Swalak & Ragsan Love Story

Hi guys…this is the first time i am writing this article. I will continue if you guys like it. This is how it goes.

Gadodia Mansion:
Two girls are seen sleeping. One is seen with baby pink lipstick and a pink singlet with black shorts. She is swara. The other girl is seen with wearing no make up and is in blue pyjamas. She is ragini. Ragini wakes up and sees the time. It is already 8am and she gets a shock as they have to go to college. She turn to swara “wake up sleepy head…it is already 8am” but swara who is lazy replies “5 more minutes please”. Ragini says no and goes for a shower. When she comes out swara goes in for a shower. They get ready. Swara is wearing blue jeans with a black top say “SUPERSTAR!” in orange and she is wearing pink makeup. Ragini on the other hand is wearing a salwar kameez which is blue.
They go downstairs and gobble their breakfast. They get into their BMW and go to the college.

Maheshwari Mansion:
We see two boys excersing. One is short and handsome with really cool muscles. He is laksh. The other one is cute but not as handsome as laksh. He is sanskar. Their moms calls them for breakfast. They both shout “coming” in unison. They have a quick shower and go down to have breakfast.They have it fast and get in to their Lamborghinis . They reach the college.

Precap: Sanlak and Swaragini have a nhok-jhok. They laugh after it.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I hope you guys like this as it is my first time

  1. Oh Tnk You Ya For Swalak Story ?

  2. Fabulous !!!cont and ignore swalak haters cmt!! They are useless…… love the way u wrote sankaar is not more handsome than laksh…! All the best! And once again pls ignore haters

  3. Nice start plz continue

  4. Finallyyyyy thank you for this FF. Please continue….

  5. I am Tasmanian fan but I appreciate that u re doing great job of writing ff of swalakians nd Ragsanians fan but I am a little dissappointed that u wrote Sanskaar is not handsome as laksh is but for being honesty Sanskaar is handsomer than laksh whether offscreen or on-screen not just because am saying this am SWASANIAN fan amma just telling y’all the fact..Supreet I respect ur love for swalakians but don’t let us(swasanians fan)hate ur ff by saying Sanky is not handsome

  6. Plzzzzz maintain ragsan plZz supreet…..

  7. Nice and thx for making it as ragsan

  8. Ya me toooo..agree wid u maira ..n by d way sbki choice alag h ryt n we love swasan dt does’t mean we hte swalak dear…

    1. This people re just ridiculous…

  9. We are swasan lovers,that doesn’t make us swalak haters,have seen this haters term in a few msgs under written updates before also,don’t remember who wrote it,it is just a matter of choice,swasan fans are liking Swara and Sanskar pair more than swalak but that doesn’t make us haters,this is a good platform to connect with fellow fans but comments like these really hurts.Nobody s useless I believe ,just because they love and defend their favourite pair.

    1. diana sajith

      yep .Strongly agree with u dear

    2. agree with u mithu

  10. to gooddddddddddd

  11. And if the useless term was for swasan fans’ comments ,I think it would have been ‘those’ are useless,I am not here for a fight Minnie, sorry if I hurt u in any way.Responded because I felt sad reading it.

    1. I totally agree with you…dnt make fun of others choice…if u love sanlak then let it be..we swasan fans never used the word hate towards sanlak…mind ur words ….

    2. you mean to say swalak!!!!

  12. ”Useless”i hate diz word…u r ryt mithu..diz platform is awesome…jab maine sbki cmnt chck kr rhi thi tab useless sun kor thodi c buda laga…

  13. Nice episode. Swara and laksh you both so quite.

  14. Naira malhotra

    Sanskar is handsome….there is no doubt in that…..if it is swasan or swalak we don’t have any problem……but plz dont say that sanskar is not handsome…..and some people like swasan..that does not mean that they are useless….

  15. Excuse me before writing anything just look once I said swalak haters….. I didn’t swasan fans there are still few ppl who are swasan fans but they love abusing swalak fans its for them coz I saw many of it…! I never said that haters word is for swasan! I respect those who love swasan unlike few swasanholics if anyone wants swalak they will tell them its not right and all… first read and then accuse… !

    1. I warned her coz it happened with me when I too wrote a swalak ff I got few disgusting cmts which was too much for me and so I had to stop writing! N I didn’t wanted her too to go same lyk me

    2. Naira malhotra

      Am not accusing anyone..I just said my opinion…if u r hurted or I said anything wrong..muche maaf kijiye….am sry

  16. And you supreet if sanskar is not as handsome as laksh then he might not have these many fans…dont hurt the feelings of others….if they are main leads just make sure that no one dominates other…if this repeats again none of the swasan fan would read ur ff….sorry if it hurts..but its a fact

  17. Thanxx supreet.
    Really thanxx Dear 4 swalak
    Luv ur ff
    Plz don’t stop
    Continue with swalak nd ragsan
    Again thanxx

  18. U r right manu .i am a swasan fan but i dnt hate swalak .plz respect each others choice.thats its.

    1. diana sajith

      Stropngly agree to ur comment Manu & Appu.

  19. Haha me toooo manu n Appu

  20. Really supreet it is best ff pls continue
    Really luv swalak
    Thanks supreet 4 this ff

  21. really plzzzzz continue
    its very nice
    i just love swalak

  22. This is the first time I am ever commenting on the site for I have been a silent reader for months……I like this ff for its pairing and pls continue as serial didn’t go like this but happy to see a ff for this!!!!

  23. Awww….i jst luv sanrag……luv e nd luv this….plz cntinu

  24. guys i am not against people loving swasan and i made a mistake by saying sanskar is less handsome than lucky…siz for tht….will try and rectify my mistake.

    1. Hi supreet its ok dr….. no matter who is handsome or not…. imp thing is story…. narration…. so dont take anything to ur heart…. keep smile dr

  25. thanks
    you have finally written swalak ff
    I am big fan of swalak

  26. Thnk u supreet for swalak and ragsan

  27. Wow supreet i am happy u chose swalak like me. Good job carry on. Well now i am confused of all swasan ff here don’t remember which read before. Well all the best

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