Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Part 7)

Hello guys. I am back with my 6th episode of my ff. I am really sorry for not updating it yesterday as I was busy with some work. Sorry for the delay.
So here it starts-
RECAP- Ragini slaps Laksh and rescues Swara.

Swaragini reaches home and Swara is still feeling weak. Sumi see them coming.
Sumi- So my daughters are back.
Ragini smiles while Swara gives a weak smile.
Sumi- Shona what happened, are you fine? Ragini what happened to her?
Ragini then tell the whole incident to Sumi and she gets angry.
Sumi- What kind of people come there for study. Your father and I have to talk to the principal on this issue.
Ragini- No need Maa, Swara is fine and I have talked to Lucky and I don’t think so that he will do this again.
Sumi- But Laddo…..
Swara- Maa Laddo is right, I am fine and you do not need to talk to the principal.
Sumi- Ok fine Shona but you go and rest as you are looking weak.
Swara goes.
Sumi- Laddo, today your father and I have to go to a party tonight and we will be staying at your aunt’s house tonight as her place is near the party venue.
Ragini- Fina Maa, you do and enjoy and don’t worry about Shona, I will take care of her.
Sumi- Shona is so lucky that she got a sister like you.
Ragini smiles and Sumi hugs her.

At evening in Gadodia Residence :
Shekhar is getting ready. He then calls Sumi.
Shekhar- Sumi are you ready, we are getting late for the party.
Sumi- Yes I am ready. Shekhar I am still asking that can I stay at home as Shona is not well.
Just then Swara jumps between them.
Swara- No Maa you go and have fun with papa. Ragini is there for me.
Ragini- Haan Maa you go, don’t worry.
Soon Parvati also joins them.
Parvati- Are Sumi, your daughters are very smart, they will manage, even I am there to help them.
Sumi- Ok Maa.
Shekhar smiles and then they both leave for the party in their car with the driver.

Just when Shekhar and Sumi leave, Parvati faints.
Swaragini gets shocked and worried. They carry Parvati to her bed and make her lie down. Ragini sprinkles water on her face and soon Parvati gains consciousness.
Ragini- Dadi are you fine?
Parvati- Yes Laddo I am fine.
Swara- How did you faint? Are you not well?
Parvati- Actually I forgot to take the medicines today.
Ragini- And you didn’t even ate much today.
Swara- Dadi, how many times should we remind you to take your medicines on time.
Ragini- Swara you give her the medicines and I will bring some fruits for her.
Swara nods and Ragini goes to the kitchen. Swara searches for the medicines but can’t find it.
Swara- Dadi where have you kept the medicines.
Parvati- I don’t remember maybe they are finished.
Swara- Ok, I will bring the medicines.
She heads outside but is stopped by Ragini.
Ragini- Where are you going.
Swara- Dadi’s medicines are finished so I am going to bring it from any nearby store.
Ragini- No Laddo, you are not well too , I will go and bring the medicines and you wait here with Dadi.
Swara- Offo Laddo I am fine and you are very good in taking care so you stay here with Dadi, I will go and bring the medicines.

Ragini- But…
Swara- No buts vuts….I will go and bring it.
Ragini- Fine but come fast and take care.
Swara smiles and goes out. She is walking on road as no vehicles are available at night and Sumi and Shekhar went away with the driver and Swara can’t drive.
She walks on road when some goons see her.
Goon1- Bhai see, what an item.
Goon2- Haan yaar, mast maal hai.
Goon3 – Lets follow her.
They start following her. Swara senses it but tries to ignore them. Suddenly she starts feeling dizzy and looses balance but manages herself.
Goon4- Are madamji, what happened, are you not well? We can drop you to your home.
Goon3- Or if you want then you can have rest in our house also.
They all laugh. Swara gets angry but is feeling very weak due to sudden dizziness.
Swara- Listen its better if you don’t mess with me or you will be sorry.
Goon1- Well if that’s the case then make us feel sorry.
He starts coming close to her. Swara tries to slap him but he caught her hand. All the goons start laughing. Swara tries to free her hand. She then kicks that goon and he feels the pain and leaves her hand. She then starts running and screaming for help but no one listen to her. The goons run after her.
Just then a car passes from the same road where Swara is running. Sanskar is in that Car. He sees the incident and asks the driver to stop the car. Sanskar then gets out of the car. Swara sees him and feels that he can help her. She runs towards him.

Swara- Plz help me, some goons are after me plz help.
The goons also arrive there.
Goon1- Listen whoever you are. That girl is our prey. You go and search for someone else.
Sanskar tightens his fist in anger.
Sanskar- No one will even try to come near her, got it?
Goon2- What will you do if we try to come near.
He says this and starts coming near Swara. Swara is scared and shuts her eyes. He is about to touch her face when Sanskar holds his hand and pushes him backwards. The guy falls on ground. Sanskar then punches the other guy in his stomach who comes to hit him. He was beating the goons when one of them tries to attcke him from back. Swara sees this and screams. Sanskar gets alert and gets saved from the attack. He then beats them.
Sanskar- Now if anyone will try to come near her, I will not spare him.
Swara looks at Sanskar after hearing the concern for her in his voice.
The goons run away. Sanskar comes near Swara.
Sanskar- Are you Ok?
Swara is not able to reply as she feels dizzy and loses her balance. She is about to fall when Sanskar holds her in his arms. They both share an eyelock.(JO TU MERA HUMDARD HAI continues playing in bg). Swara then faints in Sanskar’s arms. Screen freezes on their faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Sanskar brings Swara to his home. On the other hand, Ragini gets worried for Swara.

So this was today’s episode guys. Sorry for no Raglak scene as I had to show Swasan meetin. But there will be Raglak scenes in the next part. Hope you liked it, If so then plz plz do comment.
Thank you.

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