SWARAGINI: The story begins again… (PROLOGUE)

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Part 1: Introduction
*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* PROLOGUE *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

“- please… Forgive me Swara”
Those so three words heard from so far away when feeling falling endlessly in the vacuum, her cardiac rhythm accelerates, its beats pounding against her throat, her heart menacing to escape from its thoracic protective cage… when her back crashes against water surface, she doesn’t has time to feel the ache spreading along her bones because she’s already wrapped by the imposing river’s flows embrace fighting all her attempts to free herself from its strong arms… her legs, her arms, her head… every inch of her body try to escape it but it was impossible… water… source of life was thirsty of hers in need of air… air that she starts throwing out trying to breath, to only finding water gulps filling her ears deafening all the sounds around then her nose and mouth muting her screams for help…
She tries again to fight… and again… and again… but weakness won her members as her throat start appreciating the taste of the chilling liquid flowing down to her lungs replacing the void left by the missed oxygen… slowly tiredness achieving its way on her body arrives to her still running mind… on a last moment of conscience… deep sorrow’s feeling chases any other physical pain and somehow plunging in darkness gives a fearful sentiment of deliverance while the small heart beat so far sound is becoming a shutting down murmur… then nothing!
Swara wakes up choked! Her hand on her throat searching for the air she’s swallowing with big gulps strangling her more… holding her face with her both palms, hiding the tears she chases hastily, she brushes back her long silky black hair closing her eyes tightly for a moment.
She discovers the glass of water on bedside’s and drinks its contain in one breath. calming slowly her heart beats letting the serenity of her bedroom give her the security feeling shattered by her nightmare, she takes the pillow beside her hugging it tightly landing her head on the back of the bed and letting out a long sigh of relief… she folds her legs under her chin her big eyes wide opened waiting for sun raising… she whispers tears filling her eyes again:
“- Ragini!”
Laksh’ is startled in his sleep by a scream, he frowns, struggles, then wide opens his eyes at the second scream.
Ragini is struggling in her sleep, blabbering incoherent words her face covered by a fearful expression, her fists tight closed on the shits of her bed, she’s suffocating…
“- Ragini!!”
Laksh’ sits straight immediately, his worried voice doesn’t succeed waking her, he cups her cheek with his palm pressing it gently, his other hand shaking her shoulder:
“- Ragini! Open your eyes Ragini… it’s just a nightmare… Ragini… Ragini!!… please… open your eyes sweetheart!! RAGINI!”
“- AH!!!”
Ragini opens her eyes screaming, tears popping endlessly from her widened with fear eyes. Laksh’ hugs her feeling her heart pounding against his throat… he says taking her face between his hands looking straight in her eyes:
“- It’s ok, sweetheart… it was just a nightmare”
Wiping her tears with his thumbs, he kisses her forehead tenderly then holds her again caressing her back trying to calm her.
She whispers hugging him back:
“- Swara…”

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    1. MAHIRA

      thank you dear 🙂

  1. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Dont be late update soon

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you^^
      don’t worry, next part is already submitted… waiting for admins review ^^

  2. Rosey

    U post so late yaar but it was interesting n short too plz post next sooner plzzzzzzzz

    1. MAHIRA

      next one is already waiting review before being published, you’ll not wait too much^^
      thank you so much for reading^^

  3. Adishu

    it was too incomplete… I mean I didn’t understand anything… any situation….

    1. MAHIRA

      Aditi my sweety… we’re 10 years after the fall in river of Swara on her marriage’s day… she never come back home and no one knows about what Ragini did 10 years back…
      Here , both Swara and Ragini are recalling that moment in a nightmare…

  4. A.xx

    Loved it and cant wait for next part xx

    1. MAHIRA

      A, thank you so much… next part is already on line^^

  5. nice update soon

    1. MAHIRA

      ^Thank you so much Priya 😀

  6. Raina

    introduction! promo! evrything i read just now, didi! this is very bad! you didn’t tell me that you were planning to write another story *pout*. wow! this is very interesting, i brought one tissue box yesterday listening to your words, but looks like i have to buy one more, i hope i should not! please didi! don’t make me cry atleast in this. this is awesome. i loved it! post soon

    1. MAHIRA

      sorry again for not informing you *pout*
      one box of tissue, is that all?? don’t think it will be enough …
      *just kidding… no one will die… almost*
      no cries for the moment here… promise 😀

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    1. MAHIRA

      thank you dear 😀

  8. Nice start..tc..

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much 😀

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much 😀

  9. Mind blowing

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much dear 😀

  10. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing start, Please post next one soon….

  11. interesting
    very very interesting
    swaragini both are having nightmares

  12. Simi


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