Swaragini – Swasan and Raglak the love story (Episode 2)

I am really happy that you like my story.
I am sorry if i hurt any swalak fans by writing swasan love story but after i finish this story i will try to write a fan fiction of swalak and ragsan.
Part 2
After karwachauth celebration everyone comes to hall. Sanskar is talking with adarsh bhaiya about some meeting for tommorow early morning. Swara is still looking at sanskar and she was about to call him….
Shekhar : (wrong timing 😛 ) Durgaprasad ji, it was really nice. Now its too late so we are leaving
Dp : than you Shekhar ji. Adarsh go and drop them at badi
Adarsh : ok papa
Shekhar : no its not necessary we can go
Dp : ok shehkar ji
Swaragini comes and take blessing from shehkar , sumi and dadi. They bless them.
Sumi : take care of yourself and also ragini. I am really happy for you sankar is really a good boy he respect and trust you and he care for you
Swara :yes Mom he is really good he also respect my feeling and he love (she stops and then) you don’t worry about me and ragini
Sumi hug swara and then leave. Eveyone leave to theire room. Swara start to think about Dp praising sanskar for the trust, what sumi said and what she told to sumi then she says (speak to her self) i really must thank sanskar he didn’t doubt me for even a second. She goes to search sanskar in her room but when she come to room he is not there. She wonder where he is… she is leaving her room but sees laksh coming towars her.
Laksh : Swara i want to talk you alone he was about to enter (but swara stops him)
Swara : Laksh i told you that you can’t enter my room like this. This is not right at this time. ragini will feel bad and everyone can think wrong after this photo incident. I don’t who can do this and why they want make problems in the family.
Laksh : it can be ragini because i know she is acting..
Swara : stop this nonsense i already told you that i trust my sister ( swara is wrong this time) she (ragini) is changed. We already speak about in the morning
Laksh remember…. FB shows : (just before kidnap scene in the park) laksh says ragini is acting.. swara doesn’t thing ragini is acting… laksh ask swara to make 2 promise that if he proof ragini is wrong then she (swara) must help in reaveling her true and the she (swara) must come-back in his life.. but swara says i can promise you for the first one but i will not come in your life back.. laksh is hurt..
Laksh : but swara you know that i love you so much and i know that you still have feeling for me. This divorce refusal by you can be a drama or can be a compromise you are doing for ragini but don’t make any compromise because i know you can’t forget me and can’t love anyone than me..
Swara : laksh i know first love is difficult to forget but sometimes you can find your soulemate in your second love because sometimes two broken hearts deserve the second love, a new beggining and a long lasting love (we can see a heart broken laksh). And for me i need sometime to thing about anything because for me now ragini’s health is very important And (but she sees ragini searching laksh and ask him) laksh go from here ragini is coming pls laksh (laksh go from there unwillignly)
She enter the room. Swara think what she told laksh about second love and then about laksh love for her then insult by him and then she think about sanskar saving her from mohini, hospital lifting scene, his support , his confession, theire wedding and his trust on her (with teary eyes) .. Then sanskar enter the room and see swara who is near the window. He goes near her
Sanskar : Swara are you ok ? (Swara turns with teary eye and hug him) What happen swara why are you crying ? if it is because of me ?
Swara (then she compose herself) : no sanskar it is not because of you. Thank you so much Sanskar
Sanskar : for what ?
Swara : for trusting me and supporting me infront of everyone even there was a proof agaist me
Sanskar : swara thank is not necessary. You know well that i do no trust easily and when i tell i trust you then i really mean it.. and i know that you will never make me regret about it.. so relax yaar (swara really feel happy and smiles and sanskar also happy seeing swara’s smile)
Swara : Why did you fast ? you know that you can’t stay a day without eating..
Sanskar : why did you fast ?
Swara : because for the long life of my best friend
Sanskar : then why i can’t pray for the long life of my best friend.. and one more thing when we want to do something with heart and mind and we can too it (Swara is touched and then she start to laugh) swara why are you laughing ?
Swara : no nothoing sanskar i just think of your dialogue you said now and the garden scene where you was about to faint
Sanskar : so you are making fun of me. he give a fake angry look
Swara : (she sees this) i am sorry sanskar and she was about to touch her ears and apology (but sanskar stop her)
Sanskar : i am not angry and i was just acting
Swara start to hit sanskar with pillow and sanskar run from here to there.. and sanskar about to fall swara call him and two of them fall in the bed. there is an eye lock.

Precap : Ragini hugs laksh. Swasan playing a word game.

I am sorry today there is no raglak scenes but i promis that i will start part 3 with raglak story.
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