Swaragini – Swasan and Raglak the love story

Hi guys i would like to write a fan fiction story of the serial Swaragini by using sometimes the spoilers of the serial and my imagination.

Start From Karwachauth celebration
Inside the maheswari house
All the ladies of maheswari and Gadodia families are preparin for the pooja near the house temple. Swara is coming from her room (she ‘s looking pretty and cute with pink and butter color saree/ legena. . Parineeta compliments swara’s beauty. Ragini is looking at swara with an evil smile. Then annapurna explain them about important of karwachauth and the rules of it.
The door bell rings and Sanskar open the door but he didn’t find anyone but he find one enveloppe. He open the envelope and get shocked seeing swra and laksh photos (hugging and laksh kissing swara in her forhead). He has some tears in eyes but still looking confident. He tears the photos. Annapurnna comes to her room and give one enveloppe and say i am sorry i got it morning but i was busy with pooja and prepartion so i forget it.. Dp says its ok then he take and open the envelope. They gets shoked (sames photos of laksh and swara).
Dp comes to hall with annapurna (she is looking sad and confused). He have the photos in his hand.
Sujatha : jiji what happened ?
Then everyone reach in the hall.
Swara : Bade papa what happen ?
Dp gives the photos to swara. Swara is shoked :-O laksh and eveyone sees the photos.
Sujatha : What is all this swara ?
Sumi :No our swara can’t do it. There is something fishy may be photos are fake.
Swara : no mon the photos are real (then she look at sanskar who is also looking at her)
Shekhar : Swaraa…
Swara : yes papa. its true but i will explain what happen exactly
FB : Raglakk fight.. Ragini missing.. search for ragini by swara and laksh..then kidnap scene.. laksh saving swara by fighting with swara and totally scared swara hug laksh and he kiss her forhead.
Sujatha : but how…
Sansker : MOM (he doesn’t let his mother speak). I also receive these picture but i tear it because i trust swara than me. She can never betray the trust of her family and she can’t forgot the sanskar learn from her mother and dida. For me i don’t need any explaination or proofs to belive swara’s innocence because i know she is speaking the true. I can see in her eyes and feel in my heart. So please don’t talk about it anymore.
Swara all along with teary eyes looking sanskar. Gadodia family also looking at him with lot of respect.
Dp : Sankar beta i am really proud of you because you have many proofs to doubt swara but you didn’t and you trust her and her words. Trust is very important in every relationship and most specially in love. This proofs your love is true.
Laksh looks at dp then swara and then think about the past incident where he didn’t trust swara and her words. He feel guilty.
Annapurna : Now everything is ok ; shall we go to the gardenj to look at moon and finish our fast
Dp : yes annapurna
(they all go to the garden)
Everyone waiting for moon. Sankar about to faint but swara and laksh hold him.
Dp : Adarsh beta call the doctor
Sanskar : no bade pape its is not necessary
Sujatha give water to sanskar but he refuse to drink it
Sujatha : beta just drink little you will feel better
Sanskar : No mom i don’t want…
Sujatha : but why ?
Sanskar : because i don’t want break my fast
Everyone in the family is suprised. Sumi , annapurna, dp , shekhar and dadi are happy. Swara is suprised. Laksh is hurt and ragini is lookin little jealouse. Adarsh see the moon and tell everyone. They all perform karwachauth. Laksh give water to ragini unwillingly. When sanskar is about to give water to swara stop him and give him water first (she is smiling) and sanskar is very happy then he give it to swara. Laksh is jealouse of closeness between Swasan

Precap : Swara is searching sanskar because she want to thank sanskar for trusting her but she see laksh coming towards her…

I hope you alike this if yes piease comment so only i can continue my story.
Thank you for reading
Yours lucky

  1. This was the good one were sanskar trust swara and have never trusted her sanskar is the right person for swara

  2. sruthi robin

    swasan the best
    sanskar the bestest

  3. Ur story is really nice.

  4. But starting swalak also cute pair… These days totally dragging. I start watching this serial only for swalak… Bt hate this serial. Love happens only one time….

    1. i am sorry i don’t want to hurt you feelings but i am using the spoilers for writing my story. I know that there are still many swalak fans and when i finish this story i will try to write another fan fiction of swalak and ragsan.

  5. I liked ur track,lines are really good,please continue…

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    tooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooood

  7. it’s really good..
    swasan …
    sanskar rocks. .

  8. Thank you for the encouragement. i am happy that you all like my story. i will continue it.
    Have a nice day

  9. swasan is d best

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  11. good fan fiction, swasan is best

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  15. Pls r u updating the next episode today waiting eagerly to read all the way from Nigeria love this, good writing keep it up.

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