam Rishta plays in BG

SwaLakVid wides their eyes seeing Sanskar hugging Ragini.

” i m sorry ginu i am really sorry i know it’s all me i am sorry please forgive me and be my old ginu”,says sanskar hugging her tight tears flows from ragini eyes and she closes her eyes feeling his presence. Both of their heartbeat beat in rhythm.

I am sorry sansku i know i hurt you”,murmurs ragini only audible to sanskar who tighten his grip on her remembring their fight. Ragini also holds him tightly not wanting him to go.

A tear fells from sanskar eyes, he shut his eyes remembring the worst day of his life when tarun forcefully tries to marry ragini. He opens his eyes who is red due to anger after many weeks he agian saw him his worst night mare he can’t forgive what he did that day. He thinks to fight with ragini and taking out all his heart and feelings through his words even he thought that he will not talk to her until she comes to him. He was surrounded by many thoughts but after seeing Tarun he brushes off all his thoughts and thought to solve everything as soon as he reach collage.

” i promise you ginu this time i will be your protector no one can harm you until i am alive “,thinks sanskar in his mind closing his eyes and breaking the hug.

Sanjana who just comes saw ragsan breaking the hug. She widen her eyes in shock.

“How can this happen”,she thoughs in her head shocked and confused.

Both RagSan aparts and look at each other with moisty eyes sharing an eyelock. Only both of them know what their heart is feeling right now,only they can know the pain deep inside their eyes. Everyone says correct that the one who gives you pain is the only one who can heal it just like the wounds inside your heart can be heal by the person who gives it like if you hate someone then you can get hate in return just like love if you love someone immensly then it will return to you even though it takes sometime.

“I m sorry”,both mumbles at same time passing a wide smile. Sanskar wipes her tears with his thumb gently.

“This don’t suits you”,says sanky smiling cutely.

“You too girl”,ragini wipes his tears while he pouts cutely.

“Haww”, he makes an annoy face.

Both RagSan looks around and saw everyone looking at them weirdly. Both of them flushes looking down.

SwaLak have a huge smile on their face seeing their sibling smile. Both holds eo hands tightly sharing an eyelock.

Ragini tucks her hair strand feeling shy while sanskar bites his cheeks looking at her.

“Ehmm ehmm”,vidyut coughs bringing both the couples come in reality.

SwaLak looks away while RagSan glances at vidyut. Sanskar makes a annoy face seeing vidyut.

“Hi sanskar”, says vidyut forwarding his hand. Sanskar fakes smile shaking it.

Sanjana froze at her place seeing their reunion. She is still far trying to gasped the thing she saw.

“Sorry shona”, murmurs sanskar hugging swara who smiles in return.

“Okay so let’s go”, says vidyut and everyone about to go when vidyut interrupts.

“Gini how about a coffee after class”,asked vidyut with his charming smile. He winks at laksh who supress his laughter after seeing sanskar angry glare towards vidyut.

“Ginuuu”, says sanskar gritted showing his all teeths looking at ragini who passes him a nervous smile.

“Gini”,says vidyut again irking sanskar.

Swalak slightly chuckles seeing sanskar.

“Yeah she n me will definitely come with you for coffee now lets go”,says sanskar holding ragini hand and going from their passes a dead glare to viduyt.

Sanjana who is about to go to sanskar makes a fist seeing them together.

“I can’t let this happen”, she mumbles angrily.

As soon as ragsan left SwaLakVid burst out laughing.

“Omy God lucky if you wouldn’t have told me how much gini name irked sanskar then i can never enjoy his angry young man face”,says vidyut between his laugh.

“Gosh bro you seriously nails it I’d never know u can act this much great you should have seen when yesterday you hold ragu”,says Laksh and swara hits him.

“Idiot he is your brother and If he got to know it’s your plan then be ready to face death”, says swara.

Laksh makes a horrified face while swavid laughs.

“Btw ragini is very nice girl i really like her”, says vidyut smiling.

“Oooooooo”,teases swalak.

“If bhai hears you na then surely he will burry you alive”, says laksh giggling.

“Ooo hello i like ragini but that doesn’t mean i love her i am one woman man and i am already committed so”, says vidyut making face.

“Aww who is that lucky girl”,asked swara smilingly.

“Sally Sally is her name”, says vidyut blushing.

“And morover i don’t want to be die so soon before marrying that to by your angry child brother, i love my life yr”,says vidyut.

SwaLak lightly smiles shaking their head.

“So you want me to stay and irk your brother or go back”,asked vidyut.

” it will be fun seeing him annoy”, swalak says winking while vidyut shakes his head.

“Let’s go then”,says swara and trio leaves.

This all was heard by sanjana who is standing their,she smirks dialling number.

“Now I’ll see how will you all stay together longer”, smirks sanjana after ending the call.

To b continued………

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