Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 11)

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Scene 1
Shekar and Dp fighting and Swaragini and Sanslak stops them. Swara tells Dp uncle Wat happened to you both, you both were best friends but for some silly reasons you broke ur friendship. Shekar says Shona but Ragini says let her talk. Swara says do u know how much dad miss u come with and Laksh says we will also come with u but Ragini says be with dad. While going Swara says we told u two guys they these two only and leaves. Sanslak are shocked. When turns Sanskar and Laksh fall on his feet. Laksh says uncle we don’t know who u r and teased them. Sanskar says please leave uncle. Shekar says first u both get up and hugs them.

Scene 2
In Swaragini house
Swaragini brings Dp to the house. Dp meets Sumi. Sumi asks him Bhai how are u but says there is no time and brings Dp to study room. Dp asks why did u bring me here. She asks Ragini to open the cupboard and lots of gifts down. FBI shows Shekar brings Swara and shows her these gifts. He says for every year I will buy gift for his birthday but when we separated I kept these gifts here and closed it I have hope that one-day we will become one and cries Fb ends. Dp cries. Swara tells uncle dad told me that he feels lonely eventhough we r with him. Dp says I want to meet him.
In the park
Sanslak kneed down before Shekar. They told him whatever happened till now. Shekar says Shona told one thing wrong. Laksh asks What uncle. He says you both are mad, freak and behave strangely but u both look like comedians and laugh. Sanskar looks at Laksh. Dp comes there and slaps Shekar and ask him y didn’t u slapped me like this that day. Shekar opens his mouth but Dp shuts him. Y didn’t tell me u fool don’t drink too much and hugs him and cries. Shekar also hugs him and cries. Sanslak and Swaragini smiles. Shekar says let’s go and celebrate this. Ragini says this time don’t fight and come we so tired and laughs. Dp says we are one because of ur daughters Shekar. Laksh says we also helped them. Swara says idea is mine. Sanskar says we only executed and both starts fighting. They see Shekar and Dp have already gone.

Scene 3
Ragini says thanks for helping us. Swara goes and hugs Sanskar and cries. Sanskar is shocked. Swara and hugs Laksh and says thank u so much and leaves. Laksh shakes Sanskar and says bhai lets go. And they leave.

Precap: Both family meet in the picnic spot and enjoy. Ragini falls on Laksh.

Credit to: Rini

We recommend
  1. We’ll done rini it’s superb and please carry well done keep going

  2. Rini pls swalak ad ragsan ko pair karo yaar there s lot of ff fr raglak ad swasan so pls I beg u plz

    1. Even i want ragsan plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ▲♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  3. plz swalak n ragsan……kuch to different hona chahiye na
    plzzzzzz rini

  4. Please rini yaar. Make it swalak and ragsan. All the other ff r about ‘swasan’. PPlease make urz different. I don’t like swasan.

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