Swaragini FF: Kuch Toh Hai (Episode 7)

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Episode 7:
The episode starts in the train, the sun rises and shines bright in the sky.

The train stops, Ragini opens her eyes and finds herself near Lakshya, she couldn’t believe that after many years she was with Lakshya. Lakshya slowly opens his eyes and sees Ragini.

“Have we reached?” A half asleep Lakshya asks.

“Haa.” Ragini softly utters.

Lakshya fully wakes up and stands, Ragini also stands.

“I know that Chachi and Mr Maheshwari separated Swara and Sanskaar so we need to expose them in front of Sanskaar.” Lakshya tells and faces Ragini.

“What do you mean?” Ragini asks.

“We have to behave like we dislike each other, we have to show… Tashan so that they don’t get suspicious and we can do our work smartly because if Chachi and Mr Maheshwari find out that we are back together and will expose them then they will leave no stone to be perfect in front of Sanskaar and backfire our plans, they will outsmart us each time do we need to separate…” Lakshya explains abs holds Ragini by the shoulders.

Ragini looks at him.

“You’re right Lakshya… Jab tak Swara and Sanskaar don’t get united, we won’t stay together, I’m ready to support you and I think you’re right.” Ragini says with a faint smile.

“Thank you for understanding Ragini.” Lakshya says and hugs her.

Ragini hugs him back.

“I’m ready to do anything to help Swara. Sanskriti needs her father while Swayyam needs his mother… what do I need to do?” Ragini says and breaks the hug.

Swara is shown standing there, Lakshya notices her.

“Swara, I also have something you could do…” Lakshya says as he looks at Swara.

Ragini turns and sees Swara, Swara walks there and looks at Lakshya.

Lakshya starts telling and the scene shifts to Sanskaar.

He is shown parking his car outside the train station.

“It’s so crowded.” Sanskaar complains as he steps out of his car.

Inside the train, Kavita wakes up and looks around.

“Have we reached?” Kavita asks herself and sits up.

She looks to her side and sees Swayyam sleeping. Kavita then takes a bag and walks towards the toilet.

Lavyansh sits up and sees Vani and Avni sitting down all ready, Sanskriti walks up to them and sits besides Avni. Rayyan walks there.

“You all got ready?” Lavyansh asks half asleep.

“Yeah, the train stopped half an hour ago.” Avni says.

Lavyansh gets up and puts his jacket on.

Lakshya finishes telling, Swara and Ragini and look at each other and then nod okay.

Lakshya smiles and then leaves before the children see him. Lavyansh walks there and Swaragini turn, they see him and look on.

Scene shifts outside the train station, Sanskaar was shown waiting in the sun with his shades on.

“How stupid Sanskaar, he’s not going to come because he must be asleep!” Sanskaar angrily says to himself and storms inside the station.

Sanskaar walks inside and Lakshya walks out, both miss to see each other, Sanskaar sees the train and walks towards it.

Lavyansh looks at then suspiciously and raises one of his eyebrow.

“What’s going on here?” Lavyansh suspiciously asks.

“Nothing, I was talking to Ragini about where she’s going to stay.” Swara says as she chuckles and avoids the suspicion.

Lavyansh looks at then and Ragini turns to Swara.

“Swara, let’s make arrangements to leave… and I’m fully with you in your decision.” Ragini says and holds her hand.

Swara faint smiles and nods.

“What decision?” Lavyansh asks.

“You will find out shortly.” Ragini says and leaves with Swara.

Just then Sanskaar walks in and Lavyansh sees him and Sanskaar looks at him.

“Excuse me, you’re in front of the toilet, could you please move.” Lavyansh politely says.

Sanskaar moves forward and Lavyansh enters the toilet. Sanskaar then moves forward and sees Swayyam sleeping with the bet around his seat.

“He can’t change!” Sanskaar huffs and pulls the net off.

Kavita comes out and is surprised to see Sanskaar. She walks there.

“Sanskaar, you reached?” Kavita says loudly so she could make Swayyam hear so that he could wake up.

Sanskaar ignores her and pulls the blanket off Swayyam. Sanskriti comes to her seat and sees her bag, she smiles and picks it up.

Sanskriti was about to go but stops.

“I might as well see Swayyam before leaving, no matter how bad he is, he’s still my brother…” Sanskriti says in her head.

She nods to herself and then peeks, Sanskaar’s back if faced towards her.

Swayyam feels cold but with his eyes closed.

“Kavita… my blanket!” Swayyam angrily says.

“Wake up!” Sanskaar’s voice echoes in Swayyams ears.

He opens his eyes and sits up with a jerk. His worst nightmare come true, he sees Sanskaar standing in front of him.

“Have you seen the time? I was waiting for 20 minuets for you!” Sanskaar angrily says.

Swayyam stands up and then sighs.

“Because of you I had to suffer in this train box!” Swayyam rudely says and looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar gives him the angry look.

“You don’t show any good behaviour for me to say Wow, you’re my son and you deserve better!” Sanskaar tells in a serious tone.

Swayyam was about to say something when Kavita cuts in between.

“Can we leave? Please…” Kavita says with a worried smile.

Sanskaar turns and walks forward, Sanskriti looks on as she sees him. Swayyam puts his jacket on and picks his shoulder bag up. He bends and pulls his suitcase out.

Kavita picks her bags up and leaves with Swayyam. Swara comes there from the other side.

“What happened?” Swara asks Sanskriti.

“Nothing.” Sanskriti says as she plasters a fake smile on her face.

Both Swara and Sanskriti head out and meet up with Ragini, Lavyansh, Vani and Avni.

Swayyam was finding it hard to walk as there were too many people. Sanskaar was walking in front and suddenly gets pushed by a man which results him of falling.

Swayyam smirks while Kavita looks on.

“Fell down? How much more will you fall down?” Swayyam insults with a fake pout.

Sanskaar hears and so does Kavita. Sanskaar gets angry and then stands up, he glares at Swayyam while Swayyam looks away.

“I haven’t fallen down as much as you fallen down…” Sanskaar insults.

Swayyam gets angry and was about to answer back when Kavita holds his hand. Swayyam looks at her.

“Let’s leave.” Kavita says.

Sanskaar turns around and bumps into someone.

“Sorry…” That person says and picks the fallen bag up.

That someone looks up and is revealed to be Swara. Both Swara and Sanskaar are shocked to each other.

Swayyam looks on.

“Where’s the car parked?” Swayyam asks.

Sanskaar doesn’t respond as he had not heard. Ragini comes there and doesn’t see Sanskaar.

“Swara taxi…” Ragini says but stops as she sees Sanskaar and looks on.

Sanskaar also sees her.

“Can you tell me where you parked the car?!” Swayyam loudly yet rudely shouts and grabs Sanskaar’s attention.

“You can stare at her later!” Swayyam irritatedly says and walks forward.

Kavita looks on and RagSwaSan look at him.

Sanskaar then walks away while Kavita and Swayyam follow him.

Ragini holds Swara’s shoulder and Swara turns with a smile.

“Shall we leave?” Swara asks.

Ragini nods and both walk away.

After an hour, Swayyam, Sanskaar and Kavita reach Maheshwari Palace. Swayyam enters and gets surprised to see DP, Sujata, AP and Uttra.

“When did you all come?” Swayyam asks.

“Yesterday, with Sanskaar.” AP smiles.

“Haa and forced me inside the Train box.” Swayyam says and walks up.

DP looks at Sujata while she gives a worrying smile.

“Bhaisa, he’s tired… let him rest.” Sujata covers up with a fake her worried smile.

Sanskaar enters while on his phone, Sujata sees him.

“Chore, where’s Kavita?” Sujata asks.

“I dropped her home.” Sanskaar says and walks up.

Sujata and AP then walk towards the kitchen but stop as they hear a familiar voice.

“I’m back!” The familiar voice shouts.

DP looks on shockingly, AP and Sujata turn and get shocked.

Lakshya is revealed to be standing there.

“Did you all miss me?” Lakshya asks with a smirk.

DP couldn’t believe this, AP gets teary eyed and rushes to him.

“Lakshya?” AP says but Lakshya stops her by showing his hand.

“Maa, I’m tired. I’ll talk to you in the evening, after all you should let a KING rest.” Lakshya says and makes the word king bold as he wanted to rub the salt on DPs wounds and the word King was the salt at that moment.

Lakshya then walks up.

“Lakshya? After 15 years I’m seeing this Chora, god knows where he was at all that time.” Sujata says and then looks at DP.

DP walks upstairs and AP turns to Sujata. Both then head in the kitchen.

After a while, Lavyansh, Ragini, Vani, Avni, Swara and Sanskriti reach a house. They enter it and look around as it was decorated beautifully.

“Wow, this house looks so beautiful.” Vani expresses as she couldn’t remove her eyes.

“Learn to live in it peacefully.” Lavyansh taunts.

Vani then glares at him.

“You all rest, I’m going somewhere and I’ll be back.” Swara says and looks at everyone.

Vani, Avni, Rayyan and Ragini nod okay.

“I’m coming too.” Lavyansh tells.

“Me three.” Sanskriti says.

Swara looks at both of them.

“I’ll be back anyways…” Swara says.

“But you need a bodyguard to protect you, you can’t go alone and I’ll be the best guy for you to take.” Lavyansh says proudly as he praises himself.

“Oh please, Mausi… you would probably get in trouble if he goes.” Vani says and rolls her eyes.

Swara smiles.

“Please Mamma…” Sanskriti requests.

Swara looks at Ragini, Ragini nods okay.

“Okay fine, both of you come.” Swara says.

Lavyansh and Sanskriti smile.

Then the trio head out.

Evening in Maheshwari Palace, Lakshya walks down the stairs and sees the hall empty.

A servant walks up to him with a glass of water, he takes it and drinks it as he walks down.

The servant leaves as Lakshya places the glass back on the tray.

Swayyam walks down and then sees Lakshya standing with his back faced towards him.

“Who’s this? This can’t be Sanskaar cause he don’t wear joggers and will never wear that… neither will DP.” Swayyam say to himself and starts thinking.

Lakshya is shown in black joggers with red shirt.

Swayyam increases his speed and walks down, he taps Lakshya on the shoulder and Lakshya turns.

Both look at each other and Lakshya smiles at him.

“Hey Swayyam, how are you?” Lakshya asks.

Swayyam looks on and then walks around Lakshya while examining him.

“Who are you?” Swayyam asks and stands in front of him again.

“Lakshya Maheshwari.” Lakshya introduces.

Swayyam looks on.

“The King? Samraat Lakshya Maheshwari?” Swayyam asks with a smile.

Lakshya nods yes while giving a faint smile.

“Take a seat.” Swayyam says as he points at the sofas.

Lakshya smiles and sits down, Swayyam also sits besides him.

“Chandan!” Swayyam shouts.

A servant rushes out.

“Get some snacks!” Swayyam orders.

Chandan nods and goes. Swayyam looks at Lakshya.

“DP’s second son?” Swayyam says.

Lakshya looks at him and nods yes with a surprised smile.

“How do you know?” Lakshya asks.

“It’s impossible that Swayyam doesn’t know anything about this family, especially DP and his life/deed…” Swayyam smirks.

“Impressive and DP?” Lakshya asks.

“Shortened for Durga Prasad, couldn’t be asked to say his name in full form, he keeps bragging on about being the Durga Prasad Maheshwari… just annoys me.” Swayyam says and moves a little back.

Lakshya chuckles and Chandan keeps a plate of fruit down on the table.

Swayyam offers Lakshya some and Lakshya picks an apple up.

“The owner…oops, the ex owner of DPs property which is now named on your wife… I forgot her name.” Swayyam says and picks an orange up.

Lakshya eats the apple and a smile appears on his face.

“Here, take some more.” Swayyam says and forwards the plate.

“I don’t eat Bananas.” Lakshya says.

“At least take the oranges and when did you get released from the prison?” Swayyam asks and forwards the plate.

Lakshya looks on at him.

“You seem to know a lot about us and especially me… what about your Mother?” Lakshya asks and looks at Swayyam.

Swayyam keeps the plate down.

“Don’t need to know her…” Swayyam says.

“Why? Since you know us then why not find out about your mother? She can’t be seen… where is she…?” Lakshya asks acting like he doesn’t know anything.

“She’s not here.” Swayyam says and looks away.

“See how bad this is Swayyam, you don’t even know her name… you don’t even know how she was like or even how she looks like.” Lakshya tells in a serious tone.

Swayyam looks on.

“I do know a little about her, Daadi told me about her nature and how she was while Sanskaar doesn’t even let me mention her… each time I asked him he used to get angry and kicked me out of the room. And she’s not a great woman because she left me!” Swayyam upsettingly yet angrily says.

Lakshya starts thinking.

“So you didn’t try to find out who she was, how she looked like and how she was? You believed what the others said?” Lakshya asks trying to melt Swayyam.

“Why should I anyways? Who is that woman? And listen Lakshya…” Swayyam says but Lakshya cuts in between.

“You can call me Chachu.” Lakshya tells.

Swayyam looks at him.

“Sound awkward but okay Chachu, I don’t want to start on her and neither do I want to be kicked out by Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, my so called father.” Swayyam says and stands up.

Lakshya also stands up.

“Her name was Swara, she was a wonderful and a kind hearted lady… you should know by yourself and not believe what your Daadi and the family’s been telling you. DP was never loyal to anyone and never will be… DP ka Dushman mera dost.” Lakshya says and then smirks.

Swayyam thinks about Lakshya word and then turns to him.

“And that’s why you married his enemy’s daughter… well I don’t hate DP but he can get annoying and for your information, DP is hunting down his property’s owner… i.e. Your wife.” Swayyam tells and leaves.

Lakshya looks on.

“He’s not that bad as we all thought.” Lakshya says in his head.

Swayyam is shown sitting inside his room on the bed.

“You didn’t try to find out who she was, how she looked like and how she was? You believed what the others said?” Lakshya’s words echo in Swayyams mind.

“Her name was Swara…” Lakshya’s words echo.

Swayyam gets angry and stands up.

“Why should I focus on his words? I don’t like that woman! She left me!” Swayyam says to himself to make sure.

“Was she really a wonderful lady?” Swayyam then asks himself.

“No, she is evil! She doesn’t deserve you! You deserve better!” Swayyams mind says.

“Swayyam, what do you think? Did you ever find out the truth willingly? You just believed what your Daadi and DP have been telling you, what your family’s been telling you… maybe she was a nice woman, maybes she’s not what they said she was…” Swayyams heart says.

“Are you serious Swayyam? She left your Dad for another man… she’s selfish and only cares about herself… where is she? Why didn’t she come back if she cared for you? Swara is your enemy and she doesn’t deserve you!” Swayyams mind fights with his heart.

“Enough!” Swayyam shouts and covers his eyes along with his ears.

“No! His words will never affect me! I hate her and would continue hating her!” Swayyam assures himself.

After a while, Swayyam walks down stairs into the hall, he looks up and sees Lakshya walking out from the kitchen and then sees Sujata walking towards the stairs.

“Now I need to show him what type of woman she really is…” Swayyam says in his head and smirks.

“Daadi.” Swayyam shouts and Sujata stops before climbing the stairs.

“Ke hua?” Sujata asks and turns to him.

Swayyam notices Lakshya coming closer.

“Who is Swara?” Swayyam asks.

Sujata gets shocked while Lakshya stops and looks up at both of them.

“Shhh. Don’t say her name in this house, if Bhaisa hears then…” Sujata worriedly says and looks around.

Lakshya looks on.

“Why, I want to know who she is.” Swayyam acts.

“What else should I tell you? She’s a selfish woman? She rejected to accept you and ran away with her boyfriend.” Sujata worriedly says while looking out to see DP.

Swayyam looks at Lakshya and then raises his eyebrows.

Lakshya then looks at him and the Sujata.

“But why are you so worried? If she really did something wrong then you should tell it openly to him, not worriedly.” Lakshya points out and glances at Swayyam.

“Bhaisa doesn’t like hearing her name after the deed she did, if Bhaisa hears then we would get punished because he hates that girl.” Sujata tells Lakshya.

Swayyam starts thinking.

“But why does your Bhaisa hate her when Sanskaar should? Even Sanskaar doesnt hate her as much as you and your Bhaisa hate her.” Lakshya says to create suspicion in Swayyams mind.

Sujata looks on and it’s successful, Swayyam starts thinking. Sujata gets worried.

“Swayyam, you go take some rest.” Sujata worriedly says and smiles.

Swayyam looks at Lakshya and then turns, he sees Sanskaar behind him and looks on.

“It’s good to see you back Lakshya but it doesn’t mean you could pull out the past things!” Sanskaar says and then warns.

Lakshya shrugs and Sanskaar looks at Swayyam.

“And you… don’t mention her name ever again!” Sanskaar warns.

“Why? Why shouldn’t I?” Swayyam asks.

A small smile appears on Lakshya’s face. Sujata looks on. Sanskaar looks away.

“Well I don’t blame her, who would want to stay with you? No wonder she left you.” Swayyam taunts.

Sanskaar gets angry and raises his hand on Swayyam. Sujata and Lakshya get surprised, Lakshya was about to move forward but stops as someone holds Sanskaar’s hand on the right time.

Sujata and Sanskaar are shocked to see that person. That person is revealed to be Swara and is shown standing in front of Swayyam and is holding Sanskaar’s hand and is glaring at him.

Swayyam moves a little back and then to her side, he gets surprised seeing her and remembers her slapping him in he train.

A dramatic tune plays in the BG.

“Don’t you dare raise your hand on him Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari!” Swara angrily says and throws his hand back.

Lavyansh is revealed to be standing on the top of the middle part of the stair along with Sanskriti. Lavyansh is looking around and then his eyes fall on Lakshya.

Lavyansh closes his hand in a fist to control his anger.

“I can’t believe I’m close to my goal but I’m unable to do anything!” Lavyansh angrily says to himself.

Sanskriti is looking down while Lakshya is looking at SwaSan along with Sujata.

DP and AP come out and are shocked to see Swara.

Sanskaar angrily looks at Swara.

“Who are you to stop me?!” Sanskaar angrily says.

Swayyam waits for her answer. Sujata worries and looks at Swayyam.

“Maa hoon mein uski! I gave birth to him! He’s my son!” Swara answers back and reveals.

Swayyam is stunned upon hearing those words.

DP, Sujata, Sanskaar, AP, Sanskriti, Lavyansh and Lakshya look on.

Precap: Ragini shopping in the market and suddenly gets kidnapped. The kids to blame Lakshya.

(Haven’t proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?)

Lavyansh aka Ansh – Son of RagLak. 2 minuets younger to Rayyan. Vani and Avni’s brother. A fraternal twin. Overprotective.

Rayyan – Also known as Ray by the girls, Lavyansh and Vani. A fraternal twin and is 2 minuets older to Lavyansh. Son of RagLak, brother of Avni and Vani. Sweet.

Avni – The daughter of KavLak, stays with and loves Ragini. 3 months older to Vani. Sister of Vani, Lavyansh and Rayyan. Selfless.

GajaLakshmi aka Vani – The daughter of RagLak, lives on her terms and has argument with Lavyansh. 3 months younger to Avni. The sister of Lavyansh, Rayyan and Avni. Arrogant.

Swayyam – The son of SwaSan, stays with Sanskaar. He behaves rudely with everyone but likes Kavita. Brother of Sanskriti and is unaware of this. Spoilt.

Sanskriti – The daughter of SwaSan. Stays with Swara. Sister of Swayyam. Caring.

Sorry for the confusion.
My sister had helped me with the casting…

Swayyam (15) – Ibrahim Khan

Sanskriti (14) – Reem Shaikh

Rayyan (16) – Lee Minwei

Avni – (15) – Roshni Walia

GajaLakshmi/Vani (15) – Tunisha

Lavyansh (16) – Aryan Khan.
Hey it’s me Halima back with another Episode…?

Thank you for the encouraging comments… ?

Do comment to tell me if I should continue or not…

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Take Care ?
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Stay Blessed ?

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