Swaragini (I love you) episode 4 ( the first meeting and truth reveal )

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Swara meet laksh in the mid of the night.

Swara : laksh please do something…..I can’t go India.

Laksh : swara please! Stop irritating me yaar! I said na just to as I say.

Swara : I know that .I’m asking u when Wii u talk with ur parents about us…

Laksh : swara it’s not easy….waisebhi adhi bhai is going to marry so ma and papa busy with this .jasehi I can get time I’ll talk to them.but untill just do as your mom say.tomorrow you go india with your mom I’ll come after 2,3 says……don’t worry.

Swara : ok.

They hug .

Gadodia’s fly to India.

Shekar : ragu here is the key of our house go there with ur dadi,dadi and dida me and ur mom have to go for important meeting.

Dada, dadi,cute and ragini come to house but she notice that their mood isn’t right.

Ragini : dadi what happend abtak u all are right n.a. but suddenly what happend.

Dida : arey! Nothing beta I think he dadi miss Canada or missing someone.

Ragini lough…..but she know something is fishy….

Ragini : aap Sab go to ur room’s I’ll go and arrange ma and papa stuff until they comes.

Ragini go their room and start arranging stauff…..

But suddenly she see a photo in sumis bag and shocked…..

Ragini : how’s this possible…..ma,papa never told me about this….
I have to find out….
But how….

Suddenly she remember something.

Yeah! Right I can’t late….

She get some papers and take that photo and went….

She come to photo studio

Ragini : bhaiya……can u please tell me when did this photo taken.

Bhaiya : I can ma’am but u have to wait sometimes bcz….this photo seems to be old.

After sometime the man come .

Man : actually ma’am this photo is 20 years old back.and shekar gadodia’s is the one who paid for it.

Ragini : thank u so much bhaiya.

Raging come out and look at the photo.

The photo is revaild. It’s gadodia family picture but the shocking thing is in this photo with ragini another baby girl is seen in.

Ragini : who’s this girl….she look exactly like me….but oh god!

After sometimes ragini come home and start checking storeroom .finally she found another photo the same girl photo.

Ragini : who’s this…..is she my sister….no …no…no…ma,papa say they have only me.but she exactly like me.she again start searching .but nothing found.
Next she went shekar and sumi room start searching ……and something found to her and now she’s shocked to see that….

Ragini : but data….swara gadodia….I. have a sister .twin sister….that’s why she likes me….I can’t believe this….but where is she…..why ma,papa trying to hode this from me….

Yes friends swara is ragini twin sister. so friends my 1st suspen is revaild…..

Finally swara and urvashi land to india.

Swara : ma where we gonna stay.

Urvashi: hm…we gonna stay maheshwari farm house .they arranged everything there.we only have to go there.

Swara : maheshwari sound is look familiar. Whatever.

Friends swara only heard maheswari name from laksh once or twice bcz all r adress him as lucky. So don’t use his surname.

Finally swara and urvashi reach farm house.

Urvashi swara go and take rest ttomorrow they will come to see u.

Swara : ma…..I know u hurt …..and that’s why I want to see u in happy. Ma I never ever forgive these people who hurt u so much……how can they do such a thing with their bahu….ma I hate my grandparents…..I never see them but i hate them…they hurt u…

So swara hate her grandparents so much bcz….they kept away swara’s from his family bcz of her dad married urvashi.

Next day

Maheswari family arrives there….

Urvashi : thank u so much…..for us formalities ap ji , sujatha ji.

Ap: arey now we gonna relatives….so .

Vasundara : urvashi beta…how r u?after 5 years we meet.

Urvashi : good aunty.in fact very good. Last time me bad I couldn’tcontact u I’m so sorry.

Vasundara :it’s ok.beta.this is my family my life.he’s my elder so dp and he’s my second so ram.and u already met sujatha and ap 5 years ago in uk with me.and he’s adharsh dp’s elder son and she’s his wife pari bahu.and he’s my raja beta sanskar.and she’s uttara.and ha…my naughty grandson he’s abroad.

Urvashi : nice to meet u all of u.

They all chat sometimes.

Ap : ma I can’t wait. I want to our sanskar’s dulhan. Where is she.

Uttara : aunty how’s she looks like.I’m sorry.I really want to see her.

Urvashi : I can understand. Wait I’ll take her.

Urvashi come to swara’s room.

Urvashi: swara let’s go they want to see u .

Swara : I can’t ?

Urvashi : chalo….don’t stubborn…..

Swara Comes wearing a beautiful red anarkali suith she’s looking greogues.

She go there and welcome them.sanskar just look at her he isn’t in a mood .

Sometimes they chat with swara.

And the family members decided to give sometimes to them talk with each others.

They went toward the beach side which is near farm house.

Swara is busy with her phone. She’s in a angry mood.?????

Sanskar decides to talk broking scilent.

Sanskar : hi I’m sanskar .

Swara : I’m swara.

This is first and last thing they talked with each others.

Precap : 2nd suspen is revailes. Laksh fly to india .

Credit to: Dhanu

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