Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 34) by ashfa

Let’s begin….

Here in baadi everybody were looking at him confused…..
Suraj comes in the middle of baadi and looks all around…..
Swara who was coming outside saw him…. She ignores as she was too happy one is ragini called her… And the other is she realised her feelings for laksh…

Sw walks by him
Sw turns smilingly:uncle u called me..
Dadi comes and sees him shocked
Dadi:no.. I can’t let him to talk with shona…
Sw:ji dadi… Go inside
Sur sees her and smirks
Sw smiles:bt dadi.. Uncle…..
Dadi:didn’t you listen wat i told you..
Sw goes inside.. She was confused….

Here sanskar was behind the goon…..
He held him….
San punches him hard :who sent you to kill me…
Goon:no.. I dont know anything
San again punches him on stomach :if you didnt tell me then u vl face the worst of me
Goon:yes… Plzz leave me…
San:tell me the truth
san was shocked…. He pushes sanskar with full force and runs
San:no.. No this can’t be true.. I know he is lieing jst to free from me… Bt why vl he lie now?

Here cabir comes to Ragini’s house
Rag:cabir.. Phir se
Cabir:arey yaar… Dusron ko isse prblm hai tho hame kya… Tum tho meri jaane mann hi rahogi…
Rag nods her in disbelief….
Rag:leave that.. When vl u propose kavitha?
Cab smiles:i proposed her
Rag smiles:oh… Hein.. Suddenly she gets wat he said
Rag:wat? When? How?

Here in the baadi
Suraj:oh shekar ki ma…
He goes to her and abt take her blessings
Dadi goes back:why u came here after 24 yrs

Sw said to sharmishta abt dadi’s behaviour
Shar:don’t worry i vl check
She goes

Dadi:u didn’t remember them in these years why you came now
Dida:ae marwaran.. Yeh tum kispar chilla rahi…… She sees suraj and was shocked
Sharmishta comes:ma
Sur:my ex mil and my ex wife….
Sharmishta was shocked to see him
Sur:wr were you sharmishta… See shekar’s mother was stopping me
Shar:why r u here?
Sur:yahan se guzar raha tha tho socha ki tumse mil kar javoon
Sw was seeing all this bt she was confused.. She couldn’t listen wat they were talking….
Sur:so i m ryte.. U married your love shekar… My sacrifice has been succeeded.. Then wat abt shekar’s first wife.. Dont tell me u made her run from here… I know i know u can do anything.. I knew it before itself..
Dadi:now will you leave from here or not
Sur:oh aunty ji… U got angry on me..
Dadi:before i do something… Leave
He goes

Sharmishta cries

After One week…

Cabir:braatha shree
San looks around and points himself
Cab:haan ji
San:cabir r u ok?
Cab:mein aapko yojana de kar aswasth ho gaya hoon… Aap kripya bataayenge aap konsa adhyaay mein hai.. Jo ki aap itna vishraam le rahe ho braatha shree.. Aap zara sa kasht lenge hame soochna dene ki(by giving you ideas i got unwell.. So can you please tell me in which chapter you are from which you r taking this much of rest… Brthr would u mind to take this prblm to tell me the details)
San laughs

Cab:now why r u laughing
San:i would hv understood if you would hv asked me normally
Cab:do i look like abnormal
San:its not like that
Cab:ok leave it… Tell na
San:wat tell nthng hpnd.. Shez acting like i m here enemy from childhood
Cab:alelelele… yeh le… Lollipop kha… I expected only this much from you
San:then wat… I didnt do PhD in love…
Cab thinking:i think now i only should do something… I know that she loves you
San:wat she loves me
Cab:hahaha.. Joke of the day… Then why vl i help you…
San pouts
San again:plzz yaar cabir.. Dont become principal….
Cab:this is your punishment for hurting my ragu
San:everything ok… Remove my before ragini bcs she is mine
Cab:haww.. Baccha bada ho gaya
San:dil ke maamle mein sab bacche hi hote hai.. Suna nahi tune dil tho baccha hai ji
Cab:ha ha.. Tab hi tho mein us dil ka teacher hoon
San:ur telling this with this much of confidence.. Whom hv u proposed?
Cab:i hv proposed many…. Bt i hv proposed a girl whom i love so much
San:wait let me guess.. Kavitha
Cab smiles:how you got to know.. Even ragu found out
San:so tell me wat she said
Cab laughing :she’s confused.. That i said truth or lie

Here kavi:i m not understanding anything
Rag smiles:i listening this from past one week.. Will u tell me or i hv to listen for further more days
Rag:cabir proposed you.. And you are confused
Kavi:cabir told you
Rag:yes… And he is serious

San:hahaha… Wat’s so funny…? You r not at all serious
Cab:then wat should i do…wn i said lies she believed wn i m saying truth she’s not at all believing me
He continues to laugh

Rag:you r same like swara
Kavi:swara who?
Rag:swara my sister
Kavi:u didnt tell me in these months
Rag:u leave that matter.. And come to conclusion
Kavi confused:BAHUBALI
Rag:wat should i do with this prabhas fan???
Kavi:i m confused… Is he not joking with me… Actually i thought i love sa…
Kavi:forget it..
Rag:if you are confused abt love.. I vl jst say listen to your heart…
Kavi:i cant
Kavi pouts

Rag:ok.. No feelings can fully describe wat is love.. Bt bt i can say that if its an attraction you vl see that persons looks works… And if its a love then looks or works doesn’t matter u vl even love the crazy antics of that person

(this is my line again don’t know its true or not.. Just written in flow watever came in my mind)

Rag:so think well don’t take wrong decisions..
She goes
Kavitha gets thinking

Here san too comes out
Here ragini goes to check the arrangements… She takes the file of the client…
She was not looking
Sanskar sees her.. He gets an idea in his mischievous mind…
He stands still.. So that she dashes him and he will hold her

Before anything could happen…
Ragini looked at him… He was smiling being lost

Rag looks at him weird
Rag:something is wrong with him…
She goes…
He come out of lost world and sees ragini
He was disappointed ????

Rag looks at him.. He was acting weird
He sees her.. He smiles like mad…

He goes to her
San:nthng.. Go go
She turns
San:in your love
Rag:wat u said
San smiles
Rag:wat hpnd to you… Huh?
She turns

San sings

Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana
Dheere Dheere Se Mere Dil Ko Churaana
Tum Se Pyaar Humein Kitna Hai Jaane Jaana
Tumse Milkar Tumko Hai Bataana

Rag:something is really wrong with you
San:is it?
Rag:arghhhh.. Bhaad mein jao
She goes
San laughs:cabir… Wat should i do next
He goes to cabir’s room

Here sujatha comes to punjab.. To spy sanskar

Rag gets call from the same unknown numbr
Rag:oh god…
She keeps in silent.. Then later picks
Rag:kya hai
M. C:aww… U were missing me… I knew it…
Rag:arghh… Who r u damn?
M. C:dont be angry
Rag:plzzz… Spare me.. Baksh dho mujhe…. Oh god why these types of ppl in my life
M. C:u mean to say u hv many like me
Rag:hai ek bandha
M. C:who
Rag:why for you
M. C:waise.. Dont you want to know my name
Rag:huh… Bhaaad mein jao tumhare us naam ko bhi le kar
M. C:bhaad… Is it your house
She disconnects

Rag:ragini.. So ja isse pehle tu pagal ho(sleep before u become mad)

Precap:accidentally married???

Who married?? ???guess guess guess

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