Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 17)

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Scene 1: At mansion

A guy was standing with his back towards the entrance. It was a beautiful park filled with lovely flowers. A girl enter running towards the guy. She back hugged the guy and whispered I love you in his ears. That girl is swara. She went front and was shocked to see the person. It’s laksh. She got up shouting noo. Ragini said shona what happened why did you shouted. Swara realized it is a dream and relaxed herself. She said noting di. It’s a bad dream. Swara thought oh god it means my prince is lucky. I can’t believe this. Ragini again snapped swara out of her dream world.

Ragini said okay. I am going to freshen up. Don’t sleep again. Swara said yes di and I am going out for jogging with lucky. Ragini said be careful with others. Swara said yes di and went from there. Soon swalak left. Sanky was in his room confused as to why he is feeling different with ragini. What is she to him. He decided to speak with her and sort out everything. He went to her room and opened the door. He saw a girl turned with her back facing him. He thought it is ragini as swara has already left joking with lucky.

He neared her and said ragini I want to tell you something. I don’t know how you will react but I have to say that. I fell something different for you which I have never felt for any other girl. I have won my fear also for you. Your one smile makes my day, your one tear breaks my heart. I don’t what is it but I just want to say what I feel for you saying so he bent his head and turned to go but was stopped by a voice.

He turned around and was shocked to see the person. It’s uttara. She said You love her bhai. It’s called love bhai what you where telling to me. sanky said uttara why are you here. Uttara said bhai I already know that it’s you and laksh bhai in girl’s attire. But I don’t know how you end up here. Everything happened for good only. Finally I got to see my to be bhabhi by this. Sanky said uttara not so soon. Still I am not sure it is love. Uttara said you will bhai. At that swalak came and laksh saw sanky in swarag’s room and went towards him.

He said bhai you are not supposed to be roaming like this. Come with me let’s get changed and saw uttara standing there. Lucky said choti what are you doing here. Sanky said lucky she knows everything so no need to worry. Sanky told how they caught up here and uttara laughed hard hearing it. At that time swara came to her room and also ragini came out after getting ready. Ragini said what are you all doing here. Sanskar and laksh why are you like this. Sanky was so lost in ragini’s beauty. Ragu was looking like an angel in white anarkali.

Uttara coughed to bring sanky back to real world. She teased sanky who blushed little. Swarag was shocked to uttara there. They thought that now their truth is out and feared. Uttara sensed it and said swara di, ragini bhabh.. di . Sanky glared at her. She said why have you not told sanskari and lakshana have brothers also. They are looking so hot and handsome. Saying so she winked at sanlak. swarag were burning in jealousy. swara said ha uttara now you go and get ready. Ragini also joined her saying yeah your friends must be waiting for you go and took her outside.

Swarag closed the door and was so angry on uttara. They don’t know that she is sanlak’s sister. Sanlak were controlling their laugh. Ragini turned to sanlak and said I already told you both to be careful. We are saved now but we don’t know what will happen next. You both be careful and left from there. Sanlak went to their room and was thinking how swarag felt jealous and smiled. Sanlak got ready and then they visited many places today and returned to mansion. Next day the roads are cleared and everyone planned to return to their home place.

Teacher thanked every one and went to the van. All students hugged swarag and tried to hug sanlak but swarag stopped them saying some reason. Uttara smiled seeing that while sanlak where controlling their laugh. Finally it’s uttara’s turn to say good bye. She hugged swarag first and said I will miss you both di. But don’t worry soon we both will meet again and staying hamesha keliye with us. She said that seeing sanlak who blushed little.

She then turned to go towards sanlak but swarag stopped her saying it’s getting late. Let’s go now. Uttara said it’s not late now and went towards sanlak hugging them. She whispered all the best bhai’s in getting your love and composed herself. Swarag were burning in jealous. Then uttara went to van and soon they left from there. Students are waving bye to swarag and sanlak. Sanky said finally I am going to be free from this girl’s costume. Ragini said yes, Our business also developed soon we will be getting many guest also.

At that time a car came and stood before them. Ragini said see I told na. Now let’s give a surprise welcome to our guests. Saying so swarag went towards the car. Sanlak thought to get changed and tried to go from there. At that time they hears swarag shouting ahh oh my god and turned around. They saw swarag hugging a couple and was confused.

What happened on swarag’s side was that the cars door opened and sheksumi came out. They said surprise. Swarag got excited shouting ahh oh my god and hugged their parents. They said maa paa, we are so glad to see you both. Sanlak unison said maa paa. Sheksumi turned and told yes we are their parent. Sumi neared sanlak and said you must be sanskari and lakshana right. I have seen you both in my shona’s Facebook pictures. Sanlak were shocked and eyed swara who gave a sorry expression.

Lucky got melted in it and said yes aunty we are. Sanky gave what the look. Sumi said you both are looking so cute. sanlak thought waah god you gave a chance to meet our in laws but in this atire why. They thought to impress them and bent to took sheksumi’s blessing. They blessed sanlak. Sanlak told them to come in and led them in. Swarag were shocked thinking before a minute they were happy thinking they don’t have to be in that attire but now see they changed their mind. They also went back of them. Sanlak treated them so well. Lucky made all luxury arrangements for them while sanky prepared their favourite food.

Swarag where so amazed to see it and felt happy. They thought they sanlak will be best son in laws too than being best partner. They thought to say what they feel to them. Sanlak also thought the same. At night sheksumi went to sleep. Swarag and sanlak where sitting in hall immersed in thinking how to express their love. At that time they hear a bell. Swarag where excited. They said more customer and opened the door. A man was standing there. He said is sanskar sir and laksh sir here. Ragini said yes come in. They went in.

Sanlak has changed their attire as sheksumi has slept. He greeted sanlak and told their bhai has sen them. He gave the money to sanlak and gave a check to swarag saying you can fill whatever amount you want as per sir’s saying. Swarag were shocked. They felt broken hearing. Their face turned pale. Sanlak noticed it and felt bad. Swarag said you can stay hear for night and go in morning. The guy agreed and ram led him to a room. Swarag went to their room and cried acting like sleeping so that the other doesn’t doubt her. Sanlak were sad and went to their room to sleep. Swalak and ragsan didn’t get sleep. They were so sad thinking they are going to get separated. The screen ends on sad faces of swalak and ragsan.

Recap: Sanlak leaving from manali. Swarag crying seeing it.

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