Swaragini FF: Love A Sip Of Poison (episode 1)

hello my dear friends. .
first of all I’m really sorry guys. Some of you are disappointed with my voting thing. But guys I have to say something. .
This story is not based on couples. here swara , ragini , laksh , sanskar these 4 people are important. and this is a mystery story filled with suspense. so the final pairs will be decided only in the last episode. and you will be see this 4 pairs through out the story. because it is necessary for the story. guys if you read only for pairs then I’m really sorry. because this story is entirely different and not a sweet love story. I request you all to give a chance to this story. and if you guys don’t like it then I will stop it.


It was a sunny day. The train arrived in Mumbai railway station . A handsome guy stepped out from the train. He watched the busy railway station with his shining eyes. A bright smile appeared in his s*xy lips. He started to walk through the pavement by holding some files on his hands. suddenly his mobile begins to ring. He took the call and started speaking through it.
A girl was coming opposite to him. She was in a white suit. her silky hairs was kissing her cheeks. she was in a deep thought.
Both of them didn’t saw each other. Both were in there on world. While passing each other they both collide. .
‘ thud ‘ ..
Both turn towards each other. His file slipped from his hands and some papers scattered around.
” oh. I’m really sorry ” guy said.

” it’s okay” girl replied with a smile. girl helped him to collect his papers from the floor.
” thank you so much ” guy conveyed his gratitude.
” it’s my pleasure. sorry I forget to ask your name ” girl said.
” I’m Laksh ” boy said while forwarding his hands.
” nice name. I’m Ragini” girl replied by shaking his hands.
Both exchanged a beautiful smile.

They say good bye to each other and started their journey. .
ragini (in mind) why I’m thinking that I knew him before? . ..
laksh ( in mind) that girl and her touch it is familiar. . I’m seeing her for the first time. but my heart saying that I know her..
A big mansion is shown. A girl was sitting in the garden and playing a violin. suddenly someone closed her eyes . girl shocked for a second. then a lovely smile appeard on her pinky lips.
” laksh .. I know it is you. ” girl replied with confidence.
laksh removed his hands from her eyes and come forward.

” you are really brilliant swara. ” laksh said.
” it is not brilliance laksh. I love you.. so I can recognise your touch even in sleep” swara said by looking in to his eyes. His expression changes.
“swara I told you many times I don’t love you” laksh said in a serious note.
” I know it laksh. but you will marry me. This is my promise to you. ”
swara said calmly.
” sorry swara. you are my friend and nothing more than that. Don’t expect more ” laksh goes angrily.

swara watched him with a smile
swara ( in mind) you will marry me laksh. you have no options left. not only you I too have no options left.
swara’s smile became dangerous.
laksh ( in mind) : I will not marry you swara. I will not let you or anyone spoil my mission. A dangerous smile appered on his face.
A shooting ground is shown. A guy was aiming at his target. It was a girl’s photo . He trigged his gun. bullet hit on photo’s centre. an evil smile appered on his face.
” waw sanskar you are such an awesome shooter” a modern girl comes near him and congratulated him. He smiled at her.

” thanks kavita” he said and again took his gun.
“sanskar but this girl looks innocent. why you are aiming her? what us her name?” kavita asked.
” all glitters are not gold baby. This girl have an innocent face. but it doesn’t mean that she has an innocent heart. and she is my target.. because. . There is a reason. . A big reason. . but I can’t tell you now . Let the better time come. ” sanskar again aimed the picture.
” hmm.. and her name? ” kavita asked in curiosity.
” Swara Boss ” sanskar said while triggering the bullet.
that bullet also touched it’s target.

“Ragini Ragini ” a girl screamed.
“why r u shouting diya? ” ragini came and asked to her. .
“finally we get his picture. We succeed darling. . We get it.” diya hugged ragini .
” where it is ? ” ragini asked calmly. “here it is ” diya shows a photo to ragini. Ragini eyes became sharp.

” oh.. He seems handsome.. poor fellow. your fate is in my hands darling. ” ragini said by touching the photo.
” Yeh ragini . We both awaited for this day..”
” yes my dear sister.. from today we are starting our new journey to spoil many lives ”
ragini eyes became red .

episode ends with anger filled and dangerous faces of swara, laksh, sanskar and ragini..
….. ………………………………………….

This is a small update guys. I’m sorry but it was needed. I will try to write more in next update. hope you all like it. Please comment

  1. Phoniex

    nice character sketch dear I am liking it.

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much dear

  2. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot..

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      Thank you so much as a dear

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    nice ……. but long updates .. ??

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  4. Nice yaar u Will upload Ur pervious FF or not

  5. Awesome dear I loved it it’s interesting

  6. Fairy

    Babare!!!sb khatarnak hai?????!!! It’s so thrilling yaar!!!M jst loving dis story!!!! Everyone have dere own mission!! Let’s see how dey wl fall in LOVE ? while taking revenge from eo!! Omg laksh had some mission!!N rags is behind someone??Do raglak knows eo??? Waitng eagerly for nxt episode!!!keep rockng n stay blessed?

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. It is a pleasure to see your comment dearie. This is a different story. I’m glad that you like it. and I’m very thankful to you for the comment in previous part.. love you. god bless you

  7. Awesome dear it’s interesting

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much priya

  8. AnuAnn

    Interesting and thrilling dear.. I’m ready to give a chance yo this story… But but my full concentration is only on my swasan . but like all characters in your story .. Everyone is a mystery

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much anu. keep reading dear. and my install account changed. I can’t access the old one. so couldn’t reply to you. Really sorry for that.

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      Its okk dear nd your new account?

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  9. Its so thrilling and that is what caught my attention. I want u to continue this story and

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  10. Simi

    Nice intro


    Hey jwala dii…. you are back…… i love thrills…n your story is full of thrill…. very much intersting….i will read it…. now just i give a crax challenge…. do u remember me….. (hint: a kid who used to write on swasan)…..
    love u

    1. Jwala

      I want more clues dearie. I have a bad memory. really sorry for that

  12. IQRA222

    jwala di it is a wonderful story . so i guess i dont have any other choice than reading it cause i never leave superb stories. and this one is a superb one with a wonderful plot..
    the episode was totally lovely
    loved the way the story is … dangerous
    waiting eagerly for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

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