SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 40

I am really sorry everyone for I made you all wait so much but I am here with 6-7 episodes together… I am so sorry for posting it late…. I am so irregular still you bear with me!!! I love you all so much…!!! Enjoy the episodes!!!😘😘😘


Episode 40


A song was playing in the monologue… Ragini, Sanskar, and Aisha are seen sitting at a place on their knees with tear stricken faces… They are at the Maheshwari Mansion… They all were remembering their moments with their respective partners…

On the other side,three people are tied and injured… Rohan,Swara and Lakshya… Swara is constantly tearing… Rohan is sitting lost while Lakshya is sitting closing his eyes tightly… He is missing Ragini and praying for her to stay strong…

The song plays…

Kyun Na Bole Mose Mohan Kyun
Hai Ruthey Ruthey Mohan Yun
Kaise Manaaun Hye Kaise Manaau

Aisha is on her knees and crying heavily… She is cursing herself as to why she left from there leaving Rohan alone…

Kyun Na Bole Mose Mohan Kyun
Hai Ruthey Ruthey Mohan Kyun
Kaise Manaaun Hye Kaise Manaau

She recalls her moments with Rohan… How he used to make her smile… How she used to tease him and then just smile to pacify him… How he used to be overdramatic when she used to smile…

Un Binn Kate Naa Raina
Unn Binn Aawe Na Ik Pal Chaina
Unn Bin Jeeun Tto Kaise Main Jeeu’n Haay..

She cries… Tears role over her cheeks… She feels a finger wiping them… She opens her eyes to see Rohan kneeling down and wiping her tears while smiling… She raises her hand to touch his face but his image fades away…

Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina
Jhare Morey Naina
Mohe Naina Sune Naahi Kehna, Bahe Morey Naina

She realizes that she was dreaming and breaks down again…

Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina
Jhare Morey Naina
Mohe Naina Sune Naahi Kehna, Bahe Morey Naina

On the other side,Rohan is in a similar condition… He is lost thinking about Aisha… His eyes well up thinking about her every moment but he is holding back his tears… He had promised her to be strong… He cannot break it…

When You Go When You Leave
Then You Take A Little Piece Of Me With You
There’s A Hole In My Soul
Cause You Take A Little Piece Of Me With You

Sanskar is staring at the door being lost… He imagines a death eater hitting Swara on her head hard,She falling down screaming his name and fainting… Then the death eater drags her out of the room…

When You Go When You Leave
Then You Take A Little Piece Of Me With You
There’s A Hole In My Soul
Cause You Take A Little Piece Of Me With You

Lakshya is closing his eyes tight… He recalls his last moments spent with Ragini… How he was miffed for she always chose Sanskar whenever they were supposed to go on a mission…  He crossed his arms and stands showing his back to her but she turned him abruptly and bites his lips… He out of his revenge, mischief and love makes her indulge in a wild passionate kiss by lifting her up…

Haan Naino Ke Dwaare Aane Ke Waade Baandhe
Aise Bolo Kaaahe
Chokhat Pe Dil Ki Aahat Rakhi Hai Taako Pe Hai Torey Saaye

Swara’s hands are tied to back… For she can transform into snake… She tries to open it but fails… She sees a shadow on the entrance of that place… She thinks it to be Sanskar and was looking hopefully but it was a death eater who came to inspect on them…

Unn Binn Unhein Manaye
Unn Bin Kabhi Jo Unko Rijhaaye
Unn Bin Jale Hai Mora Ye Jiya

She recalls her lovely moments with Sanskar… Their first kiss… Their movie date… His proposal… They dancing in college campus during first shower… Her eyes were tearing constantly…

Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina
Jhare Morey Naina
Mohe Naina Sune Naahi Kehna, Bahe Morey Naina

She recalls how he consoled her on the confrontation day… How he kissed her to soothe her pain… She so badly was missing him here…

Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina
Jhare Morey Naina
Mohe Naina Sune Naahi Kehna, Bahe Morey Naina

She remembers their intimate moments… How Sanskar used to tease her and then kiss her… Her head was already paining due to the injury and this stress was being too much for her…

Komal Badi Hai Saansaan Ki Dori
Ruthey Se Bhi Tutt Jaaye
Baawan Tarah Se Jee Ko Manaaya
Khoje Ajaunh Tori Raahe

Ragini is holding her wand in her hands… She is looking at it recalling how Lakshya happily gave his wand to her… He pats her cheek,kisses on her forehead and starts walking away from her… She gets up to follow him calling his name but then realization strucks her…

Unn Bin Unhein Main Paaun
Unn Bin Unhein Main Garwa Lagaaun
Unn Bin Unhein Main Mora Jee Lage Haay…

She closes her eyes allowing all the tears to fall down… They are flowing unstoppably… She recalls all her moments with Lakshya… Their cute fights… Their pacifying game… Their private kisses… Their understanding moments…

Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina
Jhare Morey Naina
Mohe Naina Sune Naahi Kehna, Bahe Morey Naina

Ragini shouts out of frustration calling Lakshya’s name as loud as she could while crying inconsolably…

Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina
Jhare Morey Naina
Mohe Naina Sune Naahi Kehna, Bahe Morey Naina

Ragini is crying helplessly sitting on her knees not knowing what to do… Never had Lakshya complained to her about choosing Sanskar but today he did and warned her that he won’t talk to her but when they returned,he wasn’t here…


Janki,Sujata, Ramprasad are laughing hysterically over their success… Three more people are standing there… Kavita, Rajat and Kavya…

Janki “Good… I am impressed by you three… If not for you three, then I wouldn’t have been able to take them in my hostage…”

Sujata “Jaan di, now we will get my Rohan and your Swara married to each other… And this My so called sister and brother in law’s son Lakshya to Kavya…”

Janki nods and smiles…

Ramprasad “Once They are separated, no one can defeat us ever!!! You will be the most powerful witch..!! After that you won’t even need that wand as well… And after this marriage, we will turn relatives!!!”

Janki (nods) “I couldn’t stop their union… But I won’t let them be United forever… They United their wands right, but it’s of no unless they are tied together… If that boy is married to Kavya, and my lovely daughter to your son, then the Prophecy will be proved wrong!!!”

She starts laughing… Others join her…

Kavya “I don’t care about anything… I just want my Lakshya with me and nothing else… That Ragini Gadodia tried snatching My Love from me but I am also Kavya Arora… I get what I want to get…”

Kavita “Once Swara gets married to Rohan, Sanskar won’t be able to do anything… Then he will have no other option than to cry on my shoulder… Anyways he is unaware of my reality… We will get our love..!!”

Rajat (smirks and speaks in mind) “Love??? Naah… Who wants to love… It creates unnecessary bounds… I just want Ragini… Her body!! She is indescribably beautiful… Her curves, all are perfect… I want to taste her and use her body like anything…. Everybody has fallen into my trap… Even this dumbhead Kavya, but Ragini!! Oh Ragini!! Dont know how she escapes on the main time… Sometimes I doubt that do I think so loudly that she is able to hear my thoughts??”

Kavita sees him lost “Bhai… All ok?? What are you thinking??”

Rajat (covering up) “Nothing… Just thinking about of my best friend… Oops sorry… Late best friend… I am feeling bad for him… He had to loose his life without any reason…”

Kavya (shouting) “There was a reason!!! He was turning more of Swara Gadodia’s lover than my brother!! He dared to oppose us and double cross us… He crossed his limit by informing them!! He had to die… I don’t regret killing him!!!”

Kavita “But Kavya,Sahil was your brother… You should at least pray for his soul…”

Tears fall down from Kavya’s eyes… She killed her own brother to fulfill her obsession… Rajat roles his eyes and closes it… He also recalls his and Sahil’s buddy moments and sighs… He was also feeling bad but then the devil overpowered and prevented him from regrets…


Ragini gets up in rage… She is about to walk towards the door when her gaze falls on Sanskar and Aisha in a broken state… She softens a little…

Ragini “Sanskar,Aisha get up… It’s not the time to kneel down and cry… We have to free them and punish our culprits…”

Sanskar (broken) “No Ragini…  I have no energy left… They took away my power from me… My brothers and my love!! They took away all the three together… I cannot fight them back…”

As soon as he finished his line,he starts wriggling on the floor shouting in pain… Aisha and Ragini get startled… They run to him calling out his name out of concern they try to calm him but it’s of no use… He kept wriggling and shouting for almost one minute… That one minute was extremely painful…

Aisha “Ragu!! It’s not ordinary pain!! It’s the second unforgivable curse!!! The Cruciatus Curse!!! But here is no one!!! Who could curse him!!!????”

Sanskar is lying on the floor energyless…
Ragini goes into flashback of Missing Tri-Mystery day…


Jonas “The founding members of Hecate never wanted their witches and wizards to have filthy and negative thoughts in their mind… So in order to keep their minds free of dirt,this rule was made… If someone sacrifices some bad habit of theirs here and then tries to repeat it then they have to face the second unforgivable curse… The torcher curse…”


Sanskar “I, Sanskar Maheshwari,Son of Professor Durgaprasad Maheshwari and V.P. Annapurna Maheshwari, sacrifice my bad habit of leaving the very much awesome chances, offered to me by my destiny in return of my goodness to punish the ones who tried to do bad to me and the people for whom I care… I promise to punish each one of them..!!”

Ragini (shocked) “Sanskar!!! What you did!!! Why???”

Sanskar “No Ragini… This was important… Else we would have been deviated from our mission… Now at least from the fear of torcher,we will complete our mission and save everyone… Without any hindrance…”


Ragini “No one Aisha… It’s the result of the sacrifice…!!”

Sanskar looks at her and recalls the incident… Aisha looks at her questioningly… Except Ragini and Sanskar,no one of SSS knew how They went out and came back… Ragini tells everything to Aisha… She looks on with widened eyes…

Aisha “Are you mad Sanskar?? Now see the consequences..!!”

Ragini “No… This serves him right… At that time even I felt negetive about his sacrifice but now I think it’s good that it happened… Else he would have been deviated… Now you realized the pain?? (He nods painfully) Good… Now get up and come with me… We need to find them but before,I need to have a word with my Dadi!!!”

Aisha “We all need to have…!!”

They help Sanskar get up… He drinks water and feels better… They all head towards Hecate disguising themselves…

After sometime,they reached Hecate and stood in front of Ficus…

Ficus “I am sorry but the college is off and none of faculty members are available for the appointment… You all may leave…”

Aisha “Hey… It’s us!!! Aisha Ragini and Sanskar…”

Ficus “You three!!! (They nod… He gets happy seeing them… I have seen you after months!!! I am do happy to have all of you back!!”

Ragini “Not all Ficus… Just the three of us… (Ficus looks at her…) Anyways… Is Dadi inside??”

Ficus shakes his branches indicating yes…

Ficus “But the situation inside is extremely serious… One of the student died!! (They all get shocked)”

Sanskar “Died!!! Who died??”

Ficus “He was murdered… Sahil Arora!!!”

The three gasp in horror…


Lakshya opens his eyes and looks at his friends… He is also drained out of energy but he can’t loose hope… He knows that the other half of SSS will find them ultimately and rescue them… There is Sanskar who is a daredevil!! His whole life is at stake… His brothers and love are kidnapped… He would go to any extent to reach them… There is Ragini… Who herself is equal to 20 Sanskar Maheshwaris… Her half sister who is more than her own sister for her is in pain… Her love is in danger… The most intelligent one of SSS,her new found solution dictionary is in danger… She won’t leave them… Then there is Aisha… She considers SSS as her first family even after her father returned… They won’t leave them here alone… They are caught somewhere but won’t give up… But till that time,the other half has to be strong… They can’t loose hope…

Lakshya “Rohan Bhai,Swara, why are you both silent?? I am getting bored here… If Sanskar Bhai would have been here,he wouldn’t have let me get bored with his non-stop chattering…”

They both look at Lakshya…

Swara (sighs) “But he isn’t here… Only if I wouldn’t have fallen in the trap, then we would have been together… For my foolishness, you all are also here… I just hope they all are fine…”

Lakshya “Swara, tell me one thing… Are you enjoying this hostage thing??”

Rohan “What are you speaking Lucky?? The pain of being away from Ragini Sanskar and Aisha altogether has started to show the effects on your brain!!”

Lakshya “I am serious Bhai!! Swara is telling that we would have been together… Tell me one thing, you wanted the whole of SSS to be tied here with these painful injuries..??(Swara and Rohan get What he is trying to do… They smile at his efforts…) But let me tell you, your sister would have screamed more than necessary… She is full of overacting…”

They all recall how Ragini was wailing unecessary on Mission Tri-Mystery day… They laugh a little…

Swara “Thanks Lakshya… This was really needed… We had forgotten that we aren’t ordinary witches and wizards…!!”

Rohan “Right… We are SSS… Six Striking Stunners… And we can do anything… But what now??”

Lakshya “That is a good question… Whole work is done… Just figuring that out is left…”

Rohan “Lakshya,I pray to you… Seriousness suits you more… Keep your P.Js for Ragini only… We don’t have that capacity to bear that…”

Lakshya smiles sheepishly… Swara chuckles…

Swara “First of all… We need to pretend to be in the earlier condition… Lost and weak…”

Rohan “Right… This is age old trusted and successful theory… Make your enemies believe that you are weak… They will get overconfident and definitely commit some mistakes…”

Lakshya “Perfect… But we need to fight them back… And for that,we need to be freed… and I have an idea… But if Ragini gets to know it,She will kill me…”

Rohan (widening his eyes) “Lucky!! Don’t you dare flirt with Kavya… Her obsession for you is one of the reasons we are here… She is dangerous… She didn’t even spared her brother!!”

Swara “Sahil was wrong… But in his last moments,he tried to help us out… But why he changed suddenly?? I mean they were taking me away from Sanskar, he would have got me… But he opposed them!!”

Lakshya “That is mystery Swara… But we will solve it later… For now say do you approve the plan…??”

Rohan “Of course not!!”

Swara “Shut up Rohan!! I do… Make Kavya believe that you are willing to leave Ragini and be with her… Use the wand reason as well…”

Rohan (getting the plan) “Yes… And then Swara and I will start rebuking you about betraying Ragini and choosing that lizard… The news will definitely spread that there is a crack between us…”

Lakshya “And then We will execute the other plans…”

Just then they hear three voices together…

Voices “Wow!! What a plan!! Awesome!!”

They all get startled and look in the direction of voices…


Ragini Sanskar and Aisha enter the college… They see the faculty along with Shashwat, Richard,Jonas and Alan surrounding Sahil’s dead body in dining assembly…

Mothers run towards their kids… Shashwat and Parvati look at them with known expression… Ragini looks into Parvati’s eyes wanting answers for her questions… Parvati doesn’t avert her gaze… Tears start flowing from her eyes…

Sharmistha “Where are other kids…?? How come you all are here suddenly…?? You knew the situation right??”

Ragini is still looking at Parvati… Sanskar and Aisha follow her gaze and realize… Aisha looks at Shashwat… He had expression same as Parvati… Durgaprasad was looking at everything cluelessly…

Annapurna “Why you all are silent?? No one is telling anything… Where are Rohan Lakshya and Swara??”

Durgaprasad “I am losing out my patience… Here Principal Gadodia isn’t saying anything about Sahil’s death and here these three are silent… Are you planning to tell us today??”

Ragini “How could you Dadi??? You knew everything still you couldn’t save them!!”

Annapurna and Sharmistha look at her in horror…

Aisha “Dad!!! Why didn’t you found them out?? What were you doing after reaching there??”

DP “What you all are saying??? Couldn’t save whom??”

Sanskar “They kidnapped Lucky Rohan and Swara!!!”

Thunder strikes on both the mothers and Durgaprasad…

Ragini “Till Date i followed you blindly Dadi!! You asked me to leave all of you along with SSS,I did… You asked me to unite my and Lakshya’s wand,I did… Today you asked me to take half of them before her,I did!!! In return,I just asked to keep them safe!! You couldn’t!! Lakshya doesn’t even has his wand with him!! Agreeing to you,he happily gave me his wand!!! He couldn’t even protect himself!!”

Aisha “Even I am feeling all this like a mistake!! One year back,when suddenly everything came to light,we agreed to follow everything you all said… We left our way in which we ensured our safety before falling into danger!!! But today something happened which would have never happened only if the SSS had done things according to them!!”

Sanskar “They both are saying right… But enough is enough… My half group is on stake… My love and lives are in danger… Now there would be no following rules… Now only planning and action will take place… That too by SSS… No one else will interfere… We have already beared enough interference and faced the terrible consequences… Not anymore… We are going from here and won’t return until we completed… Else,this is the last time you all are seeing us…”

All gasp… Parvati and Shashwat just listen to everything silently… They all feel like their hearts are being stabbed… The mothers try to stop their kids but it’s of no use…
The three of them are walking towards the exit when a voice stops them… They turn to see Richard along with Jonas and Alan…

Richard “We have been with you in every mission… We can’t leave you all alone this time…”

Jonas “It’s true we have sworn loyalty towards Hecate… And Hecate stands for right and opposes wrong… You all are going to oppose wrong and hence we will stand by you all…”

Alan “Moreover,don’t forget… You were able to crack most of the mysteries with our help only… Who knows you may need it in future… So let us accompany you all…”

Ragini looks at Sanskar and Aisha… They nod… She nods and welcomes them… They all leave to the secret place… The Gadodia House…
Their mind starts travelling in into the flashback… Whatever happened one year back after they consummated…


Lakshya, Rohan and Swara look on stunned at the source of the voices… Their happiness knew no bounds… Nick, Richie and Alex were floating in air in front of them…

Lakshya “You all here!! How come?? How did you know all this??”

Alex “Lucky boy… We all wanted to meet you… So were coming to the secret place but saw you and Rohan running towards your house… ”

Nick “We all followed you inside the house reducing our very sizes and saw how they hit Swara and dragged her out…”

Richie “And then blackmailed you on her name to accompany… We were already small and Alex gave idea to take place in your pocket and we are here sitting silently since then…”

Alex “We thought you all are unconscious so it was useless to come out and wake you up without noise fir we can’t touch you… So we were waiting and when finally you all spoke,we heard everything…”

Nick “Exactly… Now don’t worry… We all are with you and will help you all out as usual..!!”

Richie nods… They all smile….

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