Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 4

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Hey guys….I am back….I again thank u for liking my story….It encourages me a lot.

Recap:Laksh proposed to Swara.

Swara is in Laksh’s embrace.She says it is time to go now.She kisses him and goes.He looks on and recalls something in fb.

Swara talks to Sanskaar.

Swara:I have already fallen in love now.

Sanskaar:Mee too.but i love Ragini.

Laksh hears them and gets shocked.He assumes Swasan love each other.He then sees Ragini crying(when she heard Sanskaar talking to a photo).

Laksh:Ragini what happened?

Ragini:I love Sanskaar..but he doesnt love me….He loves someone since childhood.

Laksh is shocked and assumes Swara loves sanskaar.But Sanskaar loves Ragini.He thinks Swara will come between them.He thinks he will stop Swara from coming between them.Fb ends.

Laksh:I started liking u Swara.But u made me hate u by trying to come b/w Sanskaar and Ragini.I will unite them for sure because they love each other since childhood.Even if I have to marry u, i will….

Swara reaches her house and is happy.Ragini comes and hugs her.


Ragini starts crying.

Swara:Lado? What hap?

Ragini:Swara, Sanskaar doesnt love me! He loves some girl since childhood.

Swara gets angry and goes to Sanskaar’s house.She calls him out.He comes to her and shuts her mouth to stop her from shouting.Laksh sees them and assunes Swara is trying to blame Sanskaar.

Swara:How dare u betray her?


Swara tells him everything.He smiles and tells her everything.She realizes and smiles.They hug and Sanskaar decides to tell Ragini his feelings.Laksh sees thrm hugging and thinks he will not let Swara come between Ragsan.

Laksh:I did not know she will stoop so low and betray her own sister (as u can see Laksh is misunderstanding Swara a lot)

Next morning, Ragini informs the family that she is quitting the job.Sanskaar comes and is shocked hearing her.Swara comes and says she will not go.She convinces her.Sanskaar smiles and winks to Swara.Ragini goes

Laksh comes to Annapurna.

Laksh:Maa,I love someone.


Laksh:Swara Gagodia

Annapurna:Shekhar ji’s daughter?

Laksh nods.Annapurna smiles and hugs Laksh.Laksh looks on.

Its the marriage day.Ragini does the arragements with Swara.Sanskaar comes and Ragini falls with him.They get covered with flowers.They have an eyelock.Sanskaar smiles.Ragini remembers his words and gets up.Swara smiles and teases them.Ragini goes from there.

The groom and bride get married in the mandap.After marriage Ragini thinks she will never see Sanskaar again.She clashes with Sanskaar.They have an eyelock.She goes.She stops and turns to look at him going.Music plays…She turns.Sanskaar turns and looks at her and wishes she looks at him once.

Its been one week(i am going to forward the story).Swalak decided to get married.Today is the marriage day,Swsra is dressed as a bride.Ragini helps her get readyp.Sumi and Ragini bring her downstairs.Laksh gets mesmerized seeing Swara.Sanskaar gets mesmerized seeing Ragini.Swara sits near Laksh in the mandap.She smiles.The marriage starts.Shekhar does her kanyadaan.Ragini ties her ghatbandhan.They both take pheras.Laksh then fills Swara’s maang with sindoor.He makes her wear mangalsutra.Bidaai happens.Swara cries and hugs Ragini.Swaragini plays….Swara tries to go inside the house to fetch something but the ghandbandhan stops her.She turns and looks at Laksh.He smiles and says its late now.He takes her to the car and they drive off.

Annapurna:Sharmista ji dont worry ur Swara will be happy with us.Laksh and Swara have gone in our farmhouse.They will stay their for 1 week.I want Swara to be happy.

Sumi smiles.Ragini is crying and misses Swara.Sanskaar comes there and looks at her.

Sanskaar:Swara will be happy with us dont worry.

Ragini holds his hand.

Ragini:Plzzz take care of her.She is very small.She is still a child.My shona….

Sanskaar smiles and nods.Ragini looks on.

Swalak reach the farmhouse.Laksh does Swara’s grah pravesh.Swara smiles and enters the house.Sanskaar calls her to ask if they reached.She talks to him.Laksh looks on feels jealous.He takes her phone and brings her to room upstairs.He pulls her closer and dances with her on a romantic song.Humma song ..plays….Swara smiles and hugs Laksh.He finally pushes her and gets angry remembering that she loves Sanskaar(he thinks).She gets shocked and looks on.He puts his one feet on the bed and leans towards her.He grabs her face.She cries being shocked.

Swara:Laksh! R u mad? What r u doing?

He laughs and shouts yes.

Laksh:I HAVE GONE MAD!!! Because i didnt know u would stoop so low.U pretended to love me but loved Sanskaar.Swara is super shocked and slaps Laksh.

Swara:Do u even realize what u r saying? I never loved Sanskaar…I love u…

Laksh:What a joke! But lemme tell u…that I never loved u.I just married u because….


He comes near to her.



Laksh:I dont find it necessary to tell u….He pushes her on the bed.She gets shocked remembering his words.She collapses on the floor and cries badly.

Ragini senses something and calls Swara.Swara’s phone is downstairs.She comes and takes her phone.

Ragini:Shona!!! R u fine? R uhappy?

Swara looks at Laksh drinking and cries silently.

Swara:yes..I am really happy here…Laksh is taking care of me so well..

Ragini:Shona….never hesitate ever to tell me if u r not fine ok…and yes ups and downs come in everyone’s life.Just dont get upset and compromise with the situations.

Swara says ok and ends the call.Laksh is drunk and comes to her.

Swara:Btw who told u that I love Sanskaar…?

Laksh:Why do u care? Its a fact right!

Swara:Its useless talking to u.

She turns to go.He holds her hand and pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.Music plays…..

Swara:Why r u sturborn Laksh? Why dont u accept that u love me? I can see it clearly in ur eyes.

She cries.He gets hurt seeing her crying.He shouts not to do drama with him and apologizes to her in heart what he is going to do.He drags her to room and asks her to sleep with him.She gets shocked and shouts never with a chespster like him.

Swara:U never loved me right? So by what right i have to sleep with u? U dont trust me so its useless if we consummate our marriage.

Laksh:I filled ur maang with sindoor…its my right and u cant stop me.He pins her to wall.He kisses her neck.She closes her eyes and remembers his accusations.She pushes him and cries.

Swara:If i have ever loved u…then I wont let u come close to me maybe then u will realize that ur Swara truly loved u…But I am afraid it will be too late by them.She runs from there.He thinks.

He comes downstairs and sees Swara crying sitting on the sofa.

Precap:Swara shouts Laksh…..!!!

Credit goes to:Hajrah

Hey guys….hope u like the episode…plzz tell me how was it…and plzz give me some ideas about the Maha Episode….

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    please clear swalak misunderstanding & swara should not forgive laksh easily

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    Its jst fantastic….!!!!sooooo awesome…post nxt part sooon…..keep rockng n stay blessed sweety????

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    Amazing adnwonder what ragu will do when she findsout xx

  4. stop this swara job or name the the swara ff plzz next if it is most swara than I am write plzzz give ragsan scene

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  6. Nice.feeling bad for swara

  7. Mind blowing

  8. Asra

    superbbb dear….

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