swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi19)

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Episode 19

Recap: swasan n raglak dance n ragsan challenge

@morning GM

The episode starts with swara getting ready in pink crop top n jeans n talking to herself

Swa: god plzzz make lado win today….bcz when rags will win I want to c those monkey brothers faces one always want to fight n scnd always show attitude plzz make lado win I ( sees towards lado who is still sleeping) n huffs ?

Swa: look lady kumkaran is still sleeping n here I m in tention but sleeping beauty is sleeping peacefully bcz of her today I woke 2 hour before but she is just Impossible n look at water jug n smirks

She goes near rags n ? throws water on her before rags shout she put her hand on her mouth

Swa:shut up ragu dnt shout otherwise whole city will wake up

Rags glare her n remove her hand

Rags:what is this shona y u distrb my sleep ?almost annoyd

Swa:ooo my sweet heart I think u forgot that u challenged sanky we have to go

Rags look at ⏰ n hufffssss

Rags:its just 6 shona n r u ok na u wake up taht much early (almost in a shok) u woke up this much early are u alright na

Swa:yesss bcz of u I woke up now get up n ready we have to leave

Rags:what about maa n baba we can’t go without telling them

Swa:I already told baba he has no prblm n dnt waste tym get up

Rags: u r just impossible shona such a impatient girl

Swa:thnkx for the compliment n pushed her towards washroom n pick her phn n call someone


Sanskar is getting ready in sky green shirt n blue jeans when laksh phone rings n sees jungli billi flashing ? he smiles n pick it up

Swa:hello idiot u wake up

San:yess ur soo called idiot is taking bath I m his brother

Swa:ooo mr. Attitude haan

Sann: shona now at least u dnt called me that I dnt have any attitude han

Swa: I knw sanky I like ur name that’s y I called u like that n chukkles

San:ooo thnk u even I would like to call u junglii billi nyx na

Swa: I m not that

Lak comes out n says bro who’s on call

San: I just pick it up now its flashing junglii billi with pet name white witch n smirks

Lak widen eyes n says bhaiii can’t u say slowly thts witch will now kill me

Swa: waht what he named me tell me sanky

San: oooo shona is that u oooo  so lucky named u taht nice name han btw wear is ur attitude sister

Swa(annoy): getting ready n tell ur idiot gorrila brother he is gone n cut the call

Lak:what did she say???

San: she said to call u idiot gorrila brother n now u r gone


San:maybe in hell ?

Lak:very funny bro n I think ragu will show u hell in race

San: shut up u r mine side or hwrs

Lak:after riding with her I think that she will win but as u r brother I will support u ?

San: usless brother

Lak:huhh now u dnt call me taht bhai

San: I can’t lie my sweety

Lak:hate u

San:meee too jan n chukkle?

Lak makes faces n goes to change n come out wearing orange shirt n black jeans

San:ohooo must say someone is looking hadsome ha…

Lak:I m bro n dnt flirt with me concentrate on ur challenge ? not relaxing… I m more worried than u n look at u r relaxing

San:mere chote bhaii I m relax bcz I knw I gonna win no one can defeat me ? wear glasses

Lak:this much confidence not bad bhai n he also wears glasses n says now let’s leave I informd adi everybody reached

San: k let’s go

N they leave….


Ragini come out wearing light blue suit which is somewhat difference from her actual wear n with high ponytail n wrist watch she is looking completely diffrnt n beautiful

Swa:oomg lado traditional ma modern avatar haan u r looking change n beautiful

Rags smikes n says thanks shona n I dnt think I have to complement on u as u always looks the best

Swa: I knw my sister now let’s leave monkey brother left already sanky text me

Rag: I think sanky is soo impatient too loose han both laughs n hifi

Swa: sooo true now let’s go

N they leave for the place

@mountain cliff

Sanlak already reached their n all girls are flat on them n cheering wishing them

Girl1: I knw SR u will win as always no one can defeat u especially that ms whatever

Girl2:yeah I think she is blind she did not knw with whom she is messing

San smirks n says soo true sweety n give them flying kiss ? girls flat

Swarag reached their n step down sanlak sees them

Lak:bro dnt u think rags is becoming beautiful day by day

Swarag reached towards them swa glare lak n lak is avoiding her ragsan is looking at each other

San:hmm impressive han nyx change…..full preparations to loose han ms over confident  n ? smiks

Rags smile ?: I m not a day dramer mr SR

San: ooo really

Rag:yesss soo u r ready to loose from me

San: dnt think too much ms not soo fast… All the best dear n smles 

Rags: u too dear n smiles

Lak look at swa who is glaring him n says emmmnnn all the best bro n hug sanky n all the best ragu n winks n hugs her

Lak look at swa: I knw I m looking handsome but atleast dnt look at me like l m not taht typ of man ?

Shona hit her n says shut up u idiot donkey useless creature stupid horse monster monkey gorilla langoor she says in one breath ?

Ragsanlak stood like the shoked in a look what was that

San:congo brother u got promotion  from idiot gorrila to these soo many names he said while chukling

Rags also giggles n says shona y soo many names

Swa:if I m junglii billi white witch then he will b idiot donkeyy……us….

Lak:hey stop ms express I just name u as fun but u r a real witch n the name u given is not suite for my personality got it ?

Swa: ooo really as fun na look at this.. She shows her mobile in which she saved laksh num with almost many names n pic of his on a girl attire n says this is only fun ?

Lak eye widen ? n says u knw what u r just just just impossible wild cat huhh ?

Swa: thnkx for the compliment useless creature ?

Ragsan:if u both are done can we leave ?

Swalak makes faces n says yess

Swa: all the best to u both n hugs them

San: I dnt need any best wishes but phr b thanks

Swarag chukkles

Swa:of course sanky u will knw it after the race best of luck han n winks ?

Lak: bro dnt take her seriously she always talk nonsense I knw u will win ?

Sanky smiles while swara fumes

Swa: n u alwaysss talk rubbish crap

In meantime rabul, ara, sunny also reached all wish them gud luck n ragsan goes n sit on their respective cars n looks at each other smirking ?

A girl stands between the both car n says
3……. 2……….. And…. 1….. Go n waves a flag

The race started sanskar is ahead of rags he shows her ? from window she huffs n increase the speed….. On cliff everyone is watching them n mostly students cheering sanskar while swa n group is cheering rags….. Swalak is continuously glaring each otherrrr N making faces n on the spot sanskar is still ahead of rags he is not letting her coming ahead rags huffss n thinks n ? smirk

Rags: now u will c the real me mr sanskar saying this she slow downs the speed

Sankar sees her n smiles: I knw that nobody can win over meee soo he also slow down his speed bcz he Will not let her come ahead

Ragini is just following sanskar car both slow down their speeds n everybody thought what they are going up to swara is continuously blabbering n tensed laksh sees her n teases her bcz of loosing she hit him with her elbow n says shut up the race dnt finish yet

On track they are just few km are away from the finish line rags decreases her more speed n sanky were about to each he smirk n says littlws louder u r gone ms bhnjioi but our heroin at the nick of time incresez her speed n shows sanky ? going towards reaching the finish line n winssssssssssss yeaahhhh ?

Rags win the race n come out of car smirking ? shona cones n hug her n says I knew that my lado will never loose ?

Sanky comes out of car in full rage ? all are cheering ragini….. HE COME towards her

Rags: sooo mr attitude how’s u r feeling after loosing ?

San: its great pleasure after all I did not do cheating like u ?

Rags: its call sense of race not cheating ?

San:oooo really I called it cheating n u r a cheater cheater cheater ms cheater ?

Rags: dnt calk me that u looser by pointing finger

San by pointing finger: dnt call me looser ms cheater cock

Rags: u r a looser n always remain huhh saying this she turns her face

San: and u will always b a cheater huhh he also turns to other side while swarabularasunny was looking at them with disbelief

Lak comes to sanky n says bhai u cut my nose today

Swa makes fun of him saying oooo soo monkey have nose too but I think its not matter to u bcz u will look similar in nose or without nose to she chukkkes while all laughs

Lak makes faces n say junglii billi huhh ?

San: n my bro she cheated that’s y I loose soo I dnt cut ur nose ook

Lak: hawwww… Ragu u cheated



Rag:shut up n he glares…. Laksh listen too me first ( n she tells that sanky is not letting her coming ahead n bloking her tahts y she did this)?

All look at sanky who acts as innocent what did I do wala look ?

All are folding their hands n sayss cheating haan ?

Sanky cutely smiles n says guyz I did not do she cheat me n…. Before he could complete

All shouts: shut up ?

Sanky pouts n says ok ?

Lak:let’s leave for collage

San: lucky tell them that after collage they have to come MM….. Maa said to bring them bcz she maid her fav laddos ?

Lak:yesss bcz of them she is not letting touch them huh ?

All laughs

Swrag: bcz that is not for bhukkars n giggkes while

They all reached collage n after collage sanlak along with swarag reached MM… Ap suji uttara welcme them all ladies are talking chit chatting ap n utt compliments on rags she smiles where sanlak are irritated bcz nobody is paying any heed to them ?

Sanlak: will any body give us food we r also here?

Swa:something is burning na

Rag:yeah I also think the same

Utt:what is burning I dnt understand

Swarag look at sanlak who are glaring them uttara understood n says oooo soo bhai is burning jealous han

All laughs while sanlak give death look to uttara

Suji: aww ny sweet bacha dnt twase them I will bring food

Sanlak smiles n makes faces to uttara ?

Utt: maa we r going to temple na badi maa will gave them

SUJI: ARAY haan chora jiji will gave I m leaving ok

Now uttara makes faces to sanlak n goes with suji

Ap: u all sit at table I will bring for all of u
All goes n sit at dining table four are silent and glaring each other atlast swara broke the silence

Swa: soo ragu what will u give punishment to sanky for loosing

Before rags could speak sanky says we just challenged eo… Not to give punishment

Laksh teasingly smiles n saays oo really sanky but u r saying that if u win then u will punish rago so what was that han?

Sanky give death glare to laksh ?

Swarag: uhnm uhmm

Swa:soo u will give punish han

San:yes I mean noo never y would I u na laksh always talk nonsense dnt take him seriously

Lak:hawww bhai I talk nonsense

Swa: yes sanky u is right he talk nonsense (laksh glare) but this tym he is saying Truth i trust him n I knw u very well ?

Laksh look at her ?

San:but shona…

Swa:now ragu will give u punishment n u have to accept it

Lak:yes I m wid shona so lado give him punishment n whispers its the great opportunity fullfil all ur revenge

Rags smirks ? n acts to thinking: emmmm what should I gave him hmmm emmm ummm by tapping her finger on his head

Sanky eagrly seeing her n talking to himself: god plz she did not give me some worst punishment what if she said to me to cook or to do his work or no no what if she make ne girl( he think himself how will he cook n or doing household or he in girls attire n all are laughing at him :?)

San shouts:nooooooo ?

All look at him ap comes with food n ask what happened

San:wo… Vo… Nothing maa just

Lak:bad dream bhai ?

Swa:wid open eyes han I think?

Lak:he is dreaming of punishment?

Swa: yes n shyd doing work or change attire han ? I think u r afraid
They gigles

San:nooo shut up u both n I m not afraid samjii n ms irritation tell me what punishment I have to bear

Rags fake smile: u will got to knw tomrw mr loser

Both passes glares n smiles

Ap serves them lunch they all have it n chit chatting

Ap:w8 I will bring ur fav laddo

San:maa u sit me n lucky Will brought

Swa:brought r eat


Ap:no I will bring

San: noo sit come lucky n grab his hand he is still eating n take him in kitchen

Lak:what bhai I m eating na

San: shut up u remember when we go to GM she make us drink salty coffee its time to revenge

Lak:yess but how

Sanky point towards laddo

Lak:laddo but how

Sanky smirks ?

Sanlak comes at dine

Swa:this much long u r preparing this(suspicious)

Lak:noo eating


Ap:give I will srve

Sanlak:noo we will

Lak:first we serve to ourself than u

Sanlak first serve to them n then ap then 2 laddos to swarag

Swara suspicious bcz laksh is continuously smiling so she eat one

Swa:laksh u r my childhood frnd na

Lak:yes ?

Swa:then eat it with my hands


Swa:y eat na n forcefully make him eat

Rags eats scnd laddo n feels burning but eat n lak trying to control

Raglak:aahhhhh water

(They put chilli powder in laddo. )

Rags:its burning she drink 3 glasses

Lak alsodrinks 3 glasses they are fighting for last one

Lak:rags give me

Rags:noooo suddenly tears start flowing from her eyes

Lak drinks the last one but still jumping

Sanky feels bad n he made her eat laddo n swa make lak eat sweet

Raglak calms down, swarag n ap eyed sanlak

Swa:r u both mad whT was that I intentially make laksh eat but look at lado she becomes red bcz of ur stupid prank ?

Lak: u jungli y did u make me eat

Swa:bcz I got suspicious u duffer

San:I m sorry shona n ragini its my plan I m soorry ragini ?

Rags:hmm its ok shona let’s go home by kaki

Swa: u both r inpossible huh

Swarag takes blessings from ap n leave sanlak feels bad

To b continued…..

Precap:ragsan frndship

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