Swara – My Heart’s Solace Part 6

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Swara – My Heart’s Solace <3

Part 6

Episode starts..


Swa: what. Janu don't joke..

Janu: do you really think I'm joking….

Swa: but but. I only like lucky na..

Jan: then y were you not happy when you are dancing with laksh..

Swa: hmm…. That…

Janu: stop it champ. I know you better than you yourself know about you… I'm saying na. You love him.. Don't you believe your janu…..

Swa: I believe..

Janu: then sleep what I said is final.. You are in love with sanskar. Think can you see him with any other girl..

When swara was about to say something.. Janu interrupted.

Janu: don't need to answer me.. Think and answer yourself… Now sleep…

Both lie down soon janu drifted to sleep.. But sleep was far from swara… She was just thinking.. About her moments with sanskar from her childhood. Till now party incident.. Thinking about it.. Swara slept without her knowledge.

Next morning swara is sleeping peacefully. Janu woke up and saw swara sleeping. Without disturbing her.. She got ready and left a note to swara saying she is just down. . And went.

When she comes down. She saw sanky entering the house.

Janu went to sanky..

Janu: bro can you come that side pls.

Sanky: ha OK yaar..

Both went to garden.

Sanky: tell me janu.

Janu: you love swara na Sanskar???

San: hmm..

Janu: don't try to fool yourself.

San: ( sighed) yah..

Janu: y don't you confess it.

San: She don't love me. And moreover. ( he didn't continue)

Janu: She likes laksh right??

San: hmm..

Janu: but I bet she will accept your proposal. Coz her yesterday behavior is saying. She just has crush on Laksh.. And loves you. I have confronted her last night. You give her some space…. And propose her after a week.

San: are you telling really..

Janu: yes bro….

Sanskar was really happy.. But didn't show it out.. Both went to continue their works…. Soon swara came after getting ready and trio went to clg.. As usual swasan together in sanky bike and janu in her car..

Janu and sanky failed to notice a person. Who had eavesdropped their conversation….. Ofcourse it's lucky.. Who is burning in anger and jealous..

Later after clg.. Everyone went to their home.. While swasan head towards Park…. Both are playing with children there… Lucky who saw them in Park.. While going to home.. Parked his bike and came there..

Sanskar just smiled at him.. And swara gave a tight smile.. As she don't know how to react….

Laksh came and sat beside them in bench.. And started talking randomly.. And was trying to get chance to talk with swara….

But swara was not giving any damn to them.. As she is already confused of her feelings plus.. He is angry as he asked dance with her , because of that only another girl approached sanky… Sanky was seeing the scene.. And felt too happy.. Now he is finding a ray of hope… But he thought to tease her..

San: cutie I'll be back. Till then you guys chat..

Before she could say he went leaving swalak alone….

Lak: hmm.. Swara how are you..

Swara gives him a weird look as he is talking stupidly and laksh scratches his head.. As he know he is blabbering.

Lak: hmm..I mean can you come with me to a ( before he completed both hear a voice..)

Voice: sanky bhai two ice cream for me….

San: only one chotu today..

Swara was admiring sanky… As he know he is buying ice cream to orphanage children.. But swara won't allow as they may fall sick.. She gets them once in a week…

But sanky get them another one day.. But sanky won't tell swara as she may feel he is not obeying him…. But swara knows it.. Still she behaves like don't know.. And enjoying watching. Them.. Without their notice.. But it's different today.. As today she is just admiring him…and Is lost in him…. There is a cute smile playing in her lips seeing sanky…

Laksh noticed this and became iriked…..

Lak: ahem ahem..

Laksh was trying to grab her attention.. But our swara is too much into sanky that. .she didn't even notice laksh…. ( so love started coming infront ???)

Hehehe all the effort laksh took went on dumb ears… Swara atlast came to sense when sanky moved from that place…. And came near them…

San: so shall we move cutie… ( with a smile)

Swara smiled brightly and went with him…

Leaving laksh irritated.. But little he came to know both are loving each other…. He was confounded….. . So he went away silently yet with determination..


Rp, suju, shomi, shekar and Swasan are having their lovely time talking about their day…. In garden…. It's like a happy family. .laksh saw them happy and smiled evily and went inside the home.

It's been three days that incident happen. Swara started to fall for him….. Or you can say realize.. Her love…

During these times laksh didn't approached her… Even tried to talk…

And then in clg.. While class is going on…
Principal announced about freshers day..

All got happy… And
About the event… Students are ordered to select the partner in attendance order… Like the person who comes first in attendance they will choose their partner and remaining one will choose others left.. Like this all started. As you all know L comes before S… So on Laksh turn he selected swara.. Everyone in their gang is shocked…… And sanky with some other girl ..

Swara was staring laksh angrily.. But he didn't gave a damn.. While sanky was enjoying the scene, though he is sad. But he was getting laugh seeing swara reaction… .

Swara got much angry when it announced that students can't change partner for any event…..

Screen freezes on swara angry face. Laksh relaxed face and sanskar smiling face.. And janu satisfaction face..

To be continued….

PRECAP: A proposal on freshers day in middle of stage.. Someone Is proposing swara.. Who if it's laksh how will she react ….. If it is sanky what is her answers. But how can both be at stage at the same time. So confusing. Let's see who proposed in next part…

See you guys.. Bye…


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  1. Simi

    Nice dear..

  2. SRSL

    Please don’t turn laksh negative yaar..make it raglak pair…I don’t like seeing any four of them bad…change laksh…nice episode

  3. Sanswa

    Loved it dear..damn awsm

  4. Awesome dear

  5. Arshaanya

    Loved it dear…
    Exctd fir nxt chappy

  6. Zelena81196

    amazing…. update soon…..

  7. awesome

  8. Mind blowing

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