SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 29)

Ragini entered her room and started crying.
Ragini: what did you do laksh? I was not expecting this. I know that this was just an accident but I am unable to digest this. What happens if my parents get to know about this? It was my mistake. If I wouldn’t have made you my friend then we were in two different paths..
She stood up and wiped her tears.
Ragini: ( in a firm voice) I realized my mistake laksh. I will never give you another chance.

Swara has fallen from a cliff and sanskar is worried to see her. He immediately reached down. Swara has got a hurt on her head.
Sanskar:( tears in his eyes) swara!! Please open your eyes. Swara please. You can’t leave me like this. Swara. No use. I must take her to the hospital.
He lifted swara in his arms and placed her in his car. He started driving as fast as he can.

Sanskar:( worried) doctor! Doctor!
Doctor: what happened.
Sanskar: please check my friend. She has fallen from a cliff and is badly injured.
Doctor: dont worry mister. We will take care of her. Nurse! Shift this patient to ICU..immediately.
Sanskar is looking at swara while nurse was taking her to ICU.

Ragini is trying to sleep but laksh’s thoughts were not allowing. Just then laksh called to her mobile. She ended the call in hatred.
Laksh: please ragini..pick up my call. I need to talk to you.
Once again phone rang and ragini is annoyed. She ended the call again. It was for the time time when she switched off her mobile and started crying again
Laksh: switch off!! Please give me a chance dear..

Sanskar literally ran towards doctor who came out of ICU
Sanskar:( worried) how is she doctor?
Doctor: nothing to worry my boy. She has not got many injuries.take care for two days and she will be perfectly alright.
Sanskar:( relaxed) can I speak to her?
Doctor( smiled): you enthusiasm shows how much you love her. She is unconscious now. You can visit her afterwards.
Sanskar was staring at doctor while he left. Sanskar slowly opened the door of ICU after few hours.he went near swara and sat behind her. He was just staring at unconscious swara.
Sanskar: ( emotional voice) swara..I never dreamed a day of seeing you in this condition as I am feared of hospitals.
He took her hands in his and continued..
Sanskar: you know what.. I felt something attractive about you when I saw u for the first time. Noone dared to talk to me but you did it. I was irritated by your behaviour initially later enjoyed it as it reminded kavitha but when you left for Kolkata.. He paused..I don’t know why but I was missing you. Badly.I always used to remember about you,your talk and many more. your absence affected me badly such that I haven’t came to the office. I was flying in clounds when I got to know that you returned BANGLORE. I was pleased by your forgiveness. I liked the way you supported me after knowing about kavitha and tried to get me out of that. You were dream of sleeps..vision of eyes..smile of my lips..you are my life dear. Till date I was struggling to find the meaning of my relationship to you but today I realized swara. It is love..I LOVE YOU..
Someone knocked the door which made him to stop his conversation with her soul.
Tara: may I come in sir?
Sanskar:( trying to hide his feelings) yes
Tara( worried) how is she now?
Sanskar: fine and please inform it her parents.
Tara: yes sir
She left the room to contact swara’s parents.
Sanskar eyed swara emotionally..
Sanskar: I remember very well.. Once kavitha said me that love doesn’t need any confession as it is felt by heart. I didn’t understood it at that time but I got it today. I know swara that you love me. I can feel it in your eyes,in your concern towards me,in your every touch. It was me who acted foolishly all the time thinking that love happens only once. You proved it wrong dear…

Tara: hello aunty ji. I am Tara..colleague of swara.
Sumi: yes beta..what’s the matter.
Tara:( hesitatingly) aunty..actually swara met with a minor accident and she is admitted in the hospital.
Sumi started crying and all the family members gathered.
Tara: please aunty..don’t cry. Nothing has happened to her.she is absolutely fine. She is unconscious now. I will make her to call after regaining her conscious.
Sumi: okay beta. I will be waiting for your call.

Dadi: what happened sumi
Sumi:( crying) swara met with an accident.
Dadi,shekar and ragini:( shocked) what!!!
Sumi: its is a minor accident and she is unconscious. Her colleague promised me to call when our swara gets alright.
Ragini went to the temple I’m the house.
Ragini:( folded her hands) please God..don’t punish my sister for my wrong doings.( she is assuming that talking to laksh was a sin)

Sanskar: okay Tara. I am leaving now. Please take care of her.
Tara:( surprised) but you can’t leave her like this.
Sanskar: I can’t face her and please after discharging drip her at hostel.
Tara is confused by his behaviour. Sanskar left the place.

Laksh is really tensed that ragini is avoiding him.
Laksh: ( emotional) I know ragini that it was an accident but being a reserves girl you must have feeling guilty for this. I want to ask you for an apologize and make you understand the situation but you are not interested to talk to me even. It would be better if I go to BAADI to meet her. He lsft for BAADI.

Swara gained her conscious but is feeling pain at injured parts.
Swara:( holding her head) ouch!
Tara:( came near her) how are feeling now.
Swara:( confused) fine. Where is sanskar ji??
Tara: he has some important meeting and so..
Swara: ohh.
Tara called to sumi and gave her the mobile
Sumi::( worried) how are you dear?
Sumi: its okay ma. I am feeling better now.
Sumi: I am coming to banglore tomorrow along with ragini
Swara:( surprised) ma! I haven’t got a surgery. Please don’t make it an issue. If you are going to come then I will run from this city.
Sumi: but..
Swara: no more discussions.
Sumi: but ragini is worrying about you. I thought that it will be good for her even as she can visit a new place.
Swara: ( thought for sometime) okay ma..but ragini..only ragini must come.
Sumi: ( unwillingly) okay. She is starting tonight.
Sumi ended the call but swara is still thinking about sanskar. His absence is hurting her somewhere deep inside the heart.

Laksh reached BAADI and is surprised to see ragini who is arranging luggage in car.
Laksh: ragini
Ragini saw him but acted as he was far from her.
Laksh: ragini..please look at me once.
Ragini: papa.everything is easy. We are getting late.
Laksh is waving his hands to get her attention but she is completely ignoring him.
Ragini along with other family members left to the station. Laksh followed them.

Ragini: bye ma
Sumi: take care of yourself and didi also.
Ragini: yes ma.
Shekar: get into the train dear.
Ragini and shekar got into the train. Shekar arranged a the things and got off from the train. Laksh was observing this from far.train started moving and ragini was waving for all others.
Sumi,dadi,shekar: bye princess..take care happy journey.
As the train moved,she saw laksh standing at corner and is staring at her helplessly.ragini looked at him and immediately turned to show her rejection. Laksh was standing there and is staring at her till the train leaves his sight.
Screen splits into three and freezes at laksh’s sad face,ragini’s dull face and swara’s confused face

PRECAP: Sanskar proposed swara and she accepted him. Later they both hugged each other.

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    1. Thank-you didi..your comment really means a lot to me. Thank-you so much.

    2. Oh my god!! Thank-you you so much much didi for commenting. Your comment means a lot to me.

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    1. Of course but according to my plot he will get to know it first.

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