Swaragini Raglak ff Tere bin nahi lage jiya (Prologue)

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Hello all my beautiful readers. I am back with another ff. I titled it “Tere bin nahi lage jiya.” It is another Raglak ff.

And the story begins from Ragini pushing Parineeta into the river accidentally and the mystery man blackmailing Ragini in the name of Chotu.

Swara doesn’t know anything about Ragini getting blackmailed. But she has a doubt on Ragini’s changed behavior. She knows Chotu is alive and is trying to find him.

Basically I didn’t like the turn story took during that Adarneeta track. So this is a result of my imagination.

Most importantly I owe this ff to my friend who helped me develop the story line many times. Thank you dost.

So shuru karey

Tere bin nahi lage jiya Prologue


Ragini changed her side on the bed for the 52nd time. She was unable to sleep with the feeling that her Chotu is in danger somewhere. Even though he is not her own brother, she never loved him less than that. She was ready even to fake a pregnancy just to save him. And now after all this she couldn’t protect him. That little one must be in so much pain. She closed her eyes in pain.

Suddenly she felt a pair of arms surrounding her waist . She opened her eyes to find the person who can soothe all her pain looking at her with all the love in the world.

How much she wished to tell him the truth, to tell him what she has been going through from the past few days. She knew that he had always taken the stand for her, even when she slapped Swara. He ended up fighting with his brother.

Her thoughts were broken by Laksh’s voice.

Laksh: Mera bachcha abhi tak nahi soya??

Ragini: Leave about me. Aap kyu nahin soye?

Laksh: If you keep changing your sides every two minutes then how can you expect me to sleep?

Ragini: Sorry Laksh. I wasn’t actually feeling sleepy. So…

Laksh: It’s ok bacha. But why are you unable to sleep?

Ragini kept her head on Laksh’s chest and he surrounded her hands over her shoulder.

Ragini; Just stay like this. I will sleep peacefully.

Laksh: As you wish my princess.

Saying so he pecked her forehead. And then slowly parted her head. She slowly drifted into sleep.

He wondered what happened to his Bacha nowadays. She speaks less. She gets aggressive for stupid things. She gets nervous for silly incidents. But most importantly she doesn’t seem to be happy. The smile she gives him before he leaves to the office doesn’t seem to be as normal as it used to be. She sets his collar properly everyday. But she avoids eye contact. She might be disturbed by happenings in their life but he can’t let her go away from him. He still remembers how he saw her when she came back from Baadi that day. His breath stuck in his throat when he saw her in those clothes filled with mud. For a moment he thought she was in some problem. But she constantly kept saying she is alright.She is his lifeline. She means everything to him. And he is ready to do everything and anything to get his happy Ragini back.

He saw her sleeping peacefully and kissed her hand which was entangled with his hand and closed his eyes.

Please comment if it’s not nice, I will stop it.

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  3. Wow its awesome dear.I also thought this track had so much potential.Especially for RagLak.You know in the end I hated it that they made Ragini’s life all about swara only.I mean Ragini didn’t think about sharing her problems with her husband.Like he doesn’t hold much importance in his life.Seriously?They wanted us to believe Ragini who is crazy about Lakshya made him her 2nd priority? Anyway plz post the next part soon.And Ragini didn’t push pari in the river.She slipped

    1. Doll123

      Thank you dear yeah ragini didn’t push her sorry

  4. Kumal

    Very nice plzz continue

  5. Fairy

    Omggggg its damnnnnnnn amazngggg…..aww!!!raglak convo….lovng it sooo much dr….waitng eagerly for nxt episode…keep rockng n stay blessed sweeetypie?????????

  6. Awesome

  7. Very sweet start dear…

    1. Doll123

      Thanks dear

  8. Awesome dear friend continue

    1. Doll123

      Thank you friend

  9. Superb

  10. plzz don’t stop be regular plzzz write next part soon

    1. Doll123

      Ok yaar I won’t stop but I will try to write when ever I am free

  11. nice amazing superb awesome outstanding speechless plzzzz its request to all raglak ff os ts as writer plzz write more bcoz now days raglak ff is so less as compared to swasan some raglak ff plzz write more raglak ff prove raglak fan love raglak plzzzz write more and hope some raglak reach 100 plzz be regular keep raglak alive plzzzz guys write and stop in middle and some ending so plzzzz for raglak sake and thanks to all raglak ff writer but plzzzz be regular don’t be late big thanks to all raglak writer hope we get many new ff and old off is also regular plzz its a request of crazy raglak fan

  12. Mindblowing dear. please continue

    1. Doll123

      Thank you dear

  13. Asra

    awesome dear….plz continue yar…eagerly waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

    1. Doll123

      Thanks dear

  14. Awsm dear…nice plot..

    1. Doll123

      Thank you dear

  15. A.xx

    Amazing and post soon xx

  16. G.Chandu


  17. Fats

    Wow, great start. I’m glad you’re exploring this track because frankly speaking Swaragini handled it awfully. Anyways, I love how concerned Laksh was for Ragini ❤️. The way he monitored all those small details about her really revealed the depth of his care for her. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

    1. Doll123

      Thanks dear I will post d next part after I post next chapter of Benaam Rishta Woh

  18. Devihaa

    Hey….its really great….
    U took the most wanted track…..
    First….raglak true marriage….that u r showing in ur another ff…
    And now this one…..super dr…
    Hats off….
    Amazing…. Dr…
    Keep going….

  19. Wonderful

  20. Asw

    Good start keep going

  21. nice start its superb

  22. It’s interesting dear and plz continue. Thanks a lot for Raglak ff

  23. Good Start. Do Continue…..

  24. Jazzy

    suprrbbb start yaar

  25. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

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