Swaragini Spoilers!!!

?Do u know a ghost track entry in swaragini??? Yeah u read it right. Producers hv decided to add ghost track in Swaragini…

Ace production after tasting success in sasural simar ka hv decided to add

It will start during swasan’s engagment.
They will find a bleeding dead bat, all will consume it as a bad omen.

And ofcourse Urvashi’s superstitious:
It might be her sister’s (Ragini’S mom) Haunted soul. She is trying to convey some message n all…?

Oh god please unite $wasan soon….
Producers r taking our test??

let me continue….
This will linked up with mysterious death…
The dead body will come during swasan marriage????
This ace producers can’t give happy moments their lives. Why god this injustice.

The reliable sources came from tellychakar…
When contaced ti swara she was busy shooting.

  1. Omg what the hell?????????? Ghost track

  2. writers r crazy i don’t like the superstition showing in ssk … N they cant show it in swaragini …

  3. I don’t know what they will do in the show but swasan and raglak should not be separated

  4. I don’t know what they will do in the show but swasan and raglak should not be separated ..don’t want the separation track again

  5. Ragini is gonna die.
    Swasan will be separated.
    And then this ghost track.this writers have gone mad. Again ghost track. Ur bas hi cane for separating Sumi and shekhar. She is trying harder for that. Maybe they will make this serial as meri aashiqui tum se hi.

    In that serial too they r not United till now. And in this serial also n’s was an r not United yet. When will they unite?????????

  6. o m g Ragini to commit sucide

  7. Ha ha…is dere anythin else still left to b tested in swaragini…i mean ghost theme bd after dat dere will b voodoo theme nd den everyone will die nd again dey will get alive nd start a new more complicated story…seriously wats d matter wid dese producers…dey hav to make a raita out of evrythin nd soo much just to unite sanskar nd swara…god dis is too bad,too bad?

  8. Omg not again cant see this ghost drama &all , pls unite swasan . They r my favourite cant wait more

  9. oh god don’t make it sasural simar ka….I just hate that serial…..what is this so much superstitious….oh god can’t believe that in 21st century learned peoples proffesional writers have this kind of thinking……I loved the ghost track in yeh hai mohabatein if they have want to do that then I have no problem but don’t make it sasural simar ka boring serial full of stupidity…. I can’t that still their r people who love that superstitious….. and last and very important plzzzzz unite $wasan plzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

  10. Stop that SSK first ,colours,and if this is track good bye swaragini,rubbish,ghost it seems.

  11. wellwisher (ww) zaya and ragna fan

    bhabya your wrong………
    Urvashi has come to separate shekar and sumi not our swasan………. she is just using them……..

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