Swaragini and sanlak friends to love episode 2

Yesterday guys u saw that swaragini and sanlak are besties.

Swaragini and sanlak have their seat.sanskar kids swara that you have put on a weight in a week swara worries and ask raginiand lash if she had but the shake their head that it is not true and swara gets angry on sanskar and they all laugh .

Sanlak and swaragini order coffee while they are waiting for their coffee they think of playing a game ragini that they can play anthakchari but lash tells its bore and we can play truth or dare all accept it except ragini and all plead her to play so she says yes with her smile all get happy and they start to play.

At that the meanwhile things they ordered has been placed and they are enjoying the game with the coffee at that time a ringing sound is heard from the swara purse and it is a call from her mom and she attends it and says hello! mom and the next minute swara gets shocked.??

swaragini and sanlak enter swaragini house and they get shocked to get to know the incident..

Guys if u don’t like the current track I will change it.

  1. Continue this track as it’s a new for us…but make it little long..

  2. It seems to be very short pls update little more

  3. Wat hapnd in swarags hous?

  4. cntinue with this track

  5. Tanx guys for ur comment I will make sure to make written update a little more bigger

  6. It is good Nandy, and surprise regarding phone calls keeps us engaged

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