Swaragini 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara leaving early morning. Ragini and Swara see Nikhil standing, and asks what he is doing at 6 am. Nikhil tells that he wants to help her. Swara refuses to take his help and tells him that she will send him back. He goes. Swara leaves from there. She comes near Abhimanyu’s house and sweeps the house. She hears Laksh and Mishka and think they are looking like a happy family. She thinks what proof Mansi have against Laksh, because of which he is helpless. She sees watchman. Watchman brings Swara to his house, and tells that he knows this maid. Mansi asks about her name. Swara thinks how to speak infront of Laksh as he will recognize her voice. Laksh senses she is uncomfortable and goes. Mansi asks about her name. Swara recalls talking to a servant and getting her info. She says Aarti and gives some papers. Mansi says okay.

Ragini comes to the car registration office and enquire about the car number. Officer refuses to help her, and asks her to come with police. Ragini cries and tells that her husband is missing since 6 months and this info will help her find him. Officer agrees and goes to get owner’s info. Nikhil comes there and talks to someone. Ragini sees him and is shocked. Nikhil also sees her.

Mansi takes her to room and asks her to take care of her daughter Mishka. Swara asks Mishka who gave her toy. Mishka says my papa. She asks why you are asking? Swara says if we talk, then we will be friends. Mishka says she will not befriend with anyone so soon. Swara sees Mishka playing with Rubik’s Cube. She solves it. Mishka gets impressed and befriends with her. She asks her to show her face. Swara says she is playing game with herself and wants to know if she can walk without colliding with anything. Mishka likes her game. Just then her dupatta gets stuck on the table and she couldn’t walk. Laksh comes just then. Swara takes her dupatta back, but Laksh might have seen her glimpse. Swara is tensed.

Mishka tells him that aunty solved the puzzle. Laksh apologizes to her for coming in the room and goes with her. Swara thinks if Ragini came to know about the car. Ragini asks Nikhil if he followed her and came to RTO office. He says yes, and asks her to share her plan. Ragini refuses to take his help and asks him to go. Nikhil sits in his car and goes. Ragini asks Officer if he came to know about car owner. He says yes, and gives owner’s address. Ragini is shocked to know about the owner, who is Mansi. Ragini calls Swara. Mansi thinks whose phone is this, and thinks this must be aarti’s phone. Swara sees Mishka coughing when she is feeding her food and goes to bring water. She sees Mansi trying to open her bag, and thinks to stop her anyhow.

Ragini tells everyone that if Laksh doesn’t come then she will commit suicide and fall from the terrace. Inspector says suicide is also a crime. Ragini says I know, and tells that if he sends his officers then she will jump and fall down. She throws the glass and cuts her wrist. Maheshwari family and Gadodia family are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Heltej

    What happening in swaragini…. Thank u h Hasan…
    Will miss this show… 🙂
    Good luck heltej n varmish! Best wishes to them n rest of the cast

  2. Adishu

    how did u posted before it is telecasted on TV ma’am….

  3. I will miss this show very much specialy swasan . I hope that swaragini will get an extention .

  4. Hey guysss plzzz plzzz tell swaragini show khatam hora hai it is going offf air aisa bol re 16 dec last epi hai how is that possible.?????????????????Guyzz plzzz bola yeh rumours hai
    My swasan

    1. Hi Lee are you the same Lee who used to comment here as a swasan fan?? If yes then hi how are you ? I hope you remember me I also used to comment here as a swasan fan. It’s been so long that I ddidn’t comment here.It’s just that I was away abroad. I do miss my other talking buddies. Rids, neha, nik, kirti, saba, sunshine and all where are you guys I miss you reading your comments . anyways Lee can you please let me know if you are the same Lee.
      Ps- swasan forever swasan rocks

      1. Sorry I did some spelling mistakes but I know you are wise enough to know what I mean

    2. TEAM Sawaragini

      Heelo Sawaragini Fans, We Are Official Team Of Sawaragini And We had Been Came Here Inform You All That Sawaragini Is Not Going To It..The Further News Are Fake!! And Sawaragini Is Going To Be On Air On New Time..But The New Time Is Not Aloud To Tell And We All Will Soon Publish This News In Social Media With The Infomation Of New Time. So Till Then Keep Loving And Watching Our Show “Sawaragini”

    3. TEAM Sawaragini

      Hello Sawaragini Fans, We Are Official Team Of Sawaragini And We had Been Came Here Inform You All That Sawaragini Is Not Going To It..The Further News Are Fake!! And Sawaragini Is Going To Be On Air On New Time..But The New Time Is Not Aloud To Tell And We All Will Soon Publish This News In Social Media With The Infomation Of New Time. So Till Then Keep Loving And Watching Our Show “Sawaragini”

      1. MOU

        Is the news u giving that is correct??

  5. Adishu

    u know Gus today when I watched the promo of swabhiman… I was shocked.. I m not able to digest the fact that our swaragini is going off air…
    guys on Friday’s episode we were fighting for our respective couples.. now tell me guys what will u do now… no swasan n no raglak….
    please it’s a big request to all swasan raglak ragsan n swalak fansss…. pleaseee guyss cooperate…. we have to be a team if we really want SR…. pleaseee we have to become a team n that would be swaragini fans….if u really want to cooperate then read further n comment…. otherwise no negative comments… I can’t tolerate that….
    guys after watching namish statement I was like totally broken…. I mean really… he said that he is not giving importance in the show that’s why he is not upset with the news of swaragini going off… if u don’t believe then go n watch telly top up today’s episode… he said he was not giving importance…really is it so???? sorry but I don’t believe this… it was a serial of swaragini n as being a part of their lives both sanlak were given equal importance…. n after watching it I think that these actors n makers of SR don’t know about the madness of their fans… I think they don’t know how many fans they have developed in this timespan of SR….
    u know I think we should watch each telecast of SR n moreover we have to prove our loyalty towards SR…. so I have a request please if anyone of u know the way through which we can convey our messages to them… please tell me… please reply…. any website any page…. please…n u all also do the same because I think they need to know our madness for SWARAGINI…. pleasee comment….

    1. Mica

      well Aditi dear! i will lil bit talk about Namish statement…
      may many people saw how tantrum he is, but for me his statement kinda convey his fans message…..Raglakian’s wish, it is his way to show his love to his fans, let it be…

      as Swasanian, we can’t deny the fact that Raglak didn’t get importance as Swasan..
      in percent, may it’s about 55% for Swasan and 45% Raglak..
      so, we can’t simply say that they got equal importance as we know what the true…
      aahh i just wish that the show will continue, both pairs fans will happy as all wishes come true…
      good luck..all the best

      1. mica thanks fo understandng raglakians view.bt as a loyal viewer and jabra raglak fan i wud say,with due respect it can nvr be 55%-45%.it definitely has to be 75%-25% or 65%-35%.sry if i ave hurt u.bt still wish the show dsnt go offair.

      2. anonymous(raglak)

        mica….The one thing I love about you is the way u comment..yes it will be very polite,convincing…A big bone crushing hug from my side..Thanks for understanding raglakians…and i too want ki both couples should get equal importance…

      3. Heltej

        Mica infinity kisses n hugs ?! M running to ur home to catch yu baby

      4. Mica

        goosshh huh! actually i prefer to bashing,,hiks, but what to say, it’s happen,,aah 😀

        well arushi, don’t fell bad dear :D, i knew raglakian will definitely said that,..
        but i’m swasan fans you know….*wink

        An…. as i felt upset when Swara disappeared in memory loss track or my swasan separation, as i upset today episode no Sanskar, of course i understand that *hug back..
        but, i wish Namish can lil bit control his emotion as he is public figure and i wish he can encourage his fans to never give up (sorry we should see something -ve and +ve way, rite ?)
        Heltej , XOXO till infinity…

  6. Plzz plzz don’t end Swaragini luv u Swaragini. Nikhil is so bad

  7. Aasthu

    can anyone plzz tell me when swaragini is being aired?????? I thought to watch it today but when I tuned in to colors it was something else…….

    Though Nikhil is shown -ve, he certainly looks very handsome………….I wonder if he is related to Mansi………………Swara is a keen observer…but I wish her observation about that evil Mansi and Laksh being a happy family be wrong………….Ragini’s tears brought tears to even my eyes…….swaragini rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Micuuuuu……..how r u???? do u know by how many hours u r ahead or behind???????

    1. Mica

      well i thought it still 9.30 pm dear, india time….hehehe
      fine ty dear,,wish you too…well, we have 2 hours difference ahead, so mine will aired on 23.30…hiks

      1. Aasthu

        oh I see……………..hey Micuuu its been a long time since I sw u in MMZ page…….

    2. Mica

      haaa..yaaa.. i just read Sathya’s ff only nowadays on MMZ page.. too bad mood dear….

  8. Adhisu u can raise complaint in complaint at colors TV .com

  9. don’t end this show there’s a hope

  10. Mica

    Thank you H Hasan mam for update..
    huh! Nikhil soooo aaawwwwww in yellow..
    i hate you cvs, you brought him as great prankster and easy go lucky guy, but uuughhhh

    Shonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. *pinch her cheek
    you are sooo cute cute cuteeeeee….

  11. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz don’t end swaragini this is the only which I watch ???plz don’t end swaragini plz plz plz

  12. Please don’t let swaragini go off air, at least not so soon,it has many things to offer.
    They can change its time slot especially of its repeat telecast.
    It is the show where beautiful vamps n villains are there. The swaragsanlak are adorable in their own way.
    Can’t they make some other show off air instead of this one like the ssk.
    Makers n d colors channel please let this show ne on.

  13. Hai guys nice episode keep supporting swaragini

  14. Amrutha

    Omg ! Namish is not feeling bad about off air. Because,he never got much importence.he is so right.even title role ragini didn’t get much importance.If they have given a chance,these writers will change their story I guess. So maybe we can get our raglak guys.
    Dear stubborn writers,
    This situation has occurred because of negligence towards fans. Fans means fans. Either they are raglak,swasan,vitharv or sukor. you can’t able to balance atleast 2 pairs. There no.of situations has happened to give raglak story. But you became blind on the think, that swasan pair is only brings trp. Even though they were also not shown properly,except dumping each other otherwise bashing each other.
    Anyways I am also disappointed with this off air.I miss my raglak, teju, helly,namish,varun.?????

  15. Amrutha

    Not even 45%.It is in a range of 20% to 30 %. I know it is not a right time to argue.
    Raglak didn’t get
    1. Date
    3. baar baar shadhi. And the worst has started from that memory loss track.
    Sorry if my words hurt anyone. But it is the fact.It will be bitter and no change in it.

  16. Plzz plzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end the swaragini

  17. Hii guys! why nikhil wants to kill sanskar or swara i m puzzled plz clear my confusen ?swaragini my swasan feeling very bad

  18. swaragini tho jaisa finding the solution fir problem wala banta jaraha hai romence kahi se b nai hai

  19. Swaragini fans

    Colors cv it’s request not to end show if you have time slot problems then telecast swarragini sat sun 7 to 8…….instead of off airing it….

  20. MAHIRA

    I loooooooove arti devi!!! God… Some smily faces for once… I really wonder if she suspects nikhil asking ragini again and again to not tell him anything… I mean would she really preserve her friend s security above her sister’s… I have a doubt…
    No sanskar at all pfffff!!!

  21. Pls dnt end swaragini

  22. Fairy

    Yaaar dere r so many bakwaaas shows on colors channel!!den y dey r endng swaragini..!!!!???? Plz rashmi ma’am dnt end dis show plzzzzzz…….

  23. Astra

    No….swaragini shouldn’t end…..?? we want swaragini…….

  24. Aasthu

    Is the above comment from SWARAGINI team itself????????? If so there is noo need to be tensed………..SR will continue but in another time slot……….I only hope I’ll be able to watch it………

  25. Aasthu


    swaragini not going off air!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. shona looking sooooooooooo cute

    and the person commenting as team sawragini
    pls first check the spelling of swaragini

  27. the comment is i think a hoax bz the spelling of swaragini is wrong

  28. Hey shuva hey how are you darling i missed u all so much n yeah i m the same lee we used to talk here aalot i really missed that time …
    But what im hearing yr it is going off air ..But swaragini official commentd about it as rumour n it will be at another time it is not going off air…
    But namish’s statement uuuuhhhhh…
    What is this plzz confirm…
    N shuva i missed u so much n other neha bhuvi stoneheart n many more plzzz guyzz comment hear
    Love swasan …???????
    Swasan forever…
    N shuva r u on instagram pllzzzz replyyy…

    1. Hi Lee I’m so glad that you’re the same Lee. I’m also glad to hear that swaragini ain’t going to end. So how are you? And yeah I also missed you and others. About namish’s statement don’t know what’s going on. Sorry Lee I’m not in Instagram.
      Do comment here though. And yeah swasan forever swasan rocks.

  29. Don’t end swaragini

  30. Raina

    episode was nice. but sanskar was absent *sad pout*. its my birthday today and all i want to request god is swaragini should not go off air. plz, i cant live without swasan, i’m so crazy for them. i also like swaragini and raglak a lot. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz don’t end this show

    1. Mica

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! long life, stay blessed and all the best….
      for you, for me, for Swaragini…..

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