hey guy’s i’m a die heart fan of the show from the beginning the way it took a start how two half sisters bonded and took stand infront of the society they reunited their parents despite of all odds ! the show gave us a promising start unlike other saas bahu drama’s i thought this show to be different and bet many of you guys would have too.

swaragini the two sisters but hey little do they like the viewers to be happy the hero’es entry the triangle love story and the history repeats the sisters separated the people who were bashing ragini for being so naive and dumb now started bashing her for being the vamp of the show seriously!! then she went to her extents for her only love laksh!
and then the hero became positive all started loving sanskar when he fell for swara fine then ragini’s truth revealed little when we thought that the swaragini’s back again??

they make her bad again!! now after so many villains some even coming back from the dead(kavita) swasan got married finally but then ragini girl you were better evil only !!
now that our ragu’s all back to normal there are same people who have problem again tooo. guys it’s not ragini it’s you guy’s just stop it ragini doesn’t need to fight with that kavya
for whom that laksh who doesn’t even give her a damn she’s far off better then him swara just kick that kavya out of the house but ragini never come back atleast not for that laksh who ditched you !! before raglak or swalak or swasan fans bash me i tell you i’m a die heart fan of ragini raglak and ragsan but self respect is something guy’s though it’s a serial they can’t do injustice wth a girl ragini’s beautiful and better enought to find someone better and what’s the need she can be alone look after her parents right girls??

now the only hope is that our cutie swasan have some moments and time for each other writers don’t separate them atleast pleasee!!!

despite all the stupidities swaragini rocks even i don’t know why but yea it rocks :p 😉

  1. your right nidhi am agree with you

  2. i completely agree with you , completely . i just love ragini n they are making her character like hell so stupid , even after what happened to her and again that dumb suicide drama…..bull shit!!!! i just hope the writers make her character from meaningless to something mean , i mean they just made her a puppet or a joker seriously!!!!!

  3. I totally agree with u.

  4. Iam also supporting you..iam also a grt fan of ragini..and i want a hero for her who is more handsome and more caring than laksh and sanky…pls writers ..its a request..

  5. absolutely correct nidhi…happy for swaragini n swasan..but unhappy for ragini..she deserves better than laksh…love u swasan n swaragini…n hate u lakah…

  6. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    are u the nidhi from siya ke ram page?

  7. I agree

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