Swaragini a new life. Episode 8

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The episode start with
Sidlaksh room.
Sid. I have a plan.
Laksh. What tell me.
Sid. You should tell her the truth. And propose her.
Laksh. What if she don’t listen so.
Sid. Then we will see.
Laksh. Ok.

Swasan room.
Sanskar. Swara.
Swara. Yes.
Sanskar. Letz have some fun na.
Swara. Ok letz go out.
Sanskar. I did’t mean that.
Swara. So what did you meaned.
Sanskar. You know.
Swara. Oh i dont know.
Sanskar. Should i tell u. Are show u.
Swara. Sanskar.
Sanskar come close to her and she moves back. Now she hit the wall. Sanskar keep her hand on both sides. Swara. Sanskar.
Sanskar. You did’t now what i meaned right.
Swara. Sanskar woh.
Before she should complete the talk.
Sanskar kiss her on lips. She first try to push him. But then kiss him back. Both was enjoying after some time they break the kiss. Swara blush and hug sanskar. Sanskar make her turn. Her back in facing him. He suddenly kiss her back. She was shivering. He then remove her hair from her neck and start kiss her neck.
Swara run from there.
Sanskar run after her. And hold her from her waist. He kept his hand under her saree on waist. Sanskar sit down and remove her pallu and kiss her belly. Swara closed her eyes. She kept her hand on his hair. Sanksar watch up and then contiune to kiss her belly. After some time he lift her in his arm and take her to bed.
He remove her blouse little and start kissing her shoulder. And then kiss her eyes, ears, forehead, cheek and after that they share a passionalty kisss. Both then sleep.

Ragini room.
Laksh goes to her room.
Ragini see him and say.
Laksh you here.
Laksh. Yes i want to talk to you.
Ragini. About what.
Laksh. That i did’t want to give u divorce. He tell her everything..
Ragini had teary in her eyes
Ragini. Laksh i cant trust u.
Laksh. I know plz forgived me ragini. I love you.
Ragini. Laksh i forgived you.
Laksh. Sacchi { truly }
Laksh in excitement hug her and then kiss her on cheek.
Ragini. But i need sometime to think about og we can be together.
Laksh. Ok ragini..
He kiss her on lips softly and leave.
She touch her lips and smile.

Precap. Ragsid talk.

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And 40 prosent swasan. But i am trying my best.
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